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After Li Tianlan went out of the hospital, the downtown of Huating was raining heavily.

The pouring rain that lasted for days seemed to come to the final outbreak, as the dense raindrops fell down on the car windows, and everything in sight became dim. The wind blew across the downtown, with fallen leaves dancing in the wind. A chilling and gloomy feeling arose as anyone looked at the raining Huating through the window.

A black Range Rover stopped by the road. Li Tianlan sat in the car silently as he watched the wind and rain outside the car window without saying a word.

In front of him was a crossroad filled with running cars. The target car was gone already, with no more hint to be found.

Li Tianlan pulled out a cigarette and lit it, smoking it silently, waiting for the information he needed.

The Liu family was indeed a good dog. No matter how reluctant they were from the button of their hearts, the Curtain was indeed a useful information organization.

This information organization has been developed for decades in Huating, and its webs have already swiped every corner of the city. How horrifying it would be if an information organization never expanded but consumed the fortune of a wealthy family for decades?

It was no exaggeration to say that once the Liu family was still in Li Tianlan's hand, his source of information would not be defeated by anyone in Huating.

Therefore, even the target was missing, Li Tianlan was not worried at all. All he needed to do was to wait for the Curtain to lock the target again.

"Senior brother, are you going to kill Gu Changjiang?"

Wang Yuetong sat in the driver seat, turning to Li Tianlan, asking with a complex tone.

She even felt that he was a little out of his mind.

Who was Gu Changjiang?

He was the head of the Special Operation Bureau of Huating, and a Lieutenant General, who enjoyed the treatment as a Governor. Moreover, he was the representative figure of the Special Welfare System in Huating. It was definitely not easy to kill a man like him.

"He deserves to die."

Li Tianlan said slowly while smoking, "Today is the best chance to do it. If I cannot kill him today, I'll have to wait for a long time."

Since he had not taken the entire Immortal Series, he was still in both the Thunder-shocking Realm and Qi-controlling Realm. Before his strength recovered to the peak in the old times, this would be the strongest moment of him. Li Tianlan didn't want to miss this great opportunity.

As to Gu Changjiang, he should be killed no matter because of his identity or his standpoint. And killing Gu was regarded as the final battle to pass the Thunder-shocking Realm by Li Tianlan. After Gu was dead, he should go back to the Sky Academy for studying.

The first person who hurt his father among all the experts who sieged his father...

Li Tianlan smiled, but his eyes were cold as ice.


Wag Yuetong opened her mouth, wishing to say something, but stopped.

After knowing who Li Tianlan was, she could totally understand his willingness to kill Gu Changjiang, but the latter was not an average master of the Ice-condensing Realm or the Fire-flaming Realm, he was an expert of the Peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm.

And as an expert who was at the Peak of the Thunder-shocking Realm from Kunlun City, he was different from others who were in the Peak of Thunder-shocking Realm.

Because even the realm was the same, their combat strength might differ greatly according to different unique skills and Spiritual Inheritance they had.

Gu Changjiang's aptitude was not great. He entered the peak phase from the stabilization phase of Thunder-shocking Realm with great efforts about five years ago, and then he was appointed as the head of the Special Operations Bureau of Huating, which could be considered as the peak of his life, so the possibilities for him to make progress on Martial Arts were very small.

But what was important was that he was one of the most trusted persons of Gu Xingyun, the God of War in Zhongzhou State, and he learned all Gu Xingyun's unique skills. Although Kunlun City was only widely known for no more than 20 years, the Gu family has always been one of the strongest martial forces of Zhongzhou. Their greatest skill, Ten Skills of True Martial Arts, was even claimed to be on a par with the 24 Moves of Sword. Even Gu Changjiang was not great in talent, he could fight fiercely as he had learned everything from Kunlun City. Therefore, Wang Yuetong was worried that Li Tianlan was going to kill him. For a while, she even hesitated whether to drive the car or not.

Since this dummy didn't know how to drive, he could do nothing if she left the car behind and left.

"It's fine."

Li Tianlan looked at Wang Yuetong and said slowly, "I know what I am doing."

The message tone of the cellphone rang.

Li Tianlanw looked down to his phone, squinting his eyes, and said, "To the Lanqiao Airport, be quick."

