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"Thank you for saving me!" Illusory Mo Che's blue embroidered robe was already tattered to the point where even his black hair was messily scattered. His usually humble and noble appearance had now become cold and vicious, and the folding fan in his hands hadn't let go at all.

Han Xuanhao, who was sitting next to Huan Mo Che, was slightly better but not much better. His red robe was stained with dark red blood, but compared to Hanxuan Che's injuries, Han Xuan Hao was clearly much better.

"If I knew this would happen, I wouldn't have followed you!" Han Xuanhao spoke with a hint of regret.

This morning, when Han Xuanhao woke up, he went to the crown prince's mansion only to discover that the crown prince was already prepared to go to the imperial court. Since he had nothing better to do, he followed him up to see that Huan Mo Che had actually disembarked from the carriage and was chasing after a girl. Han Xuan Hao pondered for a moment and knew that the woman was definitely someone that the crown prince needed to pay attention to. Han Xuan Hao's original plan was to snatch the credit, but he never thought that he would be unable to obtain the credit to the crown prince's side. Now, something had nearly happened to him.

However, just as he was about to leave, he was attacked by dozens of people. In the end, when he escaped from the back of the mountain due to his heavy injuries and the masked men continued to chase after him, just when he felt that he was about to be seriously injured, a man dressed in red descended from the sky and saved both of them, but the same two people were being chased down.

Right now, Huan Mo Che and Han Xuan Hao were hiding in a mountain forest. Both of them were injured and severely injured, so clashing head on was simply courting death, so the two of them had been hiding while it was dark. They needed to live, not to mention the fact that there was still one person in their hearts, so they were even more reluctant to die.

Huan Mo Che could not sit still any longer and directly leaned behind Han Xuan Hao. The two of them leaned against each other with their backs to each other, both being on guard and trusting each other.

Huan Mo Che looked at the moonlight and said with a smile, "Actually, if you don't save me today, then you will lose a love rival. No matter what, I can't see that you are actually a kind-hearted person!" At that time, when he saw that the person who had saved him was Han Xuanhao, his emotions were extremely complicated. From what Illusory Mo Che knew, the men surrounding the crown prince would work together when they met with the crown prince's interests, but secretly all of them hoped that the other party would lose a person.

Han Xuanhao looked at the crescent moon above his head and thought of the crown prince, who was as cold as the moon. Han Xuanhao smiled charmingly as he slightly raised his long and narrow peach blossom eyes which gave off an enchanting glow as he said with a tender voice, "It's not that I want to save you, but I know that even if you die today, there will still be others in the future. Rather than another person who will make me feel disgusted next to the crown prince, you guys would rather have found me pleasing!"

Although he did not turn his head to look at Han Xuanhao, his voice was still filled with disbelief, "Do you know what you're saying?"

Huan Mo Che felt that he must have misheard. Otherwise, why would he hear Han Xuan Hao say that he didn't mind the crown prince having other men by his side? It wasn't that he didn't mind, but he accepted it. Han Xuanhao had a relationship with the crown prince. If it was anyone else, he would not have let go, but Han Xuanhao was so magnanimous. Was Han Xuanhao overly magnanimous, or did he fall in love with the crown prince? What about him? Huan Mo Che asked himself, if it was him, what would he do?

Han Xuanhao raised his slender hands in an attempt to get close to the moon, but realized that the moon, which seemed so close by, was too far away to reach. Just like the crown prince, even though they were on intimate terms, even though the crown prince was lying beside him, he still felt that it was too much for him to hold on. Panic was tormenting him at all times, but slowly, he understood. Since he alone could not warm this unintentional person, then he would just have to two, three … Since he could not keep the unintentional crown prince by himself, he would let these men, who loved the crown prince as much as he did, to keep the crown prince together. Although he was in pain and he was jealous of his possessiveness, it was nothing compared to losing the crown prince.

"Of course I know what I'm talking about, but do you know what you want? "Do you want a loving crown prince who needs to be shared? Or do you want to watch the crown prince walk further and further away until we can no longer be by his side?" "If you can't do it, then guard your own heart well and don't go near the crown prince. This sovereign does not wish for any changes to happen to the crown prince and if this sovereign finds out that you are in any danger, I will definitely do my best to kill you!"

He was more clear than anyone else about the crown prince's attitude toward him. Although he had always hoped that the crown prince would one day find himself in his embrace, the more he knew that the more he got along with Huan Mo Che, the more he was deceiving himself. The crown prince's indifference was even more terrifying than the cold people that came to him. Their indifference was towards their enemies, but the crown prince was far too cruel towards his own body. This was what Fantasy Mo Che was afraid of. He was afraid that one day, if he did not have a place for the crown prince to use, he would be abandoned or driven away.

