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Mist Country...

The ancient and mysterious Mist Country used to be a very small tribe. Now, it was a prosperous and prosperous country. One could see floating women and elegant swordsmen walking around the Mist Country. The former Mist Country didn't worship the Emperor, but an organization called the Temple. The Holy Maiden was the center of the Temple, and her former Temple Alliance was involved in political affairs. The commoners even saw the Temple kneel before them. It was unknown when the Temple began to slowly withdraw from the royal power of the Mist Country, but many years later, the Temple slowly disappeared from the eyes of the people due to the resistance of the Mist Country's royal power. In the end, the Misty Nation didn't seem to have a Temple, and many young people actually didn't know that it was once the most powerful Temple.

At this moment, in a brothel of the State of Mist, the words "Star Pavilion" were piled high in the air with a seductive red hue. Before even entering the brothel, one could already feel the boundless temptation.

"High Lord!" The entire third floor was completely silent, you could even hear a needle drop, which was a huge contrast from the extravagant noises on the second floor. There was a rich businessman who once thought that the most beautiful woman in the Star Pavilion would want to take a peek at this third floor, but she never expected that she would be beheaded before even entering the third floor. From then on, no one tried to peek on the third floor. However, there were rumours that the third floor was the residence of the Star Pavilion's most beautiful woman.

Han Xuanhao was lying on a bed with a fiery red robe that covered his entire body, revealing his snow-white collarbones. However, this devilish man was staring at the little fox under the bed, his eyes filled with dissatisfaction.

"Sleep on the floor. If you dare climb onto the bed again, this sovereign will stew you a fox soup tonight!" Han Xuanhao seemed to have no bones as he took up the entire bed. In the days when he had no mind, Han Xuanhao felt like he was too boring. He had never felt like this before, but now, there was something wrong with his body. And Little White was the little pet that Han Xuanhao brought along. Shang's way of thinking was simple. Little White's intelligence could be of help sometimes, and the most important thing was that Little White's blood was a great way to heal wounds and save lives.

There were many beds on the third floor, but only Han Xuanhao's was the most comfortable. Xiao Bai kept trying to sneak into the big bed from time to time, but Han Xuanhao always threw him off the bed, and it was the same today.

"Squeak squeak squeak!" Lil 'White continuously pointed with its claws. Humph! If you dare to stew me, Master will definitely not forgive you and my meat is not tasty at all. You villain, I want to go home and complain!)

Han Xuan Hao understood what Xiao Bai meant after interacting with him for a long time. He had to admit that Xiao Bai's fox had the intelligence of a child a few years old. Even Han Xuan Hao could not help but sigh at Xiao Bai's humanization.

"You still want to leave? Don't you know that Xin Er wants you to protect me? Furthermore, Xin'er has also told me that if I feel unwell, I can let out your blood. In her heart, my position is much higher than yours! " Han Xuanhao felt touched when he remembered the intention of Shang Wuxin giving him Little White. No matter how strong he was, there was a person who was worried about him, and that person let Han Xuanhao know that he was being held back.

Little White "Wu Wu Wu …" After a few sad sounds, it fell to the ground. It knew that its master was biased and that it was not free at all. Moreover, this big bad guy wanted to let him bleed. He didn't have much blood, and it hurt a lot. He had to run to find his master!

Hanxuan Hao looked at Whitey moving its claws and preparing to leave with an evil smile, "You dare to run?" Do you believe that after you run away, Xin'er will kill you? And from now on, Xin'er will no longer like you, even though she has never liked you! Xin Er has always liked this sovereign! "

Lil 'White withdrew its moving claws and started squeaking at Han Xuanhao. Master won't kill me! If you want to chase me away and make Master not want me, I won't be fooled! I want to follow you, so annoying!) After squeaking for a while, Lil 'White jumped onto the bed. It could tell that if this bad guy didn't like it, then it wouldn't!

Sure enough, under Little White's matter-of-fact gaze, Little White fell onto the ground like a gust of wind. Its four limbs and claws were lying on the ground in a daze. On the other hand, Han Xuanhao was still bewitching.

After a while, Little White recovered its strength and was ready to pounce towards Han Xuanhao with its sharp teeth. However, it did not expect Han Xuanhao to not wave Little White away, and instead let Little White pounce towards Han Xuanhao's chest. Han Xuanhao actually caught Little White and sighed, "I really miss you!" I wonder if Xin'er is doing well? Do you occasionally think of me? What if I don't let them take the opportunity to escape? "

Lil 'White suddenly felt that this bad guy was unhappy and had something to do with its owner. It also missed its master a lot. Although its master never seemed to like it, it still liked its master a lot. A man and an animal quietened down like this. It seemed that the two of them were a bit sad. This caused the little boy who stood with his head bowed, to wish that he could grow wings and fly away.

