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It was a rare occasion that Shang Wuxin and Huan Mo Che would go to the morning assembly together.

The ministers were already immune to the matter of the crown prince not coming to the imperial court from time to time, after all, even the emperor did not care about what they could say as officials. Even if someone wanted to say something, they would be beaten up by the left minister and then scolded by the emperor, thus resulting in matters concerning the crown prince.

"Father, it's about to be the Flower Lantern Festival! I wonder if Father will personally come to the Thousand Buddha Temple to light the lanterns for this year's Lantern Festival? " Shang An Cang took a step forward and asked respectfully. The image of a virtuous prince made many ministers have a favorable impression of the fourth prince.

That night, the streets were filled with spreading lanterns. The citizens of every household would come out with lanterns to light the lanterns, while Emperor Shang would go to Shang's temple to light the lanterns to pray for the coming year.

In the past, Emperor Shang always needed to light lanterns, and this year was no exception, but one thing was very important. That is, every year, the order and maintenance of the Lantern Festival was arranged by the king, and this was something that started many years ago.

Emperor Shang thought for a moment, then nodded his head. "Yes, I will go and light the lamp myself this year!" Then, he looked down at the officials standing there and saw the prince dressed in the uniform of the imperial court. "The safety of the Lantern Festival must be arranged well, Your Highness, I order you to not only protect the Thousand Buddha Temple so that not even a drop of water can leak out, but also the safety of the citizens in the capital!"

Five years ago, at the Flower Lantern Festival, when the citizens were wandering by the river and wanted to put out the lanterns, suddenly there were too many people stepping on the lanterns. Every year, during the Flower Lantern Festival, there would be soldiers protecting the citizens and preventing accidents from happening.

"Yes, Your Majesty!" The instant Wang Hou slightly raised his gaze, he locked gazes with Shang An Cang who was standing in front of him. They thought that their actions were very obscure, but did not expect the standing Huan Mo Che to smile so gently that it would terrify others.

After the morning assembly, it was already late when Shang Wuxin and Huan Mo Che arrived at the World Restaurant. Since the two of them did not have breakfast, they sat in the pavilion and started to eat breakfast.

It was still a few days away from the Lantern Festival, but there were already a lot of lanterns being sold in the market. Shang had never experienced this festive day before and was suddenly interested. Looking at the variety of lanterns below, he smiled.

"Xin Er likes it?" Huan Mo Che was holding a teacup as he looked at the youth sitting in front of him. The youth was holding a pair of chopsticks in one hand, and there was even some pastries in his mouth.

"What do you like?" For Shang Wuxin, he loved very few things. The things he loved would disappear eventually, so he might as well take care of his own heart from the beginning. However, the few men around him were a beautiful accident.

Huan Mo Che's jaw slightly lifted as he looked at the lanterns below, his voice carrying a unique pampering tone. "Flower Lantern, Xin'er likes these little things?" Although he felt that it was strange for a man to like these things, it was not strange for Shang to like these things without any intention of doing so.

Like it? Shang was not in the mood to look closely at these lanterns. They were indeed unique, but it was not that they liked the night. It was just a novelty, so Shang was not in the mood to retract his gaze and continue his breakfast.

Huan Mo Che looked at the lanterns below him and thought for a while before smiling. He put down the teacup in his hand and picked up some dishes for Shang, but unfortunately, a picky eater only ate the things he liked, and his appetite was not too good either.

"It's not good to be picky about food. Yizhi said that you have to eat a lot of things!" Huan Mo Che placed a few more dishes into Shang Wuxin's bowl, and then took away the pastries that should not have appeared on the table.

She could nibble on the grass and drink the blood of animals without food, but if she was allowed to do so, she would be very picky. It would even be difficult to serve her.

Seeing that Shang Wuxin was still unaffected by the food in the bowl, Huan Mo Che helplessly sighed, "Picking a meal is not a good thing, do you want me to feed you?" As he said this, he prepared to do so. The gentleness at the corner of his mouth even had a hint of a smile.

Shang was not in the mood to watch the coquettish man become speechless, he immediately put down his chopsticks and finished his breakfast. The manager of the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets quickly went to remove the items on the table and immediately retreated, afraid of disturbing the two of them.

"Do you have a plan for the Lantern Festival?" He was afraid that if he had not asked Shang Wuxin before, perhaps he would not have told him that there was no way to make him like someone who did not have much ability to back up his words.

Shang unwittingly shook his head, "There is no plan yet!" However, I believe that day will be very exciting, and I really look forward to it! "

Although he really wanted to help out or even arrange things properly, he thought of Nangong Qian's letter and restrained himself. Nangong Qian told him that he could protect Shang Wuxin but not restrict Shang Wuxin, and now that he thought about it, Nangong Qian did indeed understand that Shang Wuxin, how could such a person be hiding behind someone else, ah, she was always at the front of the group.