The person behind him did not make a sound. Han Xuanhao started to laugh evilly. 'Give up! Give up the crown prince! There will be one less person by the crown prince's side!'

"Are you gloating?" Huan Mo Che felt the excited emotions from the person behind him, and started laughing as well. Even the sound of his laughter could be heard, and only after a while did Huan Mo Che stop laughing "Ahhh — it's so painful! However, as you said, I will not let go of the pain of losing the crown prince even if I have to share it with him! I wonder if the Crown Prince will accept me even if I am willing to share it! "

Huan Mo Che was telling Han Xuan Hao that he had compromised. Although Huan Mo Che felt that it was difficult to accept, but because that person was the crown prince, everything was impossible. All of his concessions had become completely reasonable.

Hearing Huan Mo Che's words, Han Xuan Hao's eyes flashed with regret. He was causing trouble for himself, but even if he didn't trouble them, he still wouldn't be able to chase them away. Thinking of this, Han Xuan Hao let go of the jealousy in his heart.

"Heh, it would be best if the Crown Prince didn't accept you. This way, I will have more standing in the Crown Prince's heart from now on!" "No matter what, I'm the one who helped you. From now on, it would be better if the two of us join hands. Be it Prince Qian or Godly Doctor, even that stiff General Leng is not a kind person. How can he compete with two people alone?"

Huan Mo Che thought about his current situation and found out that he was the worst of the bunch of men. The crown prince was also the most distant from him, thinking that Han Xuan Hao had already gotten hold of the crown prince, as for his heart … He could clearly feel that the Crown Prince was different from Han Xuanhao. Such a person had a much higher chance of winning if he joined hands with him.

"Alright, then I, Mo Che, am here to thank Brother Han!" Huan Mo Che's smile became more and more gentle. If there was a girl here, she would definitely sink into such a smile.

Hearing Huan Mo Che's words, Han Xuan Hao didn't feel good, but he also didn't want to let other people off. "Of course, after all, I'm the crown prince's first man, so no matter who enters the crown prince's residence from now on, I'm still the eldest, so to put it another way, I'm the main wife, you guys …"

Huan Mo Che's expression did not look good, did he become a concubine? Why did this address make him feel uncomfortable? However, when he thought of the fact that he still needed Han Xuanhao's help, Huan Mo Che could only swallow his anger and retort, "No matter what kind of status you have, staying by the side of the crown prince is more important!"

The two of them laughed at the same time, then simultaneously withdrew their smiling faces with a cold and solemn expression. The folding fan in Huan Mo Che's hand flew off to one side, and in an instant, there was a painful cry.

Han Xuanhao's red clothes floated through the forest, and blood blossomed wherever he went. The moonlight made it seem even stranger, but soon after, Han Xuanhao flew to the side of Huan Mo Che. The bloody dagger was still dripping with fresh red blood, and its long and narrow eyes were filled with excitement. It was the excitement of an assassin who thirsted for blood.

Seeing Han Xuanhao's bloodthirsty look, Huan Mo Che frowned, "Calm down, we need to return as soon as possible. Otherwise, the crown prince will be worried!" This was the difference between Illusory Mo Che and Han Xuanhao. In a certain aspect, Illusory Mo Che was extremely shrewd, and had always clearly seen the situation and did what he needed to do. However, Han Xuanhao was a madman. This was also because the trajectory of their lives were different, one was an assassin in the martial arts world, the other the Minister of the Left of the imperial government.

Han Xuan Hao wiped the dagger in his hand unhappily, but he knew that he was no longer alone, nor was he the High Lord of Cold Star Pavilion that was unafraid of death. Glancing at Huan Mo Che beside him, Han Xuan Hao said with disdain, "Can we leave?" He didn't want to carry someone back, not even a man.

After feeling the pain in his body, he placed the folding fan back into place. Although it was painful, it should be alright if he returned, and he didn't believe that Han Xuanhao would not save him. If he didn't save him today, then he wouldn't save him.

"I only showed up because I was heavily injured. To be honest, did you do it on purpose, Brother Han?" Seeing his sorry state being so different from Han Xuanhao, Huan Mo Che started to doubt himself.

"The number one young master in the capital is indeed smart!" "You're not my heart, I don't want to be a hero saving a beauty!" Han Xuanhao immediately flew back with Huan Che following closely behind. Both of them were very cautious along the way.

It was already late in the night, and although Sang Wuxin was lying on his bed with his eyes closed, he was not sleepy at all. From time to time, a pair of peach blossom eyes would pop up in his mind, and as he thought of the bits and pieces of Huanmo Che, he opened his eyes and immediately heard the fearless voice from outside, "Crown Prince, Young Master Han and Fantasy Young Master have been injured!"

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