Wang Yuetong hesitated for a while, and still stepped on the accelerator, driving the Land Rover that she was not used to, rushing to the airport.

At the same time.

In the manor of the Liu family.

Liu Xiuyuan, who seemed a little pale, just finished texting. He remained silent for a while, then frowned. "He wants to kill Gu Changjiang?"

Liu Tianjing, the old mayor of Huating, looked at the kettle in front of him, caring for the fire with full concentration, said slightly, "It's none of our business."

Liu Xiuyuan looked at his uncle, and his facial expression was complex, without saying a word.

The night when Li Tianlan first came to the manor, he was hurt heavily by him at first sight. And when he came awake from his coma, the Liu family had already given out their biggest secret, the Imperial Jade Seal.

Everything was settled, and no one could change it.

Liu Xiuyuan was not resigned to this of course, since his blood brother and his own son were both killed by Li Tianlan. He felt desperate that he had to work for him, and everything of the Liu family was also in his hands. He couldn't even resist this terrible situation.

"We don't have a choice."

Liu Tianjing poured a cup of tea to his nephew and said slowly.

Liu Xiuyuan remained silent. He didn't blame his uncle, because the hatred in the past was nothing compared to the death of the whole family. Kneeling down to Li Tianlan was humiliating and cruel, but they would all be dead if they didn't, because Li Tianlan didn't mind dying with them together. Therefore, if the Liu family wished to live, they didn't have the chance to remain their dignity at all.

This extremely sensible action saved the Liu family, but the point was...

"Little uncle, what are we going to do then?"

Liu Xiuyuan finally opened his mouth and asked with a bitter voice.

"Let's just keep going and see what will happen."

Liu Tianjing sighed deeply. It was unrealistic to try to get rid of Li Tianlan's control under the current situation unless Liu Xiuyuan could enter the Invincible Realm in a day and stifle everything with his strength, then even if Li Tianlan exposed the fact that they had the Imperial Jade Seal, the Liu family could handle it.

This was the only but the most impossible way for now.

"Keep going and see what will happen?"

Liu Xiuyuan smiled bitterly. Today Li Tianlan asked him for the track of Gu Changjiang, and he had to tell him. Who knew what Li Tianlan would ask for tomorrow?

As Li Tianlan's demands became more and more, the Liu family would be bonded with him more and more closely. They were the core members of Kunlun City for now, but Li Tianlan would definitely be the rival of Kunlun City, and it would be extremely dangerous for the Liu family to socialize with both Li Tianlan and Kunlun City. They would die if anything unpredictable happened, without having a chance to struggle.

"Be a good dog to your master and don't resist. It's the only way."

A calm but charming voice rang through the living room.

Liu Dongyu walked down the stairs. She looked at her father and grandfather and said with a peaceful tone.

But the word "master" hurt Liu Xiuyuan's sensitive nerves, and his face turned red because of the humiliation.

He grabbed the teacup tightly, and suddenly stood up, shouting to Liu Dongyu, "So you want to be a dog so much? Don't forget it's THE MASTER who killed your brother and your Second Uncle!"

Liu Dongyu walked down from the stairs, standing quietly in the living room with a peaceful face.

She was obviously elaborately dressed and was wearing light make-up. Her small mouth evenly smeared with lipstick, making it bright and attractive. Her upper body was wearing a light colored sweater with tassels hanging on her chest, and the lower hem of the sweater was tied into a narrow light gray skirt. A pair of black silk stockings were wrapping her legs, making her calves slim and smooth. Looking downwards, her small feet stepped on a pair of silver stiletto heels with nearly 10cm. Her figure was greatly reflected even if she just stood casually.

Mature, proud and seductive.

At this moment, Liu Dongyu's face was expressionless, but her whole body was giving out a beautiful and charming female scent.

She glanced at her father and said calmly, "I haven't forgotten, but does it make any sense to say these things now?"

Liu Xiuyuan looked at her enchanting daughter, feeling extremely angry but also speechless.

On the night Li Tianlan arrived, his precious daughter was the first one who showed her obedience to Li Tianlan.

Everyone in the Liu family knew this.

