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She wanted to be friends with Prince Shang, but she had not seen him for a long time. Even if she had, she would have been chased away by Lady Han who was sitting right next to Prince Shang. This made Nangong Lian, who was already in a bad mood, very unhappy.

Seeing the exquisite dinner on the table, Nangong Lian expressed that she did not want to eat at all. She wanted to go to the crown prince's sleeping quarters for a meal. In the past, the Crown Prince ate in the main hall and she could still eat. But now, that Lady Han always put the Crown Prince's meal in his bedroom. She couldn't just eat alone. It was good just thinking about it.

When Nangong Lian picked up her chopsticks and was about to eat, a black-clothed person suddenly rushed out from outside. Before Nangong Lian could react, he knocked away the chopsticks in Nangong Lian's hands. His voice was anxious as he asked, "Did you eat?"

Seeing Lin Jia and Nangong Lian suddenly appear was a little unexpected. It was just that Nangong Lian did not notice that Lin Jia Er seemed to have lost a lot of weight, even though he still looked very fat.

"Have you eaten yet?" Seeing Nangong Lian who was still absent-minded at this moment made him extremely angry. He directly went to open Nangong Lian's mouth to see if she had eaten this sort of meal.

"What?" Nangong Lian slapped Lin Jia Er's hand away. Although she was usually very casual, she was still a woman and was rejected by the man. If this person wasn't Prince Shang's subordinate, she would have killed him.

"The food is poisonous. Have you eaten it yet?" Lin Jia Er's voice carried more anger than worry. He had been ordered by the crown prince to spy on that woman Kong'er, so he relaxed a little when he saw that Kong'er didn't do anything. But if something really happened to this Fifth Princess of the Nangong Country, Lin Jia Er believed that the crown prince would definitely kill him.

After all, this was the crown prince's residence. She had always known that the crown prince's residence was very strict, but she had never expected that someone would actually poison her. Nangong Lian immediately knew what the enemy was planning. Normally, even if it was poisoned, Prince Shang should have poisoned him. However, Prince Shang's diet could only be handled by his personal maidservants and caretakers, who were unable to get close to others. However, Nangong Lian knew that the Imperial Brother cared about her a lot, and if anything really happened to her in the Crown Prince's Palace, then Prince Shang and her would become enemies. If these two were equally intelligent men, then they would definitely suffer from both sides' losses, and the enemies would also benefit from their benefits. They could plot against each other!

"No!" Nangong Lian shook her head. This made Lin Jia Er heave a sigh of relief, but it was mostly because he was relieved to be able to survive. However, in Nangong Lian's eyes, this little fatty was the only worried for her.

Nangong Lian took down the silver hairpin from her head and tested each dish. However, she was shocked to discover that each dish contained a highly toxic poison, even the rice. As long as she touched these things today, not only would she die immediately, she would also lose half her life.

"Who is it?" Her temper was not good after all these years of being poisoned and killed. However, there were people who not only wanted to kill her but also wanted to use her imperial brother. Even the admirable Crown Prince Shang, who wanted to be her friend, did not let him off.

Lin Jia Er did not answer. If the crown prince had told Nangong Lian that something had gone wrong and messed up the crown prince's plan, Lin Jia Er would not be able to answer. Lin Jia Er could only nod to Nangong Lian before flying away.

"Damn fatty!" Seeing Lin Jia Er's departing back, Nangong Lian became even more angry. She did not want to harm Prince Shang's mind. This fatty was actually still wary of her, thinking that Nangong Lian felt that she was going to find Prince Shang.

As Nangong Lian thought of this, she got up and walked towards the crown prince's bedroom. As she walked, she cursed, "Damn fatty, damn fatty, damn fatty!" Lin Jia Er, who hadn't left yet, would occasionally look at his protruding stomach and his fleshy arms, and his heart would skip a beat.

In the dining room of the crown prince sat four people. They were clearly Master Shang Wuxin, and Han Xuanhao, who came every day to serve, as well as Leng Yufeng and Huan Moche, the two who had come today to use the chance to teach. The table of beauties left them fearless and fearless; after all, they were all standing aside when Han Xuanhao served them. They had completely lost the qualifications of a servant girl.

"Why hasn't General Leng returned yet?" Han Xuanhao said unhappily, but he continued to dally with the Crown Prince provocatively. His cooking was more considerate than his fearlessness and fearlessness; after all, the dishes he would give the Crown Prince were the dishes that Shang Wuxin preferred to eat each time he gave them to him. … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …

He really wanted to beat up this Lady Han, even if it was only a woman. He did not understand how the Crown Prince would fall for such a woman, but he did not say much about her, which was the style that the Crown Prince liked.

