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Chapter 703: Striving for first place!

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This is simply absurd!

100 trillion!

Su Hao actually went all in again!

“He actually bet? And it’s all in?” The site’s boss was dumbstruck, staring at this scene. He couldn’t comprehend it.

That’s not a small amount! 100 trillion star dollar! No matter how devalued the currency is, this is definitely large enough to unrest the Federation’s funding, turning the entire operation bankrupt. Su Hao actually bet like that without any hesitation?

“This…” The boss was stunned at first but then turned ecstatic.

100 trillion!

That’s 100 trillion dollars!

At first, he thought he was finished for sure. He actually planned to resign after the exam ends, but now an opportunity had arrived!

“Boss, do we take it?” The underling asked in a low tone.

This time, he held back the confirmation. They had not accepted Su Hao’s funds yet which is why it didn’t appear on the site. They could still easily come up with an excuse like data loss to cover it up. Although this method is improper, since his boss no longer bothers with face, this shouldn’t be a problem.

However, he had never thought that his boss would give a perverted smile.

“Of course it is a yes!”

“Why won’t I want?!”

“This is an opportunity delivered to my front door!”

The boss’s reaction stupefied his underling.

That’s 100 trillion dollars!

10:1 rate, if Su Hao wins again… The underling couldn’t keep from trembling, “If, if Su Hao wins again…”

“Impossible.” The boss instantly rejected.

“What’s there to fear? Su Ling might have all sorts of advantages, but she will never be able to erase the deficit in levels. With how loving Su Hao is to her, he will never teach her anything like a forbidden technique that Tian Zi previously used. Even if we are to be objective, even if she consumed some drugs, how much can she improve in such a short period of time?”


The underling was still worried.

“There is no but.” The boss just glanced at him for a second, and then sighed, “Look at the most important thing here, is there any difference to us of losing 100 or 1,000 trillion star dollar?”

“Difference?” The underling was stunned for a second with sweats forming on his forehead.


100 and 1,000 trillion are both enormous amounts. However, a powerful family backs their site. Naturally, they are able to fork out such an amount. However, when this is reported, they will probably lose their jobs by then. 100 or 1,000 trillion?

There is no difference!

“So, this is our only chance!” The boss fiercely continued, “As long as Su Ling doesn’t get first, Su Hao loses. Then not only are we not guilty, but we will also get to take credit too!”

“I don’t believe Su Hao can really turn over Heaven!”

“Su Ling really can win?”

The boss said in a wicked tone as if trying to cheer himself up.

“Alright.” The underling responded decisively.


The 100 trillion bet was announced!

The entire Federation was in turmoil. Such an amount is sufficient to create a large organization, yet Su Hao used them all to bet carefreely. How could they not be in shock? Su Hao’s crazy move literally stunned everyone. Forget about the previous bets, this time…

Where does his confidence come from?

Can Su Ling really win?

The online world was in total chaos.

Whether or not Su Ling has the fame, for Su Hao to bet on her with such an amount, Su Ling was destined to be under the main spotlight!

“Unbelievable! That’s not chump change but 100 trillion dollars!”

“Give me 1 percent, and I will do anything for you!”

“One percent? You’re too greedy. I am fine with just one-tenth of a percent…”

Everyone’s eyes were bloodshot, but no one labored any bad feelings on them because they understood that both Su Hao and Su Ling depended on themselves to reach this stage.

They are real commoner heroes!

On this online platform, Su Ling’s popularity was second to none! Just like that, Su Hao enjoyed the title of a good brother.

This made one unknown whether to laugh or cry.

As for Su Ling’s strength, most dared not share it to the public. After all, Su Ling’s level seven specialized realm was already known. But now?

Nobody knew!

In merely a few days, can a miracle occur?

From her previous performance, the crowd couldn’t help but have a glimmer of hope. Perhaps Su Ling could really win.

Later that day, the global battle began!