Although they eventually all knelt down in front of Li Tianlan, they still estranged themselves from Liu Dongyu afterwards. Their obedience was like a forced and helpless move, but hers was almost shown by willingness. Although the results were the same, their psychological feelings were completely opposite.

So when Li Tianlan left, the relationships between Liu Dongyu and all members of the Liu family became more subtle, and the relationship between Liu Xiuyuan and her father had fallen to a freezing point.

"Don't you hate him?"

Liu Xiuyuan fought back his desire to slap his daughter in the face, saying with a cold tone.

"I Hate him."

Liu Dongyu froze for a moment, but then answered calmly. With her speaking, a slight strange flush emerged on her cheeks, and her legs, wrapped in a narrow skirt and black silk stockings, slightly moved closer.

She took a deep breath to relieve her strange emotions, but her voice was inevitably quaking, with a subtle charm, "But I know my identity and I can see the situation clearly. You obviously have no capital to resist, but you still remember the past hatred, thinking of counterattack and revenge. Don't you think it's funny?"

Liu Xiuyuan could not hold back his anger anymore and raised his hand directly.

At the same time, Liu Dongyu raised her mobile phone and screamed, "If you dare to slap me, I will call the master right away!"

Liu Xiuyuan bit his teeth now and then, breathing heavily, but his hand in the air was like frozen, failing to slap down at all.


Liu Tianjing flew into a rage. He placed the teapot on the tea table and growled, "Look at you now. Are you still father and daughter? Damn you! Sit down!"

Liu Dongyu sat on the sofa without saying a word, with her enchanting and charming face tightly stretched in a cold expression.

Smelling the delicate fragrance of perfume deliberately sprayed on his granddaughter, Liu Tianjing became more and more agitated. Holding his temper, he looked at Liu Dongyu and calmly said, "Tell me what you think."

"Be a good dog. We can only live when our master grows up completely."

Liu Tianjing's lips moved slightly, and he could not say a word.

When Li Tianlan completely grew up, like when he entered the Invincible Realm, then he could provide enough shelter for the Liu family. Then even if they betrayed Kunlun City, they didn't need to worry about Kunlun City's revenge or their survival.

However, the premises were that they should set their mind to be a good dog before this happened and that they could wait until that day.

Liu Tianjing was not sure that he would not be exposed until that day, and even if he was sure, he still didn't like to be a dog for Li Tianlan from now on, which was also an ending that he could hardly accept.

"If hatred is really so important, then why did you kneel down in front of the master at that time?"

Liu Dongyu's red lips moved, and she stood up and said coldly, "When the Liu family first made its fortune, wasn't it because of being a dog for Kunlun City? I am now a good dog, so at least my offspring will still have the chance to be human."

She stepped on high heels and walked out of the villa at a brisk pace, with her voice getting colder and colder. "If you cannot see the situation clearly, then you won't even have the chance to be a dog. If you want to revenge for the insult, you can, but don't let me know, or I will tell the master immediately to prove my loyalty."

She opened the gate of the villa, and her seductive figure walked out of the villa directly.

It was pouring outside the door.

Looking at the rain falling from the sky, Liu Dongyu's eyes became blurred.

She certainly hated Li Tianlan. She even hated him to death.

But what no one knew was that on the night Li Tianlan left the Liu family, Liu Dongyu was lying in bed, thinking of becoming his dog. In addition to resentment, she was extremely excited, though she didn't know the reason at all.

His strength, his pride, his indifference and decisiveness.

The recklessly spraying blood and the roaring invincible silver spear.

Every picture seemed to stir Liu Dongyu's nerves.

The strong man who made her hate him so much now fermented in her body like poison and even made her body tremble violently.

This kind of feeling was very shameful. Liu Dongyu even felt like a psychopath.

But she just couldn't control her emotions.

That night she changed three underpants in a row and even changed the sheets at last, but she could not control her emotions and body all the time. The feeling was like taking drugs. She cried and slapped herself in the face, but the feeling became more and more intense. She was tortured to death by the feeling, but it also made her feel like paradise.

Liu Dongyu didn't know what was wrong with her and even dared not go to see a psychologist.

The heavy rain all over the sky kept falling from the gloomy sky.

Liu Dongyu's delicate and charming ruddy lips gently raised, with some self-mockery.

Perhaps it was just like what her lover in Kunlun City said.

