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Lin Fan looked around and found a different place. Instinctively, Lin Fan felt that there should be a Boss here, one that wasn't easy to deal with.

Looking around at the strange places, very quickly, Lin Fan's attention was attracted by a large stone tablet standing here. Instinctively, he had an intuition telling him that there was a problem with this stone tablet, and there was a big problem.

He walked in front of the stone monument and looked at the design on it. It was a picture of a hydra, and Lin Fan could not help but feel disgusted by its appearance. After all, a hydra seemed to be a characteristic of a certain island country.

He used his hand to stroke the stone tablet with the picture of a Nine-Headed Snake. Under Lin Fan's force, the stone tablet began to spin. Following the rotation of the stone tablet, a low and deep sound suddenly erupted from the empty space.


In the middle of the air, violent roars suddenly rang out. As these roars rang out, everyone's expressions couldn't help but become extremely serious. There was a Boss here, and it wasn't an easy Boss to deal with!

"It's a hydra!"

Lin Fan looked at the stone tablet and said, "It should be a monster in the form of a physical attack. Be careful, I keep having the feeling that this nine-headed snake is about the same difficulty compared to Medusa's illusion!"


Suddenly, another low moan rang out. Accompanying this moan, the ground immediately began to tremble. After which, the stone tablet in front of Lin Fan suddenly exploded, revealing an incomparably gigantic crater.

"Ao ~ ~" A huge roar came out from the hole, causing everyone to take a few steps back. They stared at the hole warily.

As an extremely ferocious roar rang out, a huge snake head suddenly emerged from the ground. Then, a second, a third and a fourth … a total of nine snake heads directly emerged. Beneath the nine snake heads, a huge dinosaur like body directly climbed out from underground, while the nine snake heads stared at Lin Fan and the rest.

"Nine-Headed Dragon Snake: Level 56 Boss, 43,000HP. It is the descendant of the Nine-Headed Snake Demon and the Earth Dragon. It only has physical attack power!"

Looking at the introduction behind the Nine Dragons Snake Seed, everyone couldn't help but stare blankly for a moment. Looks like this Nine Headed Dragon Snake hadn't inherited the power of the Nine Headed Snake yet.

After all, the eyes of the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake and the dinosaur like body below its lower body. Furthermore, although the Earth Dragon is not a true dragon, it is still a descendant of a huge dragon, and its physical strength is even more terrifying. The physical strength that the Nine-Headed Serpent and the Earth Dragon's descendant can inherit is clearly extremely berserk.

"This place is really strange. It's Medusa's illusion over there. This place is the descendant of the Nine-Headed Serpent. It is something that was reproduce by the two most powerful fellows within the snake species. This Monster Serpent Hall is indeed extraordinary!"

Chaotic Sky couldn't help but speak up as he looked at the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake.

"Be careful!"

"This fellow is not easy to deal with!"

Lin Fan looked at the dragon snake's neck that was over two meters long, and couldn't help but speak. That neck could easily be retracted, and it was even more terrifying than a beast's claw. In addition, it had nine heads, so this guy was also very difficult to deal with.

"Then don't say anymore, let's have a spar with it!"

Chaotian swapped the dagger in his left hand for a vicious fang, and his body stealthily moved to the side of the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake. A vicious curse instantly erupted and pierced into the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake's body. Immediately, the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake howled miserably, its nine heads staring at the Chaotic Sky.


Chaotian couldn't help but increase his speed when he saw the nine heads of the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake bite down on him. He immediately dashed out, returning at a speed even faster than before. However, he also attracted the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake over.


In terms of strength, the Silver Behemoth was of the Meng Clan after all. It was not inferior to the Earth Dragon and should be able to fight against it.

The large fist of the Silver Behemoths directly smashed into the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake's head, causing the middle head of the Nine-Headed Dragon to tilt and directly explode. However, the Silver-Behemoths clearly weren't much better off than the juvenile beasts, and the remaining eight heads directly bit down on the Silver-Behemoths.

At the same time, it destroyed the head of the Nine-headed Dragon Snake as well. However, the Silver Behemoth was immediately bitten by the other eight heads, and its HP was directly reduced by eight thousand. This time, the Silver-White Behemoth was still at a disadvantage compared to the infant Meng.


The eight snake heads swallowed the head that had just exploded, and after that, their heads all became big together, once again launching an attack towards Lin Fan and the rest.

Bai Chen directly went forward and blocked the attack of the Nine-headed Dragon Snake with a Shield Bash. At the same time, he also received the attack of the remaining eight heads of the Nine-headed Dragon Snake. At this time, Bai Chen realized how terrifying these eight heads were and attacked simultaneously.