After a while, Han Xuan Hao threw Whitey out and casually asked, "How was your investigation?" Have you found the exact location of the temple? Are there any movements of people from the Temple outside? Is that Qiu Rongrong a member of the Sacred Hall? "

The ordinary High Lord let out a sigh of relief and hurriedly replied, "The Temple hid itself in the Fog Country for a long time in recent years, making people ignorant and indifferent, but Subordinate has often found out that some people with decent kung fu are found in the Fog Country. After investigation, these people are indeed Temple people, and the person that followed Qiu Rongrong is indeed a Temple person, but the identity of Qiu Rongrong in the Temple was not investigated, so from the people that followed her, they can judge that she is not a Holy Maiden!"

He had already been in Mist Country for a period of time, but the investigation of the Temple was extremely difficult. Even the investigation of the Imperial Palace was much easier than the investigation of the Temple itself, and thinking that this was something Shang didn't want him to do, Han Xuanhao couldn't wait to finish it as soon as possible.

"Go down and keep an eye on the imperial palace of the Mist Country!" Han Xuanhao had never believed that the Temple was an organization that concealed its reputation. In the past, the Temple had controlled the emperor of the imperial court as a puppet, so how could they say that they had no ambition?

Just as Little White left the room, Han Xuanhao's voice continued, "Carry Little White out!" Poor Lil 'White was just carried away like that. He didn't even have time to react how he was thrown out like that.

— —

Nangong Country …

Inside the palace of the Duke of Qian, Nangong Qian was in his study reading through the recent reports. Even though he was sitting on the Dragon Throne, he had never ascended to the throne. Even the palace of Nangong Country was left empty. The safety of the entire Qian Wang Manor had increased by a lot. After being in power for such a long time, the entire country had been rejuvenated. Although Nangong Qian was a good emperor who had tyrannical authority, he could listen to different suggestions and also absorb suggestions from the officials. However, there were some matters that he did not discuss with the officials.

"What about my royal sister?" Nangong Qian asked, the brush in his hand did not stop. Right now, his daily life consisted of dealing with various matters in the imperial court. After that, he would head back to the residence to review the imperial reports. The most different daily time was when Nangong Qian's expression was the most gentle, as he listened to the report of Nangong Lian and Shang Xin's unintentional actions.

He walked out from a dark corner and recounted the news he had received today. "Princess Lian and Lin Jia Er get along very well. Today Lin Jia Er is even bringing Princess Lian to climb the mountains!" Even though Nangong Lian was currently in the State of Shang, as the royal brother, Nangong Qian still cared about her.

"Is Xin'er's injury better?" This sort of secret thing was not something that Nangong Qian had found out, but rather something that Huan Mo Che had been communicating with him recently. Whether it was him, Huan Mo Che, Ye Yi Zhe, Han Xuan Hao or Leng Yu Feng who was at the border, all of them had their own messages that they understood each other to be alone. Although they did not communicate frequently with each other, they would not hide anything that they should tell each other.

"Prince Shang's injuries are not serious. He has begun to deal with some matters in the recent days!" He thought back to when the Prince knew about the matter of Crown Prince Shang's injury, and almost left Nangong Country to go to Shang Yue. Fortunately, Young Master Huan's letter said that Crown Prince Shang was fine, or else who knew what would happen far away.

"That's good! Send all the best tonics in the house to Xin Er! " Nangong Qian ordered.

One must know that every time a family acquired something good, they would immediately send it to Shang. One could even feel that one day, a huge country like Nangong would be taken away by the Crown Prince and given to Prince Shang as a gift.

"Send a message to Lian'er. If you're sure it's Lin Jia Er, you should prepare for the wedding. I will personally send her out!" Nangong Qian said without changing his expression. He had originally opposed Lin Jia Er. Although he did not have a family background, he still loved and doted upon his only sister, and was afraid that she would be wronged if she were to look at him. However, after such a long period of observation, Lin Jia Er was indeed someone to be proud of, and he did not care about matters of the heart and did not need to meddle with his royal sister's relationship.

His wooden face twisted for a moment in the distance. In that instant, he felt sorrowful for Princess Lotus. Could it be that the Prince sold Princess Lian to meet Prince Shang? However, thinking of Lin Jia Er, the Prince gave up on this idea. He knew that the Prince would not do this just to see Prince Shang, so he had to repeat it several times in his heart before he could return.

"Your Highness, a few ministers have continued to kneel outside, begging for Your Highness to ascend to the throne!" Actually, even he himself was very surprised, why did the Crown Prince have so much power in his hands, why did he keep planning all these years just for that throne, and now that the Crown Prince had succeeded and refused to ascend the throne, these ministers of the court had written about it countless times, but they were always ignored by the Crown Prince. He had a very bold idea, but felt that if it was really like this, the Crown Prince was crazy.

If these stubborn old men did not let him choose an imperial concubine every day, then they would let him ascend to the throne. If Nangong Qian had the patience to say a few words in the beginning, then he would be filled with disgust, he hated these people for criticizing him and he also hated them for not being able to control his own life.

