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How could the girl from the Shangguan family let go of such a good opportunity? All of them shyly went on stage to perform with all sorts of works. Although it couldn't be said that every single one of them was amazing, but it was true that there were hundreds of flowers and their families were different.

As she watched the ladies clap their hands, she felt disdain in her heart. Because in this Western Paradise, only these useless women needed to put in such painstaking effort to perform. Moreover, he never needed to do these things, and those weren't the things he wanted.

"The ladies of Shang really opened my eyes, but this time, I've brought along a few maids with me. Although they don't have much status, they have their own abilities, the atmosphere is so good today, why don't we have them perform for everyone?" The Western Paradise's Fragrance laughed as she spoke.

Compared to the girls from the Shangguan family, many of the girls turned pale. They had put so much effort into their performance on the stage, but now, they were comparable to some of the maids. Shang's gaze swept over those women who were unwilling to speak, and with a single glance, he made those women restrain their voices, not daring to make a sound.

"Since Princess Honeylush can't wait for the maidservants to perform, then of course we can. But Princess Honeylush has her heart on her shoulders. She actually brought these maidservants to perform. I wonder if these maidservants are usually there to serve Princess Honeylush?" Although he did not care about the girls from the Shangguan Family being looked down upon, but this matter was related to face.

Although she wasn't skilled enough, she was still enchanting. "Of course, she's just a female servant of this princess!"

"It looks like Princess Fragrance doesn't usually teach these servant girls. For a princess of a country to spend all day with the servant girls teaching them, I'm truly impressed!" With just one sentence, he had brought back all the face he had lost.

"Since they're here, then let the maidservants perform! "Otherwise, it would be a mistake for me to waste Princess Honeylush's long teachings!"

Although the Western Regions was different from other countries, but if you really went to the Western Regions, you would find that the Western Regions' clothing was not much different from the Shang Kingdom's. However, on this festive occasion, the Western Regions would wear these ancient exotic clothes to show their respect.

The six women were, of course, very beautiful. They wore a group of green muslin clothing, and on their slender waists hung a string of exquisite and cute bells. As the girls' footsteps swayed, one could hear the crisp sound of the bells. These women did not wear shoes, unlike the women who had to hide their feet in Shang Kingdom. Now, these women's feet were hidden under their skirts, revealing their toes as they walked, which was very seductive. Their heads were covered with gauze, making them appear even more elegant and graceful.

When the drum rang, the six women moved at the same time. They stretched out their fair but not as small as Shang Guanguan's feet and pointed at the cold ground of the main hall. The black ground and the white soles of their feet formed a contrast, encouraging people to move, and their movements of twisting their waists were extremely enchanting.

Slowly, too many people began to lose focus as they listened to the ringing of the bell, and not many of those female officials were awake. Some of the officials with low willpower also started to get confused, and Emperor Shang, who was in a position of power, saw that there was no expression on his face as he sat there drinking. Of course, that was tea, not wine, and Leng Yu Feng and Huan Mo Che didn't seem to care much about what was going on, but some officials realized that something was wrong, but they didn't dare to move even if they were in a position of power.

One must know that the fog of the fog had a very strong hallucinating effect, and not many people could resist it in the Western Kingdom's imperial court. However, the people that were enchanted here were all the young masters and ladies of aristocratic families, and there were very few officials. With just a glance, Xiang Luan could tell that the officials of the State of Shang were much more powerful than those of the Western Region.

In fact, if it was before, not so many people in Shang's imperial court could resist confusion. But now, after many changes of blood, there were still people with true abilities left in the imperial court.

The six ladies did not seem to be enchanted by the Princess, instead they raised their heads and saw the princess' discontent. The six ladies did not seem to be bewitched by the Princess, and they looked up and saw the princess' displeasure.

The few women were not only preparing to approach Shang Wuxin, they were also not letting Leng Yufeng and Huan Mo Che go. Shang Wuxin watched as the green clothed woman stretched her hand out to pull Huan Mo Che away, although he knew that Huan Mo Che would definitely not let her succeed, but Shang Wuxin still directly struck out with his palm to knock the woman over, and the woman who was near Leng Yu Feng was oppressed by a single glance from Leng Yu Feng, causing her to shrink back in fear.

At this moment, there were still some women who wanted to get close to Shang Wuxin, but the folding fan in Huanmo's hand had unknowingly left their palms. The two women who were surrounding Shang Wuxin had already collapsed, but their necks were covered with trickles of fresh blood.

Shang Wuxin picked up the wine glass in his hand and smashed it on the ground, the sound jolting everyone awake from their confusion. Those people lowered their heads, not daring to look up at Emperor Shang, while those who had always been clear-headed were very dissatisfied with the Western Regions' actions.

Without waiting for her to speak, Huan Mo Che opened his mouth, "I heard that Princess Honglin had once created a dance to confuse over half of the officials in the Western Kingdom's imperial court. And for her to receive the praise of the Western Region's emperor, it seems that it is indeed interesting! However, there are some rumors that are not true. After all, so many of my officials are still sober! "

It was a slap to the face, a naked slap to the face, but what Huan Mo Che said was the truth, and there was no chance to defend himself. Only then did everyone recall that there had indeed been such a rumor going around, and Princess Honeylush's reputation had also been spread out from that time.

"These women dare to approach the crown prince. They deserve to die! Last time, there was someone who approached the crown prince like that, but he was an assassin! " Leng Yufeng sat there dressed in black, and even if he did not bring out his weapon, he could feel the cold air around him and his killing intent. Leng Yufeng's words were also to explain why Huanmo Che killed, and why he wanted to blame the Western Region's Scented Fragrance.

Although she didn't care much about destroying some of her female servants, she had nurtured them with great care, and now that they had been killed in the State of Shang, she felt a fire burning in her heart. Originally, she had only wanted to kill Prince Shang, but now she wanted to defeat him.