"Chaotic Heavenly Mo Feng, the two of you, join forces and attack the head!"

Lin Fan looked at Chaotian and Mo Feng and said. Since the Nine-headed Dragon Snake's head could attack, then that was the best outcome. First, he would exterminate all these heads, and then he would be the only one left.

Hearing that, Chaos Heavens and Mo Feng nodded. Immediately, the two of them took out the Bone Corroding Poison Potion and smeared it on their weapons before heading towards the left head of the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake.

As for Lin Fan, he immediately circled around to the very right side of the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake's head and released numerous magic attacks.

As for Bai Chen and the Silver Behemoth, they were attracting fire from the middle while Hua Feng was helping to heal them. However, the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake's attack was too high, so Bai Chen and the others couldn't do much.


Chaotic Heavens and Mo Feng pierced the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake almost at the same time. The shadow strangling attack and Mo Feng's sword energy directly hit the snake's head, causing it to scream miserably. However, the attack of the two people was still a bit lacking, and the snake's head did not dissipate.

As for Lin Fan, after a Spirit Destruction blast, one magic after another bombarded the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake's body. Under the continuous magic attacks, the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake continuously bit at Lin Fan, but Lin Fan dodged it in the air. Just Lin Fan alone attracted the attention of three of the snake heads, and one of the heads was already about to explode under Lin Fan's attacks.

Compared to Lin Fan's side, Mo Feng and Chaotian's side were much more miserable. At this moment, the two of them were constantly evading the snake heads' bites and continuously launching attacks. Even though the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake had already been poisoned by their Bone Corroding Poison and its defense was greatly reduced, the two of them were in a miserable state.

"Ice Wolf Explosion!"

At this moment, the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake only has seven heads left. The Silver Behemoth Young Beast was also fighting on one of its heads, and it was about to blow up the head of the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake.

Soon, Mo Feng and Chaotian also blew up one of their heads, and the silver-colored Behemoth also blew another head off. At this moment, there were only five heads left, but the five heads of the Nine-headed Dragon Snake were even more terrifying than the nine heads of the Nine-headed Dragon Snake.

The striking power of these five heads was simply terrifying.

Bai Chen resisted the next head and was already drinking a blood bottle. Hua Feng alone was not able to increase his HP, and the Silver Behemoth was also struggling with a head. Judging from the situation, it was clearly not much better, and it could only be described as a lose-lose situation.

At this moment, Chaotic Heavens and Mo Feng's situation were the most comfortable. The Nine-Headed Dragon Snake's head became bigger, and its speed decreased significantly. Chaotic Heavens and Mo Feng had a much higher chance of dodging the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake. At this moment, the two of them were holding down the head of the snake.

As for Lin Fan, he was the most relaxed at the moment. The Nine-Headed Dragon Snake was unable to attack Lin Fan from afar, but Lin Fan stood behind everyone, and because his magic could hit the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake's head, the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake could not get close to Lin Fan due to the Silver Behemoth Young Beast and Bai Chen.


This time, the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake's two heads split open once again. One was the head that Lin Fan attacked, and the other was the head that fought the Silver Behemoth. At this moment, the head exploded at the same time, and at this moment, the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake's health was only 15,000 HP.

However, everyone's expression became more and more serious, because the other three snake heads once again devoured the Nine-Headed Dragon's head, becoming even more ferocious and terrifying. Even Bai Chen, who had such a defense, was hit by one of the heads and suffered a damage of 1300.

At this moment, the HP of the Silver-Grade Beast was less than ten thousand. Hua Feng had already unleashed a life force technique on the Silver-Grade Beast. However, his HP was not even close to its limit, making Hua Feng extremely helpless.

Now that the battle had come to an end, it was becoming more and more frightening.

At this moment, Bai Chen, Mo Feng, Chaotian, and the others were continuously attacking one of the snake heads, while Lin Fan, Mo Feng, and Chaotic Heavens were constantly attacking one of the snake heads. When the three powerful attacks gathered together, the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake's head immediately let out a cry and a ferocious roar.

It viciously bit at Mo Feng.

"889!" A huge damage value suddenly appeared above Mo Feng's head. Mo Feng was originally only 1,000 HP, but after this attack, Mo Feng almost returned. He hastily ran out of the battle situation and drank the potion.

"Spirit Destruction, Ice Wolf Explosion!"

Lin Fan launched two spells in succession, watching as the snake's head exploded under everyone's attacks. One of its eyeballs was blinded by Chaotic Heavenly Stinger.


Finally, they exploded the head of the snake. This time, there were only two heads left, and after devouring the head of the snake, the other two heads also grew bigger. At this moment, the enormous attack power was truly displayed, and every time it attacked Bai Chen, it would deal 700 points of damage.