She was a slut.

She was slutty to the bone.

She walked into the heavy rain, twisting her sexy and seductive body and leaving directly.

Gu Changjiang had been on the phone after he went out of the hospital.

He called Gu Xingyun and Gu Xingyun's secretary.

Kunlun City had complicated internal personnel relations. It seemed like everyone was trusted, but at the most critical moment, Guxingyun dared not trust anyone.

Because his speculation was really important, and once it became a fact, no one could imagine how big a tide would be stirred in Zhongzhou, and there were too many to be used of this matter, so many that Gu Changjiang could only choose to report to Gu Xingyun to let him grasp the first-hand information.

The phone couldn't be reached, so he had to go to Youzhou.

In the back row of Mercedes, Gu Changjiang dialed the number again with his mobile phone, and hesitated for a while, wondering whether to call the Governor's wife or not. He turned his mobile phone around in his hand and finally shook his head with a wry smile. "Drive faster," he said to the driver.

Perhaps it was because his heart was filled with a big secret, Gu Changjiang felt a little disturbed, even a little upset, which made his originally calm mood anxious.

The Mercedes slightly speeded up.

The driver glanced at his rearview mirror and suddenly said, "Chief, a Land Rover has been following us for about ten minutes."

After hesitating for a moment, Gu Changjiang turned his head instinctively.

In his sight, a black Land Rover with a military licence plate followed him unhurriedly for an unknown purpose.

"Dongcheng Wudi's car?"

Gu Changjiang's eyes narrowed tightly. He was a little confused.

"Dongcheng Wudi? What is he going to do?"

He hesitated a little, not knowing whether to stop the car or to speed it up. His heart was filled with a secret, and he began to be swayed by considerations of gains and losses.

Inside the Land Rover.

Wang Yuetong watched the Mercedes-Benz in the heavy rain ahead carefully and said softly, "There is no camera in front. Senior brother, you must be careful."

"I will be fine."

Li Tianlan dropped the car window, throwing out the cigarette butt, and said calmly, "Move faster."

Wang Yuetong hesitated for a moment, then stepped on the accelerator to the end. The engine of the black Land Rover growled, then the car immediately began to soar.

At the back of the Mercedes-Benz, the pupils of Gu Changjiang contracted slightly. He felt the fierce momentum of the black Land Rover and said without hesitation, "Speed up, and get rid of them."

The distance between the two cars was shortened a little because of their actions of acceleration.

Li Tianlan's eyes were calm and unfathomable. His white hair swayed without any wind.

Large waves of Sword Energy spread in the car and then condensed to the extreme.

20 meters.

There were endless lights flashing in Li Tianlan's eyes.

In the speeding Land Rover, his body suddenly moved, and then directly smashed the windshield in front of him.

Silver light gleamed in the heavy rain.

He broke the raindrops and tore up the air.

Human Emperor became a sword, with the sword intent bursting like the rainbow.

Li Tianlan held the sword with both hands, and his whole body turned into a gleam of sword light, rushing straight at the Mercedes 20 meters away.

Twelfth Blade!

Fallen City.

The fastest sword move in the 24 Moves of Sword. The man was fast, and the sword was faster.

The man and the sword united as an integral whole!

In the heavy rain, everything receded, but only a flash of sword light flew fiercely, and the power of the sword pierced the sky!

The wildly falling raindrops all tilted with the move of the sword.

The rain did not fall to the ground, but all marched towards the Mercedes ahead.

Gu Changjiang subconsciously squinted his eyes.

There was pouring rain all over the sky, and no man or sword was in sight.

In the heavy rain, there were only howling sword intent and the flashing sword light.

It was a distance of 20 meters.

The sword light flickered a bit, and no sooner than that, Li Tianlan had already jumped on the top of the car.

Massive sword storm spattered on the Benz. The car sprinted in the sword storm with difficulty.

While the light of thunder already shone around Li Tianlan and filled his sword edge.


The sword edge filled with thunder light pierced the top of the car, and then the lightning spurted in the car. Li Tianlan's force was great, and the whole car roof was destroyed by the sword.

Li Tianlan's eyes were cold and crazy.

The first Thunder-shocking Realm expert who hurt Li Kuangtu.

