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"According to the blessing of heaven, the imperial edict states that when field officer Wen Lin has an appropriate marriage, he should choose his daughter over her. It could be said that Nangong Lian and field officer Lin were made from the heavens. In order to become a beautiful woman, she was even betrothed to field officer Lin as his wife. All etiquette was handed over to the Ministry of Rites and the Vanguard of Heavens, who would handle it together. They would choose a good day for the marriage. This is it! "

At the entrance of the crown prince's residence, Eunuch Xu, dressed in the attire of eunuch, stood there with a floating speck of dust in his hand. In his hand, he held the imperial edict and read it aloud.

Standing at the entrance of the crown prince's mansion, Lin Jia Er was clad in an exquisite black robe, the blood lotus at the hem of the robe looked as if it was dyed red with blood. When he heard the imperial edict, a smile appeared on his handsome face, and he hurriedly knelt down to receive the edict, "This official accepts the edict!"

The commoners who came and went to watch the commotion were shocked. They didn't expect that such a big incident would happen in the palace and the wedding would be given to a field officer, a subordinate who didn't even own a mansion.

But Steward Hai and the rest still stood at the entrance of the crown prince's mansion to receive the decree. When Steward Hai saw Lin Jia Er accepting the decree, he quickly went up to Eunuch Xu and greeted him, "I've troubled you with this trip!" "I've heard that Eunuch Xu really loves the pastries made by the house's chefs. I've specially prepared some for you today. I hope you don't mind!"

Eunuch Xu quickly smiled and said, "Seere is the most considerate one. The cakes in the Crown Prince's Palace are even more delicious than those in the palace!" One of them was the emperor's capable head eunuch, while the other was the crown prince's head eunuch. However, both of them were rare and loyal people.

No amount of silver or treasure was as good as his heart, but it was clear that he had caught Eunuch Xu's thoughts. It had to be said that after so many years, it was not illogical for Steward Hai to manage the crown prince's residence well. His methods were much better than those of the stewards.

"If only Eunuch Xu would like it!" The capital was in an uproar. After the change in the palace, many people knew that the Crown Prince would naturally ascend to the throne in the future, but none of them understood why the Crown Prince didn't ascend the throne with the Imperial Jade Seal in his hands, and why he didn't ascend the throne now. This made many people not understand whether the Crown Prince truly cared about power or not.

When Lin Jia Er happily walked into the crown prince's mansion holding the imperial edict, he saw Dauntless walk over. "Commander Lin, the crown prince has sent someone to the garden!" Everyone in the crown prince's residence knew that the former crown prince liked to stay in the sleeping quarters and study room. Now, the crown prince actually liked to stay in the garden and bask in the sun. However, this might have something to do with the young masters.

Ringel nodded, unwilling to let go of the imperial edict in his hand. When he arrived at the garden, he saw the crown prince and the crown prince sitting there. The crown prince was holding onto a book of wild history, while the monarch was obviously waiting for him.

Ringel bowed slightly and greeted: "Greetings, Crown Prince!" Greetings, Prince Qian! " Even if the person sitting there right now was his brother-in-law, the difference in status did not allow Lin Jia Er to have the slightest bit of desire to become a dragon or phoenix. He was Lin Jia Er, a subordinate of the crown prince, the leader of the Blood Sang Army and in the future, Nangong Lian's husband.

"He received the imperial edict? From now on, it's time for us to get married. I've prepared a mansion for you, which will be located a few dozen meters east of the crown prince's residence! " Shang was not in the mood to look at Wild History and said. As a subordinate of hers, there was no way she could be shabby like that. Even if she were to marry, she had to show off.

Lin Jia Er was slightly taken aback. One must know that even high officials would not be able to buy a mansion there, yet the crown prince actually wanted to buy it for him. One had to know that Lin Jia Er should have a mansion for him to marry his wife. However, because of Lin Jia Er's status, it would be inconvenient for him to have a mansion. Thus, Lin Jia Er felt extremely guilty towards Nangong Lian.

"Crown Prince!" Subordinate cannot take it! " Lin Jia Er quickly refused. Perhaps, he was afraid that the Crown Prince would be displeased, so he replied, "I am far away from the Crown Prince's Palace. Besides, it is fine that I am a subordinate of the Crown Prince. If I set up my own residence …"

Lin Jia Er did not finish his sentence when he saw Shang's displeased voice, "You are a subordinate of mine, so I say that you can have one, but you can have one! You can live in the backyard of the crown prince's residence, but Nangong Lian cannot suffer alongside you! "

How could Nangong Qian not hear that Shang's unintentional actions were all for him to see? Based on their relationship, he actually treated them in such a manner? Nangong Qian felt that Shang Xin and his bodyguards had begun to warn him.

"You … "Do your best!" Nangong Qian originally had a lot of things he wanted to say to Lin Jia Er. A large part of the reason why the imperial edict was given was because he agreed to it. If he really didn't agree, how could they marry each other? Even if he was very strict with Nangong Lian on the surface, he was still the younger sister of a mother. He was the only person that he cared about in the entire Nangong Imperial Palace. How could he not care? But no matter how much he cared, he could deny that the girl he was protecting behind him had finally grown up. She finally had someone she loved and chose to walk the path he wanted to walk. Initially, he did not agree with Nangong Lian and Lin Jia Er. Later on, he did not agree that it was because Lin Jia Er was Shang's unintentional subordinate identity. Regardless of what thoughts he had towards Shang, he would not be careless regarding his sister's life. He had agreed to this marriage only because he could tell that this man might not be the most handsome, rich, and powerful one, but he was the man who loved his sister the most, and was also the most beloved person of his sister.