"I had originally wanted to give these maids to Crown Prince Shang, but now it seems that Prince Shang had no respect for me!" However, if one was able to ignore her malicious gaze, then it would be impossible for her to do so. At this point of time, the Western Region was constantly scheming in their minds, trying to make Shang Tong lose his mind. However, they were not in the Western Regions. Even if she had the means, she did not have any powerful forces.

She took a look at Huyan Shang who was sitting beside her, and revealed a meaningful smile. That's right, since she couldn't deal with Prince Shang for the time being, then as long as she dealt with him, she would be able to see that he was a real man. He also cared about protecting the men around him.

Huyan Merchant stood up, with his already rough appearance and sturdy body, he looked extremely angry, all these years of fighting on the battlefield had caused his eyes to look like a wild beast, most people might be afraid when they see him, but all the people sitting here today were not ordinary people.

"I've heard that General Leng's archery skills are only limited to one out of a thousand. This general is also the same in the Western Regions. I wonder if I'll have a chance to spar with General Leng and let everyone have some fun?" Huyan Shang asked with a smile, but if other nations came to provoke, where is the reason not to fight?

Leng Yufeng looked at Huyan Shang who was looking at him with contempt, if anything went wrong, there must be something going on, how could Leng Yufeng not understand, he could tell that Huyan Shang was very confident.

"General Huyan is truly in high spirits. Although General Huyan was defeated by this general, a match is still possible!" Leng Yufeng was only a bad talker in front of Shang Wuxin, but that did not mean that he would not even know how to retaliate.

At this time, Huan Mo Che also spoke up, "But it's too boring to compete in martial arts, so why don't we have something else. Since the Western Regions and the Shang Nation will each come out to compete, isn't it better to have a bet?"

With one digging, the other began pushing people in. The two of them were indeed good friends of many years. Sometimes, even without looking at each other, the two of them could calculate what each other wanted to do. It seemed that he did not need to worry about this matter.

Huyan Shang did not expect that Huan Mo Che would make such a request, and it was obvious that neither Emperor Shang nor Prince Shang had any intentions of objecting. Although Huyan Shang was a general, but now that the Western Territory's sweet music was here, there were many things that he could not decide on.

Western Fragrance looked at Leng Yufeng, who was sitting there. She had to admit that this man really was like a fierce wolf in the prairie. However, their trap had already been set, and even the fiercest wolf would prostrate at their feet.

"Since you, Minister Zuo, have suggested it, then I will definitely accompany you!" However, when the Minister of the Left said such words, even the Emperor of Shang and Prince Shang did not question him. Xiang Luan from the Western Regions asked out of curiosity.

Shang Wuxin suddenly stretched out his hand to grasp the hand of Huan Mo Che, who was sitting below him. This was the case in front of so many court officials, causing them to be tempted to hide, but it was their own crown prince who did so. Not only did the others not express their contempt, they all forced out a smile of approval, and the entire imperial court turned strange.

Putting his hand up, a bright light flashed across Shang Wuxin's eyes, "The men of my place can do whatever they want, whether it is Huanmo or Yufeng, both are equal to me!" "Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu …" Leng Yufeng followed and stood up, openly sitting beside Shang Wuxin. They were clearly men, but at this moment, the numerous ladies seated below did not have any thoughts of jealousy, because these three people were too compatible, and the sincere look in their eyes made those who were immersed in power feel a little absent-minded.

The Western Paradise's Fragrance didn't understand why there was no one who dared to oppose this disgusting relationship.

"However, since Princess Honeylush has agreed to it, then we must make the arrangements!" Since Shang Xin wasn't in the mood to continue digging, Huan Mo Che could only smile helplessly. He knew that Shang Dong was infuriated by what happened just now. After all, the Western Territory's Xiang Rou was provoking their relationship.

"I heard that Princess Honeylush is very well-liked. The Emperor of the Western Regions once bestowed a city to Princess Honeylush. Why don't we use that city as a wager?" As the sound of his voice faded, everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. Even the fragrance of the Western Regions was no exception.

Because the Western Regions was very favoured, the Western Emperor gave her a very important city as a present for her twelfth birthday. Furthermore, Western Fragrance didn't disappoint the Emperor of the Western Regions. She managed the city well, and her ability was even greater than those princes. Shang Wuxin and the others had their eyes on the city, but that was because the map of the city did not seem to be important. However, if there was a war, this would be the best place to do so; it would save time and effort to enter the Western Regions.

Xiang Luan wanted to reject the offer, but just as she was about to open her mouth, she saw Prince Shang's disdainful look. She smiled and said, "If this princess agrees, then I wonder what the Crown Prince will reward this princess with?"

"What do you want?" Shang Tong was not in the mood to reply to the question, but this atmosphere caused a wave of pleasant surprise in the Western Regions. It also made the court officials of Shang a little scared.

What she wanted was the life of Crown Prince Shang, the best in this country. However, if she really said it out loud, perhaps she wouldn't even be able to walk out of this hall. Suddenly, Xiang Luan helplessly said, "Why don't we use your identity as the head of the Eastern Palace as the first prize!"

Western Fragrance felt that Shang's current situation was inextricably linked to Crown Prince Shang. If Crown Prince Shang lost his seat in the Eastern Palace and had no heir in the current State of Shang, then the state of Shang would be in complete chaos.

"How can that be!"

"Absolutely not!" The court officials nervously refused.

"Alright!" Shang was not in the mood to be calm, he did not seem displeased or nervous at all. Instead, he said with great interest, "However, today is already late. We will start tomorrow. As for the competition, we will decide later!"

"Alright!" The Western Corridor's hands were shaking in excitement.

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