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"Is the punishment severe?" Nangong Lian pulled her fearless hand and asked with a worried expression.

Dauntless looked at Nangong Lian with a strange expression. She discovered that this Nangong Lian seemed to be somewhat concerned about Lin Jia Er. Could it be? However, Fearless felt that no matter what happened, it was fate that the two of them were together. He comforted Nangong Lian, "It's not that serious. Lin Jia Er will definitely survive it!"

When Nangong Lian heard this, she heaved a sigh of relief. Then she acted coquettishly towards Prince Shang, "Prince Shang, I almost died. You have to avenge me no matter what!" Although she really wanted to get close to Prince Shang and act coquettish again, she was too scared to get close to the three people around her. For some reason, Nangong Lian really liked Prince Shang, just like a little brother.

Shang Wuxin did not make a sound, but Han Xuanhao, who was beside her, said, "Is this Kong'er still alive?" Han Xuanhao knew that the crown prince would definitely be useful if he kept this empty space, but he still didn't feel safe letting an enemy stay by his side. What if there was really something that hurt the crown prince?

"I think it's good to kill it. If you want to fish, think of another way, you won't be able to catch any big fish. Moreover, it's very likely to alert the snake!" Leng Yufeng analyzed the situation in hopes that the crown prince would not have two unsightly ladies by his side.

"Right now, I'm already retracting officials from the imperial court. I have no intention of exerting too much pressure on them. It's best to resolve this danger as soon as possible!" In his heart, he thought that if he could take care of a woman or an enemy, as for this Lady Han, he would have to wait for now.

When Nangong Lian heard these people's words, she had a vague understanding. She hurriedly ran to Prince Shang's side, ignoring the murderous gazes of the men, "This princess is lucky. How could such a small matter scare this princess? Prince Shang, just do as you said!"

Only then did Shang Wuxin look at Nangong Lian. Well, she was very much to her liking. He could not help but think of Nangong Qian. He remembered the confession by Nangong Qian on the tower that night, and it only took a moment for the scene to be passed over by Shang Wuxin.

"It's time to solve this!" Shang Wuxin smiled, "Do you want to take revenge yourself?" These words were, of course, directed towards Nangong Lian. In fact, Shang Wuxin had a good impression of this Nangong Lian. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been saved in the first place and would be living in the Crown Prince's Palace now.

Even though Nangong Lian really wanted to torture that vicious woman, she knew that Prince Shang initially wanted that woman to be useful, but he gave up on his plan for her. Nangong Lian felt very happy and warm in her heart, just like her family.

"No, just avenge me!" As Nangong Lian spoke, she was about to pull Prince Shang's clothes. However, she was stopped by Leng Yufeng who was beside her. Furthermore, it was Leng Yufeng who was using a soft sword to hold her back, causing Nangong Lian to curse non-stop in her heart when she saw the three of them.

Shang Wuxin let Leng Yufeng retract his weapon with a smile, and stroked Nangong Lian's hair, but Shang Wuxin's actions made the three men instantly alert. After all, the obsession with cleanliness was still very serious, and they had spent a lot of time and effort to make the crown prince not reject their approach. The three of them exchanged glances, their meaning clear.

Shang Wuxin leaned on the couch and looked at the three, after a long while, she said to Han Xuanhao, "You will interrogate!" I want to know who the person behind her is! "If you don't ask," Shang Wuxin approached Han Xuanhao, "then go back to my palace!"

As for where exactly it would be destroyed, both of them were very clear in their hearts.

When she brought Kong'er up without fear, Kong'er knew that she had not succeeded just by looking at the unharmed Nangong Lian. Yet, Kong'er had an innocent look on his face. "Crown Prince, what is going on?" "Why do you want to capture a servant?"

Shang Wuxin stretched out the toe of his white boots and lifted his chin, his expression cold, "Whose people?"

Kong'er's pupils contracted in fear, but she still continued, "Crown Prince, what are you talking about?" "Your servant is a servant of the crown prince's residence. Your servant is naturally your servant!" With that, he tried to grab onto Shang Wuxin's thin legs, but she withdrew her foot with a flick of her toe.

However, Han Xuanhao rushed forward to kick Kong'er until he vomited blood. Han Xuanhao couldn't bear it anymore when Kong'er said he was from the crown prince. He belonged to the martial arts world and didn't have any rules. If he didn't have something to ask, he would've already made his move.

Because this was the crown prince's bedroom, Han Xuanhao wouldn't interrogate him here. After all, if this place was stained with the stench of blood, the crown prince would be the one to blame. Thus, Kong'er was taken to a cell in the back courtyard of the crown prince's mansion, where some things had already been prepared.

When Kong'er was thrown into the cell, she knew that she couldn't hide anymore. Just as she was about to take the poison to commit suicide, her lower jaw was removed by the fearlessness around her. She pulled out the poison from her mouth and sealed Kong'er's several large acupuncture points.

There was a hot, red lump of iron in the cell, and the coals were still burning under the iron. As soon as he entered the cell, he could feel the heat of the air and the smell of damp.