"Give the order that these people are not allowed to leave until they kneel for three days. During that time, no one is allowed to give food to anyone. Anyone who dares to beg will be forced to kneel together!" Nangong Qian's tone was laced with killing intent. He had seen too many cases of people taking advantage of their seniority. However, if they were to use it on him, it would be wrong, he was not afraid of anyone's punishment.

Once the order was given, they would go down. Although these people made the prince feel that they were right when they ascended the throne, these people used a forceful method to make the people from afar believe that they deserved to be killed! When the prince did things, he never needed others to make fun of him. Did these people not really think that the prince would have a good temper after taking over the throne?

As soon as he left the mansion, he saw several ministers kneeling on the ground. When the ministers saw him, they hurriedly got up and walked over to him. "Mister Yuan, is Your Highness interested in seeing this official?"

His eyes were cold as he said in a cold voice, "The Prince's affairs are too busy to see any of you lords, but since you lords want to kneel like this, the Prince has ordered all of you ministers to kneel here for three whole days without food or drink, and no one is allowed to ask for mercy!" After he finished speaking, a few guards walked out from the palace and forced the few ministers who had stood up to kneel on the ground.

"What is Prince Qian doing?" Now that the imperial harem was empty and King Qian was unwilling to ascend to the throne, what was the Nangong Country like!? This old official is truly loyal, and I hope that the Lord from afar can pass on this message! " When the ministers heard the words' punishment ', they were somewhat afraid. They had only done this because they wanted to push the king to the throne and let the granddaughters of their own residence enter the palace. Each of them had their own plans in mind.

He nodded his head and entered the mansion from a distance. As for whether he had spread the news for them, it was unknown, but these ministers had indeed knelt in the mansion for three whole days. Even if they had fainted, they were unable to escape their fate of being exempted from being punished to kneel.

— —

State of Shang …

The border of the State of Shang was still as cold as ever. At this time, it was the evening and the soldiers had already finished their drills and were bathing in their tents. In the middle of the tent was a very simple tent that was a lot larger than normal. At this moment, Leng Yufeng, who was supposed to be in the tent, was not in the tent, but was training non-stop in the training grounds.

"General, it's time to eat!" When there was no war, Leng Yufeng was either in the tent checking out the pens or supervising the training of the soldiers in the training grounds. However, in recent days, He Lun Jun could clearly feel that the general was in a bad mood, even when practicing martial arts, he would still put his life on the line.

Leng Yufeng put down the flexible sword in his hand and sat down on a chair beside the training field. He took the food from He Jin's hands and began to eat. Although Leng Yufeng was not rude when he was eating, he was not a slow eater either. After staying at the border for so long, Leng Yufeng's life still carried a bold and straightforward style.

"General, have you been in a bad mood recently?" Holly asked tentatively.

His mood was not bad, rather he was extremely angry. He was not in the capital, but Shang Wuxin was actually injured, and thinking about how such a thin person was actually injured, he felt heartache for how many times Leng Yufeng would lose weight. He even wrote a few letters to criticize Huanmo Che and Ye Yizhi for this matter, but the two of them did not get angry after receiving the letter, instead reflecting on their own actions.

"No!" Leng Yufeng denied that although He ZIjin was his trusted subordinate, he did not want to share the matter regarding Shang's unintentional charm with anyone. He was too familiar with Shang's unintentional charm, and feared that someone might be attracted by Shang's unintentional charm again.

Since the general didn't say anything about it, he wouldn't pay too much attention. Seeing that Leng Yufeng had finished his meal, He Jin still told him what happened, "General, that person has sent more things over, should we throw it away?" There was always a girl called Miss Qiu who gave things to the general these days. Many soldiers in the military camp knew about it, but what surprised He Lai Jin was that almost everyone objected. Some even ran to the general and told him not to disappoint the crown prince. The general had never received such extravagant gifts before, and each time, he would be thrown away by the people below. The people below were even more happy, as if they couldn't allow their general to cheat them of his wealth.

"Throw it away! "Tell the soldiers below that no one is allowed to enter the military base as long as they have this woman's belongings. The violators will be punished by the military law!" Leng Yufeng said with disdain, he did not even look at those things. He didn't know what was wrong with Qiu Rongrong. Although he hadn't been around these past few days, there had always been things that had entered the army camp, and the things that he had given were all valuable. Leng Yufeng had never received anything from that woman, so he had always faced other women, whether it was before or now.

The military camp was not any other place. This woman should not have given out any inappropriate things, no matter what she did. How could such a person be compatible with the general? When he thought of the clothes that the crown prince had given to the general, he felt that the crown prince had everything the general needed. But no matter how outrageous the Crown Prince was, the General would probably like it.

The training field was empty. Leng Yufeng took out the ring on his neck, and rubbed his finger on the ring. His voice was full of affection, "My son … …"

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