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Yang Li wasn't sure what He Jichen was thinking, but seeing as his brows started to furrow after he said his bit, Yang Li instinctively raised his arm to cover his face. "I promise every word is the truth and I still haven't agreed to do it. I promise I won't ever do it. I absolutely won't touch Ji Yi... No no no, I promise that whenever I see Ji Yi, I'll stay far away... I won't even glance at Ji Yi, so Mr. He..."

Yang Li whole-heartedly promised all this then carefully started to speak to He Jichen in a negotiating tone of voice. "...Seeing as I told you something so important, could you please forgive me for offending Ji Yi?"

"You didn't tell Qian Ge that you agreed to do it?"

Yang Li said so much but He Jichen only picked up on this specific point.

Yang Li was stunned for a moment then nodded violently. "No! I absolutely didn't. How could I agree to do something like that?!"

In the face of Yang Li's bottomless bootlicking, He Jichen emotionlessly tossed out the words: "Then call her now and tell her that you agree to do it."

Yang Li's eyes suddenly shot wide open. Am I hearing things? Did He Jichen ask me to agree to do it?

Ji Yi is his wife! I barely did anything to Ji Yi, yet he ran over here and hit me like this. If I really tell Qian Ge I'll do that to Ji Yi, He Jichen will take my damn life!

Is he switching tactics and trying to test me?

With that thought, Yang Li shook his head like a rattle-drum. "No, I won't do it!"

He Jichen saw that Yang Li was refusing and his brows gradually started to furrow.

Yang Li instinctively crawled some distance away. "Mr. He, I really don't dare to think about Ji Yi like that. I was wrong. I..."

"Make the call!"

"I was wrong! I really was wrong! I beg you..."

This time, He Jichen was too lazy to speak, so instead, he directly shot Yang Li a cold glare.

Yang Li trembled. Without thinking twice, he picked up his phone and unlocked the screen with trembling hands. After he located Qian Ge's phone number, he raised his head and looked over at He Jichen. "Mr. He, you really want me to call? If I really do agree to Qian Ge, then I- you want me to really go ahead and do what she planned? I definitely won't touch JI Yi, but Xie Siyao, I..."

"F*ck her!" He Jichen spat out two simple words.

In the past, Yang Li would always be happy at the mention of sleeping with women, but not this time. He actually felt like this was completing a difficult mission.

But he didn't dare go against He Jichen's wishes. After he heard his orders, he gritted his teeth and made the call to Qian Ge.

It was really late, so the phone rang several times before it was picked up.

"Hello, who is it?" Qian Ge must've already been asleep because she didn't look at the caller ID when she took the call.

"It's me..." Yang Li noticed Qian Ge didn't react to his voice over the phone, so he added, "...Yang Li."

"Oh," said Qian Ge sluggishly then she nonchalantly replied, "It's you?" Having put the call on speaker phone, they heard the sound of a lighter. She must've lit a cigarette. After she took a drag, she asked, "What's up? Have you thought about what I proposed this afternoon?"

"I've thought about it. I'll definitely agree to do something so good."

"Haha..." Qian Ge's delighted chuckle came from the phone.

After Yang Li followed through with He Jichen's orders, he glanced at He Jichen.

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