"I will interrogate you. As long as you don't mind, you can rest in the bedroom!" Han Xuanhao said as he looked at Shang Wuxin who was standing outside the cell. He knew that the crown prince would not be scared by the stench of blood, but he did not want the crown prince to see the ugliness of this world.

Leng Yufeng and Huan Moche also nodded in agreement, while Nangong Lian, who was sitting in the corner, had a gloomy expression on her face. She was a woman after all, but why did she feel that everyone treated Prince Shang as a pretty girl?

Shang Wuxin shook his head and stood outside the cell, his dark eyes bloodthirsty and strange in the dark cell. "I still want to see your methods. Let's begin!" Shang Wuxin knew that Han Xuanhao must have been cruel as a High Lord of the Frigid Star Pavilion as an assassin. He only wanted to experience it today.

Han Xuanhao knew that he wouldn't be able to persuade the crown prince, so he walked into the cell. Of course, he didn't need to do it himself; he was the only one who came up with the idea. Han Xuanhao looked at the two guards and said, "Put her on!"

Kong'er looked at the red-hot metal and was so scared that she wanted to run. But how could she escape? She let the two guards carry her and directly put her on top of the red-hot metal.

A while later, Kong'er's legs were already completely matured and black, and he started to twitch from screaming to gasping for air.

Han Xuanhao had Kong'er carried down from the ground. Kong'er lost all support and fell to the cold ground. His legs were already crippled, and only now did Kong'er feel fear. She really wanted to die, but now, she couldn't even die.

"The person behind me!" Han Xuanhao asked lazily, as if he didn't care at all whether Kong'er said or not.

Kong'er breathed heavily, but she didn't say who was behind her. Han Xuanhao smiled evilly, "Let's continue!" As soon as he said that, the two of them lifted Kong'er up and placed him on top of the metal block. This time, Kong'er's pair of legs were scorched red.

When Nangong Lian heard the voice smell of human flesh, she ran to the corner and threw up, and fearless and fearless had a bad complexion, but on the other hand, Shang Wuxin, Leng Yufeng, and Huan Moche did not feel any discomfort, and Huan Moche instead had a strong interest in watching.

The pain kept torturing Kong'er, and Kong'er's hoarse voice was filled with remorse. "I say, I say, please kill me!" Now, Kong'er didn't want to live anymore. He only wanted to live happily, and he knew that even if he lived, he wouldn't have any hope. His legs were crippled.

Han Xuanhao walked out of his cell to stand beside the crown prince and said with dissatisfaction, "I thought that she would be able to endure for a while. Wuxin, I have a lot of torture facilities. Why don't you take a look one day?"

There were all sorts of torture instruments in the Frigid Star Pavilion. Han Xuanhao had seen a lot of them, but he didn't feel anything. Today, he saw that the crown prince seemed to be interested in kidnapping the crown prince into the Frigid Star Pavilion, and then … Heh heh, seduction!

"Speak, otherwise, even if you want to die, it's an extravagant hope!" Leng Yufeng felt uncomfortable when he saw the two flirting and flirting, so he coldly spoke to Kong'er, causing the air to become colder.

Kong'er was lying on the ground, struggling to say, "I am the Second Prince's person. Four years ago, the Second Prince sent me to the Third Prince's residence to investigate everything, but not long ago, the Third Prince ordered me to come close to the Crown Prince and enter his residence to spy on the Crown Prince!"

Seeing that no one spoke, Kong'er said fearfully, "That's all I know. Kill me, I beg of you!"

Han Xuanhao struck out with his palm as if giving alms to Tang Wulin, but he was no longer able to breathe. The cell was not a good place to talk. Shang Wuxin did not want to let the Dauntless Songcheng go back to rest. After all, Nangong Lian did not look well, and the four of them went to her courtyard.

"Crown Prince, how are you going to deal with that Second Prince? Do you need my help?" Han Xuanhao leaned against Shang Wuxin and asked. He would not let anyone who wanted to harm the crown prince off.

Shang Wuxin shook her head, "This Shang South Sea is not simple, and it is not so easy to kill. If it was really that easy, wouldn't I be sitting on the throne now?" As he spoke, he patted Han Xuanhao on the shoulder.

"The second prince's backyard is not peaceful!" Huan Mo Che said with a smile that was not a smile. His pair of peach blossom eyes flashed with ruthlessness.

Shang Wuxin cast a glance at Han Xuanhao because she saw an evil light in his eyes, but Han Xuanhao did not hide it and said directly, "This second prince's backyard holds many young girls, and these girls are all his targets for venting. Who knows how many young girls have already died!"

Shang Wuxin's deep eyes flashed with a strange expression, like a demon, like a blood lotus, evil and evil, and his voice was as cold as ice, as if "He deserves to die" escaped from his teeth.

The three of them could clearly feel that something was wrong with Shang Wuxin's aura, but it was only for a moment that the crown prince recovered. If they had not felt it personally, they would have thought that the second prince was dead.

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