"If there's anything I can do for you …"

Shang didn't intend to wave his hand, "My man, can it be that I'm being polite?" Even though Shang's heart did not depend on others, she was not too clear about her own people. Perhaps she had a desire for possession, so to Shang's mind, these men and their influence were things she had never done before.

Upon hearing Shang Wuxin's overbearing words, not only was he not unhappy, he nodded obediently, "Of course, I am yours. The rest are yours as well!" Thinking of this, Huanmo Che suddenly stood up, bending his body to approach Shang Wuxin who was sitting in front of him.

"Xin Er, since I'm already yours, you …" Huanmo Che suddenly reached out to grab the back of Shang Wuxin's head, and gave him a deep kiss. He waited until Shang Wuxin's breathing became a little ragged before releasing his hand, saying in a slightly hoarse voice, "When did Xin'er correct me?"

After all, even though Shang Bin did not have the heart to admit or accept Huan Mo Che, but he had never left Huan Mo Che in the chamber to rest, not to mention what had happened. Huan Mo Che was not an anxious person, otherwise, he wouldn't have ended up in such a state after so many years.

Shang Bin stood up and walked over to the Illusory Dream of the World's Room. There, he did not draw a lot of new paintings, as he had expected. The people in the paintings were all his own, with many appearances that Shang unintentionally did not know.

Huan Mo Che followed Shang Wuxin into the room. When he saw the rooms full of portraits of Shang Wuxin, he was a little embarrassed, but seeing the new paintings with smiles on their faces, Huan Mo Che felt satisfied.

"Xin'er, the night has turned cold recently!" Huan Mo Che was walking behind Shang Wu Xin, wanting to try his best to get his own benefits, but he didn't expect that at this time, Shang Wu Xin would suddenly sit down on Huan Mo Che's white bed and beckon him.

Even though he felt that the World Restaurant was very safe and no one would come up to disturb him, but men and women alike were filled with anticipation for their first time, and the Illusory Mo Che was no exception.

But no matter how much his heart churned, Huan Mo Che still smiled as he came to Shang Wuxin's side and sat down slightly. His smile was still as gentle as before, but no matter how his trembling body looked, it was still pleasing. Shang was not in the mood to understand, did he become a bandit that oppressed the pretty boys? Looking at this Huanmo Che, his forehead started to sweat.

"Afraid of me? Or are you afraid that I'll eat you? " This man looked gentle and gentle on the surface, but in reality, he was still a little shy and ridiculous. Shang Wuxin really wanted to eat this man, even though this was not a good opportunity.

Huan Mo Che shook his head and tried his best to smile, but he did not know that the corners of his lips were trembling. Huan Mo Che carefully thought back to all the things he knew about love, thinking of where to start, and once again felt Huan Mo Che's body heat up.

Huan Mo Che held back his excitement and was about to walk forward to relieve Shang Xin's clothes, but he didn't expect that Shang Xin would cover his hands with Huan Mo Che's slightly trembling hands, his eyes full of ridicule and ridicule: "What is Mo Che trying to do? I know there's some pain in my neck that I want you to massage me with! "

He did it on purpose. He definitely did it on purpose! He felt that the cold sweat on his forehead was extremely shameful, to the point that he wanted to fling his hand away and leave. However, seeing Shang Wuxin who was sitting on the bed, he couldn't bear to let go, so he took off his boots and directly sat down behind Shang Wuxin, placed both his hands on Shang Wuxin's neck, and slightly pressed down.

The neck area was a safe place for a person to protect. One had to know that people who knew martial arts could crush a person's spine and cause death with their internal energy. Towards Shang Wuxin's calmness, Huan Mo Che felt at ease, and the anger he had just felt also disappeared.

Shang Wuxin was not someone who moaned with no sickness. These days, her neck was indeed uncomfortable looking at the paper, and the reason why she opened her mouth was just to make it less awkward for Huanmo Che.

"Shall we go for a walk?" He and Shang were rarely in the mood to get along, he had once watched the men get along with Shang Wuxin with envy, and now that there was such a good opportunity in front of him, he did not want to waste it.

Shang Wuxin did not really like going out, nor did he like the liveliness. Moreover, the way the two of them looked would certainly attract too much attention, but seeing the expression in Illusory Mo Che's eyes, Shang Wuxin nodded his head. When the two of them left the Pavilion of Heavenly Secrets, both of them wore a bamboo hat with a light veil on their heads, with the exception of their eyes, which were hidden in the bamboo hat.

