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93) The Return of The  Wind Prodigy (part 3)

The monsters were defeated one after another, seeing how their fellow monsters got put down in front of their eyes made them afraid and they tried to get away from that place.

After all those workouts I couldn’t help but wheeze and buhibuhi-ing, but sadly the big boss in the sky didn't even let me rest even for just a mere second.

It seems the black dragon himself was really eager to fight me now.

But sadly I am not his opponent this time—

[—-Hey, isn’t he just too strong?]

I was talking about Silva just now, he was still fighting there, he fought just like a fish that was just released inside the water.

I know that the sword in his hand had become one of the strongest swords ever existed since the great wind spirit also blessed it, but never had imagined he could fight on par with the black dragon.

Aah, the black dragon ran, I mean flew away to the sky.

Why did I feel he would be able to fight some black dragons by himself?

Are you even human, Silva?…….Didn’t he already become a hero now?

Then, was my existence even needed here?

All I can do right now was staying here and laughing at how foolish I was.

…..When I tried to look behind me, my eyes met with the hopeful eyes of Charlotte.

I’m sorry it was all lie, I will do something too, I won’t just stay here and do nothing.

(Slow, don’t just stand there and do nothing nya.)

Oh, it was the voice of the great spirit-san.

Before I realized it, Art Ange was already floating lazily beside me.

Somehow she looked much better than before, she became a different person….I mean a different cat.

[You have become so slim]

(His magic control is so bad. He just throws it without any care at all nyaa,  I am sure this body has taken some toll thanks to that nyaa)

Well, that is the Silva I know.

He even looked like a tornado from here with all this magic he used against the black dragon.

But if I remember correctly he was having bad symptoms of magic sickness just the day before.

Okay then I will say this now while I have the time, please rest in peace Silva.

(But you see, the reason I became slim now is the same as how you’ve got slimmer now nyaa)

[What do you mean?]

(All excess fat on my body somehow turned into magic power)


If you tell me that with such a serious face it makes me clueless how to respond……. And just hold on a second, what kind of theory do you have there?

Turning fat into magic power, what kind of weird creatures are we?

I can understand if we are talking about the great wind spirit here since she was a spiritual being, but what about me? I am just your normal everyday boy.

(Perhaps it was because of that weird medicine you drank before nyaa)

The great wind spirit in front of me was acting like she was picking something with her hand putting it to her own mouth and drinking it. Then she acted like she was in pain and let out a long nyaaaaaaa.

What the heck was that? Is she perhaps training for a show gig at a party? But I’m sorry to tell you this Ms. Great Spirit, but since you don’t have any friend at all, there will be no one, who would invite you, though.

(I was mimicking you nyaa)

Ha? You were mimicking me? That was nothing like me at all!

…. Eh, are you talking about when I drank my diet medicine? Well yeah, it tasted so bad it made me groan…….

(Forget about it already, look at him nyaa)

Silva was still locked in a fierce fight with the black dragon. Their fight was so eye-catching, the wind and fire were mixed together making a scene just like something you could only watch in a movie.

(I can channel my power to that sword through you. We can just blow him away with one shot any minute nyaa)

[Just imagining that the power of a great spirit will run through my body really terrifies me…. Oh yeah. You know what, I think I know a good way to end this long day.]

I pointed my cane towards the black dragon.

Soon after all the spirits were gathering around me.

The spirits kept calling towards me with, 'Hey hey, can I have your blood already? Hurry up hurry up'.

Please do forgive me for only giving you guys this much.

With only one drop of my blood, the spirits changed. They were even able to give me a chill on my spine.

Their magic was seeping into my body.

And believe it or not, it made my knees weak.

No, I am seriously at my limit here.

I wondered if my body could even hold this much power I borrowed from the great spirit?

The ground around me had turned into a muddy place, it was so bad if I invited someone to come close to me they would rather run away as fast as they could. But to my surprise, all I could hear from inside the Cathedral was cheering towards me like 'Keep on fighting' or 'kyaaaaaah'.

[Finally, my time has come. People kept calling me a pig, pig, pig non-stop. Even calling me piggy-shroom! People kept calling me that even though I——]

[——Young master! I will reach my limit in no time! It was impossible for me to go against him, to begin with!]

Silva interrupted my monologue just now.

Oh dear, even though you already have this protagonist aura around you.

Now that I think about it, the protag event for Shuya has been stolen by Vision before.

My my, it seems I need to be on alert all the time since there are a lot of people aiming to become the protagonist themselves.


[Silva, hold him for a bit longer]

[Eeh-! …Wait, somehow my body feels more and more languid by the minute……]

[Yup, You used too much magic power. Even when you use the magic power from the enchanted sword, the magic power still needs to be circulated through your own body. I think you will have a very terrible magic sickness tomorrow]

[…………You shoulda told me that kind of thing sooner, young master]


I took a glance at my back.

Seeing that everyone was safe and sound I was relieved.

Then I looked at her.

The one standing there was not the ice-cold attendant, Charlotte.

It must be because of the shock she felt now, Charlotte can no longer maintain her 'cool Charlotte' image.

[I really don't want to look uncool here]

(Of course nyaa. You are my contractor nyaa. To be uncool is a big nono nyaa….. And it seems Charlotte didn't know about me nyaa. I'm so sad nyaa. Slow, do something about it nyaa.)

As expected from the wind spirit who loved to be seen by a lot of people.

It was really different from the great darkness spirit, Nanatrage-san in the empire.

[Don't worry about it, Art Ange. you will soon be able to materialize your body. I already received a certain magic tool from Silva for that sake)


[Buhi buhi forgive me, mercenary-san. Your precious magic tool is in my hand now.]