Lin Jia Er nodded his head vigorously. He reached out his hand and pounded his chest. "Apart from loyalty, all of my tenderness will go to Lian'er!" There was no pretense of an oath. Instead, the oath carried a sense of responsibility, but it was the truest.

After Lin Jia'er left, Shang was not in the mood to close the book he had never read before. "Are you not satisfied with Lin Jia Er?" Or are you jealous that your little sister is getting married? " Even though Shang did not feel the need to control Nangong Qian's self-control, he was not jealous.

"Xin Er …" Nan Gong Qian suddenly pulled Shang Wuxin into his embrace, his voice carrying a domineering tone, "I just think that time passes very quickly!" Back then, that little girl with a ponytail was already going to get married. When will you wear the wedding dress for me? "

The corners of Shang's lips curled up. Was this person trying to force a marriage? Shang Chen carelessly covered Nangong Qian's chest, his voice carried a hint of enticement, "Why didn't Nangong wear the wedding dress and marry me? If that is the case, I can carry the palanquin and marry Nangong! "

If it was Han Xuanhao, he might have really done this, but it was exactly because Nangong Qian Shang did not have the heart to say such words.

"What are you thinking about!" Veins popped out on Nangong Qian's forehead as he felt the sun aching. He was already accepting Shang Wuxin's men, but if he were to wear the wedding dress, Nangong Qian would not be able to do it. He was afraid that he would be disgusted.

Shang Wuxin sighed regretfully, "I am not the one who disagrees, but you, Nangong!" With that, he used the Wild History on the table to cover Nangong Qian's angry eyes. He pushed away Nangong Qian's embrace with his hands and walked towards the study room.

"He's here!" Originally, Huan Mo Che had come to look for Shang Dong unintentionally, but he had not expected to meet Nangong Qian. Even though the five of them were staying in the crown prince's residence, they did not interact much with each other, and the times that they saw the most were when Shang Dong was uninterested.

Since he saw Huan Mo Che, he was not in a hurry to leave. He sat down and said with a smile, "Good luck Nangong!" He had heard the words of Shang Wuxin earlier. He knew that Shang Wuxin said it deliberately, but he would have been more than happy to hear it. Only this tyrannical man would have acted in such a manner.

Nangong Qian smiled. Indeed, if he didn't have the good fortune, how could Shang be different from him? However, looking at the appearance of Huan Mo Che, he sighed again, "I'm afraid that if I really agreed, Xin Er will find another reason. It's just an excuse!"

Nangong Qian saw it clearly. Even if Shang Wuxin had him in his heart, he did not want to marry him, nor did he want him to join the crown prince's mansion. Although he was disappointed, Nangong Qian felt that he had fallen into Shang Wuxin's heart.

"It seems that I'm the most pitiful one!" Nangong Qian was the last one who knew Shang Wuxin, and he knew Shang Wuxin very early on. However, these few men had more or less received Shang Wuxin's love, and only he …

Although he did not like the look of Illusory Mo Che, Nangong Qian wanted to leave immediately. However, when he thought about the difference that Shang's heart had had with Illusory Mo Che, and the difference that Shang's heart had had with Illusory Mo Che, he did not want to reveal these secrets, but hoped that Shang's heart would be happy.

"It's hard to open the Heart's Heart's Gate, if you really have the heart, then you should try to force your way in! This is all I can say. You can decide for yourself! " Nangong Qian looked down on himself in his heart. When had he ever been so kind-hearted as to scheme for the sake of his love rival? As expected, his thoughts had changed after staying by Shang Wuxin's side for so long. But perhaps Nangong Qian didn't even know that his words made Huan Mo Che do such a thing, after all, Nangong Qian couldn't help but admire this man.

After Nangong Qian left, Huan Mo Che sat alone in the garden with his peach blossom eyes that were difficult to understand. He reached out his hand to stroke his eyes and suddenly laughed. Indeed … Because he loved Shang, he did not want to force Shang into a corner. However, upon hearing Nangong Qian's words, he realized that Shang might not accept him for the rest of his life.

Huan Mo Che felt that he could wait, but if he could have it then why wait. He was a man, perhaps he really should do something to forcefully insert himself into Shang Wuxin's heart wall.

"Mistress, what are you doing here? The court is currently busy summoning the Emperor!" Fantasy theory looked at his master sitting in a pavilion in the garden. The complicated look in his eyes scared Fantasy theory a little. Moreover, his master's smile was so gentle that he felt that someone was going to be in trouble.

Huan Mo Che raised his eyes as he looked at the theory of illusions and suddenly asked, "Fantasy theory, don't you think this one is too quiet?!"

This was because only matters concerning the crown prince could cause his master to be so worried. After thinking for a moment, the theory said seriously, "Mistress, there are many times when you don't have to fight for the crown prince's presence. Even General Leng is favored by the crown prince now, so you should work hard!"

"Ha ha!" Although he usually had a smile on his face, he never made a sound. Now that he was laughing so loudly, even his theory of fantasy was frightened.

"It seems like I should work hard!" After saying that, he stood up, seeming to be filled with strength …

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