"The food in the mansion is terrible!" Leng Yufeng said after eating a mouthful of plain rice. The food in the Leng Residence was not good, but Leng Yufeng rarely came back to the Residence to stay in the army camp. The food in the army camp was obviously not good, and it could not be compared with the crown prince's mansion.

After Han Xuanhao served a bowl of soup to the crown prince, he looked at Huan Moche, who was sitting there with a warm smile, "Young Noble Huan should be very busy outside of the Left Premier, so why would he have the time to come to the crown prince's mansion?"

Because of the matter with Illusory Mecha's father, the position of the Minister of the Left was vacated while Emperor Shang's edict allowed Illusory Mecha to ascend to the position of Minister of the Left. What made people curious was that a person who had never been involved in the imperial court would ascend to the position of Minister of the Left.

"The House of Zuo hasn't finished building yet, so I'm afraid that he'll be coming to the Crown Prince's Palace for a meal soon. I wonder if he's willing to accept me as a homeless person?" Huan Moche smiled as he spoke, but the hand gripping the chopsticks was a little nervous.

"En, that's fine!" Shang Wuxin agreed readily. Even more importantly, she had received orders from her Imperial Father to let him stay in the crown prince's mansion during this period of time.

When Leng Yuefeng saw that his good friend actually called him "the crown prince" and ended up staying in the crown prince's mansion, he immediately regretted that he was dumb. He would occasionally look at Shang Wuxin even if he didn't want to eat, but his face was expressionless and he could see the grievances in Leng Yuefeng's eyes.

No matter how calm Shang Wuxin was, he could not help but sigh as he put down his chopsticks and said, "If Yu Feng were to stay in the crown prince's mansion for a few days, then so be it!" After all, Leng Yufeng was going to the border in a few days, and Shang Wuxin was still kind enough to comply.

Han Xuanhao angrily poked at the food in his bowl with his chopsticks. From time to time, he would look at Leng Yufeng and Huan Mubai. In his heart, he had already chopped the two into eight pieces. As for Leng Yufeng and Huan Moche, they ignored Han Xuanhao's gaze. In their hearts, they hated Han Xuanhao to death. After all, this woman was the crown prince's woman. Just thinking about it caused them to panic.

"Prince Shang!" Nangong Lian's voice came from the courtyard of the bedroom.

Nangong Lian was stopped by the fearless and fearless pair. After all, the crown prince was dining and not just anyone could enter the palace. As for the three people inside … Fearless and fearless would still be happy to see them together with the crown prince. It would be better if he could become the crown prince's husband in the future.

"What's going on?" She had always known that Nangong Lian was a person who knew her place well. Although she was a little shy, she was more rational than anyone else, and was no ordinary woman with no brains.

Nangong Lian did not have any ladylike image as she sat on a chair in the courtyard. As for the couch, she did not dare to sit on it because it belonged to Prince Shang. However, Shang Wuxin felt comfortable at Nangong Lian's rude actions. She too sat on the soft bed, and the three men in the bedroom also walked out, each sitting beside Shang Wuxin.

"Someone poisoned me today!" Nangong Lian complained, "If it wasn't for my lucky life, I would be dead by now!"

Shang Wuxin's expression was cold, she instantly understood the twists and turns of the situation. Not only did Shang Wuxin understand it, even the three men sitting beside her instantly understood the importance of this matter.

"Get Lin Jia Er over here!" Shang Wuxin ordered the mansion's guards, guards, servants, and maids were all trustworthy people, but not everyone was trustworthy. There were still two outsiders in the mansion.

After saluting him, he reported what he knew. "This time, the poisoning was done by that Kong'er, and the other night, he went to the Fifth Princess's courtyard. At that time, this subordinate didn't mind if it was a little inappropriate, but I didn't think that Kong'er actually poisoned the Fifth Princess's meal today!"

"I remember that I told you to keep an eye on Kong'er?" Shang Wuxin asked.

He still remembered the terrifying appearance of the crown prince in the training grounds. As long as he was a member of the Blood Shang army, there was no one who was not afraid of the crown prince and no one who didn't admire him. Even he, the former bandit leader, was no exception.

"It was my negligence!" Linga knelt there.

"Prince Shang!" Nangong Lian looked apologetic, "The fatty has reminded me before. If it wasn't for him, I probably would have gone to meet the King of Hell today!"

Towards Nangong Lian's plea, Shang Wuxin did not buy it. He coldly said, "Go train yourself for a month before coming out!"

Every Blood Sang Army member came out from their training grounds, but once they came out, they didn't want to go in again because the training there was too painful. However, Lin Jia Er respectfully saluted and left without the slightest bit of displeasure. …

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