(…… Stealing is bad nyaa)

[Tell that to Silva. But you know what it means to be able to materialize don't you, Art Ange?]

Silva was still fighting with magic bullets flying around him while trying to return to my side with the giant black dragon not so far behind him.

In front of a formidable enemy that no one could defeat even when it was only an anime, I took a deep breath.

Fate has changed.

Actually, there were tons of rainbow-colored bullets following the black dragon, but it seemed there was no sign of those bullets hitting him since he was so fast.

As I thought, it was useless using a lot of magic without any impact.

I needed one big lethal hit to do it.

[The first one I met was the wind. That is why I know how the wind actually feels]

The king of monsters who rules the sky.

The wind was crying you know.

You suppressed them with sheer power.

There is no elegance in what you have done, if I was your teacher here, I would give you 0 points.

I thrust my feet into the water puddle that had turned muddy, it was cold and made my head clear.

I coud already see the black dragon with my own eyes.

The light spirits still illuminated the black dragon even though he was already this close.

It was to the point the excuse of 'he can't see because it's dark here' will be invalid immediately.

Geez, it's too bright here.

[Get back, Silva——]

Silva followed my instruction and brought the black dragon right in front of my face.

[—–I'll leave the rest to you, young master!]

Silva then made a whirl of wind and shot it, hitting the dragon's body.

His wind was so weak you couldn't even defeat a black dragon.

A soothing wind blowed at me.

One hit that contained all my body and soul, and then I swung my cane.

[Armor of wind. Chain of wind]

The sky got darker in response of my command.

[City of wind. Castle of wind

With the words I just said, the already dark night became even darker.

[Forest of wind. World of wind

With my power, the wind spirits were beginning to dance in joy in the middle of the night sky to eliminate the enemy.

The things like speed or what kind of monster you are, is not important.

All I want to do is tell you this.

Black dragon Sekhmet.

For the sake of my dream.

[——Gravity manipulation]

That is why I need to take your head with me, and I will become the Dragon Slayer.

The black dragon Sekhmet had fallen.

He never expected that he will be toppled in his own territory.

He was wondering, is this how it felt to be betrayed by the wind.

He was trying to be a bit more violent in order to give an appropriate Dragon Slayer title to him, but it seemed it was not even necessary.

(…..You are indeed scary. You make the wind look like it does nothing at all. I wonder how much magic power you used for that one?)

The swordsman from before was using huge amounts of magic power to control the wind.

But that boy was different.

You can say he was in a whole other dimension compared to him.

(…..I am really glad you are not the one I faced a thousand years ago when I took the princess. It seems it was almost impossible to take the princess away from you)

He felt like he was floating around.

He also felt like he was losing his power.

It was as if his body told him that his mission was over, his power starting to escape from him.

(I don't need to think of the reason why I had awoken now…… It must be because of your prank)

I see I think I hate the wind now. I think that is natural.

Even though I don't want to be manipulated by the wind flow, I am still somehow controlled by their power.

"Please, Sekhmet. Help that child"

(Not that child, it should be those children isn't it? Geez, it was always so hard to understand you guys)

But at least I can see something good in the end.

I have no regrets left in this world

The black dragon's red eyes looked straight at me.

But it's not as scary as I thought.

I could clearly see that his eyes didn't have any resistance even after looking at me.

Even though he had such a big body, I couldn't feel any will to fight from him.


The black dragon let out a small flame with his breath.

He looked at me with his powerless red eyes.


[It was weird-na]

[You are too noisy. Nevertheless, do you perhaps not have any power now?]

His voice was as if melting with the wind.

It was as if he was accepting the wind at the very end.

Perhaps there was a reason why a powerful monster like the black dragon could understand human speech.

Moreover, it was said he lived together with the princess, for me though I kinda pitied Denning's ancestor since the princess was taken from him.

[Sekhmet. I have one last question for you]

[…….ask away]

Then I asked him one question on my mind.

[Did being together with the Imperial princess back then bring happiness to you?]

In the story, it was said that the princess and the black dragon lived happily ever after.

It was only both of them living modestly until the end, a human and a monster.

I thought it was not just a mere whim from the black dragon that he decided to save the imperial princess back then, it was said that the girl was happy when the story ended.

[…..I felt, happy. It made me, wanting to, do it, all over again….. Our…. and your world where….. We live in…….. I…… don’t have……anymore…..regret…..]

I thought it was all but a mere illusion at first, but after seeing the black dragons current condition closely I doubt it was a fake.

There was no resentment in his every word. As if he was only going for his usual sleep the lord of the sky welcoming his end with open arms.

Slowly I walked closer towards his body, then put it on fire.

I turned my back to the giant flame that used to be a giant dragon and walked towards the cathedral. I saw Silva's suffering face since he had to hold up the barrier from before and Charlotte's red eyes looking at me. I could also see a lot of eyes trying to peek from inside the cathedral, and for reasons I didn't know, Rokomoko-sensei and Vision, who were collapsed there, laughing. I wonder what they were laughing about?

(Can I materialize now nyaa?! Hey, Slow…… is it not ready yet nyaa!!????)

[…..What a way to destroy such atmosphere, oh my dear great wind spirit]

(Is it not yet nyaa!?? The materialization is not ready yet nyaa!!??)

Seeing her flying around me like a fly made me laugh unintentionally.

As I thought Art Ange, you don't have the dignity, that the usual great spirits have with them.

But you know what, I'm thankful for that. I am grateful you are not someone gloomy.

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