The two of them seemed to be walking side by side, but under the wide sleeves, Huan Mo Che was holding onto Shang Wuxin's hand. That pair of peach blossom eyes were even more genuine with a smile, and even if they didn't reveal their true appearance, it was enough to make any girl fall in love with them.

The two were not the same person who went shopping in the capital, so they strolled aimlessly. The Illusory Mo Che was looking at Shang Wuxin, while Shang Wuxin was looking at the street shops, this was the capital city and Shang Wuxin was not.

At this moment, Shang was not in the mood to look at a teahouse. To have a storyteller in the teahouse was not a surprising matter. What interested Shang was the fact that she heard the storyteller mention her.

"Go and listen?" Shang Tong subconsciously hooked his finger at Huan Mo Che's finger.

His slightly cold fingers were like a cat's fingers in his own hands, and now that he hooked them with his own fingers, the curve of the corner of Illusory Mo Che's lips didn't change at all. The numb feeling tickled his heart, and he couldn't help but slightly clench Shang Wuxin's playful fingers, following which he also extended his fingers to scratch Shang Wuxin's palm.

These rumors in the market were always exaggerated to the point of even liking to create trouble without saying anything. Fearing that it might affect Shang's mood, Huan Mo Che slightly lowered his head and whispered into Shang's ear, "It's just a gossip, listening to it will dirty the heart."

Shang was not in the mood to speak anymore, directly pulling Huan Mo Che's hand into the teahouse.

Huan Mo Che gave a helpless smile, allowing Shang to pull him as he pleased, not letting him have the heart to do so.

The two of them entered the teahouse. Although they were wearing bamboo hats, they had a unique aura around them. Furthermore, there were also people wearing bamboo hats in the capital, so everyone took a glance before withdrawing their gazes. They did not find it strange.

"Two gongzis, do you need a private room or do you want to sit in the main hall?" The waiter had a towel wrapped around his neck as he greeted with a smile.

Although the private rooms on the second floor were a little shabby, it did not affect the space that the books could have. Huan Mo Che took out a few pieces of silver and gave it to the waiter.

The waiter happily received the silver and quickly brought the two to the second floor to find the best room for the two. Not long after they sat down, the waiter came into the room with a cup of tea and said in a fawning voice, "Two gongzis have good luck today. Mr. Scholar is talking about the crown prince today!"

Huan Mo Che laughed and asked: "Huh? "But about Prince Shang?"

"Of course! The Crown Prince of our country, Shang, is very famous! " As he spoke, he saw that the two of them no longer spoke and left.

Huan Mo Che picked up the teapot, poured a cup of tea and placed it beside Shang Xin's hand, then got up and took off Shang Xin's bamboo hat. Since they were in the private room, it wouldn't be a problem for them to take down the bamboo hat.

Just as he sat down, he heard the voice of the storyteller below, "Today, we are talking about the Crown Prince of Shang! "Catch it!" The sound of wooden boards knocking against the table was heard. The storyteller spoke in a low voice.

"Speaking of which, Prince Shang has no choice but to mention the matters of Crown Prince Shang, Minister Zuo, and General Leng!" At this point, the storyteller saw the eyes of everyone below gurgle with gossip, "I heard that there are many beautiful men in the crown prince's residence. Instead of having concubines, there are beautiful men in the crown prince's backyard, and the crown prince is extremely protective of these men!" The Minister of the Left and General Leng were kidnapped by the Crown Prince. They had no choice but to submit to the dignity of the Crown Prince and become one of the many male pets of the Crown Prince! "

Shang Guanxin laughed, looking at Huan Mo Che, his voice trembling. "When did I threaten you? Male pet? These people really know how to imagine! "

Compared to Shang Xin's nonchalant attitude towards him as if he had heard a joke, Huan Mo Che was a little displeased. He did not like the way the world misunderstood Shang Dong, and even more so hoped that he would not be burdened with such a terrible reputation in the future.

The storyteller below became more and more outrageous, "The Crown Prince didn't go to the morning assembly, but rather, several men of the imperial court were hollowed out at night, so the Crown Prince set his eyes on the genius doctor of the world, and actually directly brought the genius doctor to the Demon Claw!"

Just as he was talking excitedly, a peanut flew into his mouth and smashed his front teeth.

With no intention of watching, Shang Guan smiled and left the teahouse with the two in the bamboo hat. However, from today onwards, a new storyteller had arrived in the teahouse.

"Speaking of the crown prince of the State of Shang today, you must know that the Minister of the Left adored the crown prince for a long time, so he has always followed the crown prince. He is bound to win the crown prince's favor!" His words depicted the crown prince as the leader of the Eastern Palace that loved his people like children. Zuo Wuji and his men admired the crown prince for his love and admiration, and in a short while, the relationship between the crown prince and these men had become a beautiful legend.

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