The core figure of Kunlun City.

"How can you not die?"

"How dare you not die?!"

"You all shall die!"

Li Tianlan's eyes narrowed, and with the dazzling thunder light, he held his sword and stabbed down!


A sudden roar sounded on the highway.

Gu Changjiang's car exploded instantly.

Flames, thunderstorms, heavy rain, black smoke and debris rolled in all directions in the blast.

In the center of the explosion, Li Tianlan didn't step back a bit, then he thrust out his sword again.

So fierce and so crazy! He was so indomitable, and he would not stop until he was dead!

The sword light had disappeared.

Li Tianlan's figure was gone.

Under the rain curtain, there was only one blade that was sharp enough to tear heaven and earth and the rain, ignoring everything, not fearing everything.

It was an extreme attack.

No one and nothing could hold back the blade!

Sword light surrounded Gu Changjiang. As his body was retreating in a fleeting speed, the sword intent around his body was getting stronger.

This was Kunlun City's supreme unique skill.

The seventh move of Ten Skills of True Martial Arts.

Seven Unique Flowing lights!

The blade in the center of the battlefield swept all the way forward.

The crashing sound chirped between heaven and earth, shaking the void.

The climate changed suddenly.

"When I pull out my sword, everyone in the world shall be a nonentity!"

"When I touch the peak, everything between heaven and earth will be under my feet!"

The Fifteenth Blade!


This was the Fifteenth Blade of the Invincible Manual, the Fifteenth Blade that only belonged to him in hundreds of years!

All of a sudden, all the wind and rain faded away along with the disappearance of the sword intent.

But the aura of the blade was still spreading, just like the strongest will of martial arts in several hundred years.

Li Tianlan's figure appeared clearly and then blurred immediately.

A figure which was sharp enough to tear up the heaven and earth appeared in front of Gu Changjiang.

His figure was slender, tall and straight. In this unreal environment, all the sword intent between heaven and earth seemed to revolve around him.

Blood, slaughter, vast battlefield and mountainous bones... He stood still, but every picture appeared distinctly.


No one could stand in front of him.

No one could hold back his sword.

In a trance, it seemed to be another era.

It seemed that he stood with a sword, wearing a golden mask, and he had the eternal majesty that enabled him to break the heavens and the earth!

The Fifteenth Blade—Samsara!

Gu Changjiang was shocked to death in a split second. Even so many years had passed, the Dark World would not forget this figure, and no one dared to forget it at all.

Even if the Li family had already disappeared.

Even if Xuanyuantai of Kunlun had declined.

But this figure with a golden mask... His statue still stood in Zhongnanhai, on the Stage of Formidable Person of the Mount Dibing in Beihai, and even stood in Kunlun City.

This was the ancestor who founded Xuanyuantai of Kunlun and 24 Moves of Sword!

This was the Samsara of the Invincible Manual, the Fifteenth Blade that only belonged to Li Tianlan!

For hundreds of years, there had never been such a sharp blade between heaven and earth.

His sword intent was almost as strong as his ancestor!

The sword move—Samsara!

The heavy rain all over the sky dissipated and the unreal figure suddenly appeared and disappeared.

The blade between the void condensed.

Li Tianlan dropped down with his sword.

All the sword intent burst out in a second, as if the sky was tilting!

In the towering sword light, the Seven Unique Flowing lights around Gu Changjiang were torn immediately.

The Twentieth Blade.

Crushing Heaven!

It was the sword intent of Li Tianlan's ancestor, and it was the unique skill of his ancestor.

All of them was perfectly combined after hundreds of years, and a sword momentum that could break heaven and earth appeared, overwhelming everything.

The sword light swept across Gu Changjiang's neck.

Blood spurted up to the sky due to the sword intent.

Li Tianlan grabbed the head of Gu Changjiang and looked at his wide-open eyes with a calm expression.


Gu Changjiang's headless body wobbled down to the ground.

Li Tianlan dropped the head and crushed it with one foot.

He wiped the blood on the corners of his mouth and walked slowly towards the Land Rover in the rain, as his vigor had changed from extremely strong to extremely weak.

In the heavy rain, he murmured softly and firmly, "Give me some more time and I will avenge you. Revenge all of you... Soon, soon."

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