Bai Chen was also in a precarious situation.

As for the silver beast, it was even more miserable than the young Meng beast. At this moment, the silver fur on the young Meng beast had already lost its original luster.

In addition, his HP had also been reduced to around 2,000. It was obvious that he wouldn't be able to hold on for much longer. … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

Seeing this scene, Lin Fan couldn't help but hurriedly recall the Silver Behemoth cub. After all, it wouldn't be easy to obtain such a powerful Spirit Slave.

After the Silver Behemoth was gathered, the pressure on the group increased, especially Bai Chen. At this moment, he was facing such a huge snake head, and Hua Feng's Healing Spell was constantly cast on his body. In addition, he was constantly pouring medicine into bottles to block the attack of the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake.

"Shadow Kill!"

"Sky Piercing Strike!"

"Ice Wolf Explosion!"

Lin Fan and the others directly launched an attack on the other snake head. Even Mo Feng's Black Bee King and Chaotic Locust Tyrant Lord launched an attack on the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake. The two leaders of the Locust Tyrant Lord were instantly bitten to death by the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake.

Even the overlord of the evil locust was bitten to death within a few seconds.

On the other hand, because the Black Bee King was too small, it hid beneath the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake and continuously attacked. Although its attack power was not high, it was still very safe.

It could also break through the defense of the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake.

At this moment, the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake's HP finally fell to 11,000 points, but Lin Fan and the others felt more and more that this dragon snake was difficult to deal with. The snake head's defense had already reached an extremely terrifying level, comparable to the Silver Behemoth Young Beast.

The snake head that was battling with the white dust directly smashed the white dust away with a shake of its head. After which, it swallowed the snake head that was shaking from Lin Fan and the rest's attacks.


Soon after, the body of the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake suddenly exploded with a ray of light. Layers of scales that looked like armor immediately covered the body of the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake, and the head that was left behind exploded. At this moment, the head of the snake looked just like the head of a huge dragon, giving it an exceptionally malevolent appearance.


A furious roar rang out and the remaining head of the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake swung directly at the crowd. It was like a whip and directly smashed onto the crowd, sending them flying.

"Break through the spirit!"

Lin Fan's expression slightly changed, and once again launched a Spirit Destruction attack. It had to be said that after devouring so many snake heads, the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake's soul force was absolutely powerful, and Lin Fan's Spirit Destruction attack could only deal 11.1 damage.

Furthermore, with an additional layer of iron-like scales covering the snake, the defense of the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake became much higher. Everyone increasingly felt that this Nine-Headed Dragon Snake was difficult to deal with.

At this moment, Lin Fan waved his hand and released the Silver Behemoth again. During this time, the HP of the Silver Behemoth had risen to 13,000. Facing the remaining 8000 or so Nine-Headed Dragon Snake, it shouldn't be too difficult.

The moment the Silver Behemoth appeared, it roared and attacked the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake. Its huge fist mercilessly struck the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake's head, causing its head to tilt violently. However, apparently, this punch did not injure its vitals.

The Nine-Headed Dragon Snake's huge head suddenly swung and ruthlessly smashed onto the Silver Behemoth's body, directly pushing the body of the infant Silver Behemoth back a few steps. Immediately, the infant Silver Behemoth once again explosively charged forward, fighting the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake.

With the addition of the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake, the pressure on the group was immediately reduced by a lot, and Bai Chen was finally able to catch his breath. Hua Feng also heaved a sigh of relief.

At this moment, Bai Chen and Hua Feng were finally able to breathe out in relief after the silver-colored Behemoth joined the battle.


Under the attacks of the Silver Behemoth Young Beast and the others, the remaining health of the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake finally weakened to the point of exhaustion. It finally let out an unwilling roar and slowly fell to the ground.


As the Nine-Headed Dragon Snake fell to the ground, everyone's bodies emitted a burst of golden light. Everyone finally levelled up.

After that, Lin Fan directly put away the Silver Behemoth. The Silver Behemoth was in an extremely miserable state, and its HP was reduced to only 1500. Fortunately, the Silver Behemoth was not dead.

"Haha, look at what this guy dropped!"

Chaotic Heavens and the others laughed out loud. At this moment, everyone was extremely happy. Facing such a troublesome Boss, the EXP they gained was exceptionally high. Fighting a Nine-Headed Dragon Snake or Medusa's illusion actually earned them more than double the EXP of an ordinary LV50 Boss.

Of course, the risk factor was also more than doubled.

"Nine Headed Serpent Crown: Unidentified" "Snake Fang Necklace: Unidentified" "Demonic Snake Chapter: Unidentified" Three pieces of equipment, one head, one necklace and a medal!

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