The long-awaited event was finally here. In fact, it was actually more popular than the previous year. Whether it is the ratings or number of viewers in the live broadcasts, both far exceeded last year. A huge virtual screen was set up on each city, and ten figures appeared that attracted everyone’s attention.

That was none other than the current top ten students!

At this moment, they get to enjoy all the honor and glory.

“It’s about to begin.”

It was unknown how many people became nervous right now.

On the official table which recorded each candidate’s strength, one could see the huge difference. Professional realm, nearly all are in the professional realm.

There were in fact three level two professional espers and one level three professional esper!

Only Su Ling alone was a level seven specialized esper!

Those were the data extracted from the official record in the school’s system. Even if one is able to break through before the exam, the breakthrough would be limited. Thus, such data still holds some credibility. However, is Su Ling’s strength really at the level seven specialized realm?

“What an obvious level disparity!”

The crowd exclaimed.

Yes, unlike the previous year which was monopolized by specialized espers, this time, almost everyone in the top ten are professional espers! This created a huge gap! Even within the professional realm, there are those who are level one, two, or even three! One could already predict the end result of the top ten ranks from just their levels alone!

“Su Ling’s chances doesn’t look that good.”

“True, the disparity is too huge to cover.”

“Why do I have this feeling that she might not be able to maintain her ranking in the top ten.”

“Well, just wait and see…”

When the details were released to the public, it made the crowd uncertain.

The second-ranked candidate is a level three professional esper! Level three professional realm! Can Su Ling defeat him as a level seven specialized esper?

The crowd paid full attention to the screens.

That level three professional student looked very prideful as if he was overlooking everyone!

This is a genius’s pride.

To be able to achieve such a feat at this age, compared to Su Hao’s year, isn’t he much stronger? These guys obviously wouldn’t put Su Hao in their eyes, let alone his sister, Su Ling.

Soon, it was time to issue challenges.

“If this level three professional esper is trash, perhaps Su Ling can win.”

“Even if that is true, aren’t there still three level two professional espers? If they are still failures, what about those bunch of level one professional espers? The professional realm and the specialized realm, that’s a huge gap to overcome… I am actually crazy and followed Su Hao to bet on her.”

“Me too! I’m sorry grandma, I have been blinded by that 100 trillion.”

The crowd sighed.

The only thing they could hope for was those nine students are all straw bags.

However, is that possible?


The challenge began!

To everyone’s surprise, the first one to be challenged wasn’t Su Ling! Or to be precise, before the second-ranked student could issue a challenge to Su Ling, he got challenged by someone else.

The sixth-ranked student issued a challenge to the second-ranked student!

Level two professional esper against level three professional esper!


“It turned out to be them?”

“Nice enough for us to spectate their strength.”

Before the battle for championship began, the duel for the runner up had started. This was also the ideal time to judge their strength.

This was a battle between two elemental talents.

Wind versus water.

At first, they thought that this sixth rank student to be quite strong since he’s willing to challenge someone with a higher level, but the end result stunned everyone.


It’s a clear loss!

This level two professional esper only managed to perform one attack before getting eradicated by the second-ranked student, shocking the audience.


Is this the difference that is between one level of the professional realm?

Or perhaps this second-ranked student is also capable of challenging people at a higher level?

In an instant, everyone was speechless.

Even in the exam room, there was a short pause. This battle alone had made those in the top ten quiet. For a short time, there was actually no challenges issued!

This is simply incredible!

Ranked second… level three professional esper… The champion will probably be him, right? Everyone eagerly watched the screen because if they are not mistaken, the next challenge…


A notification popped out.

Second challenges first!

A level three professional esper challenges a level seven specialized esper!

“It’s starting!”

“As expected!”

At this moment, everyone stopped doing what they were busy with and paid full attention to the screen. Even the other students in the top ten were watching attentively.

Will there be any surprises in this battle?

With the might of this second-ranked student, does Su Ling stand a chance?

On the screen, the familiar stage appeared.

Obviously, Su Ling didn’t choose a complex map. This confused the audience as they didn’t understand her action. Is it because she believes in herself or has she abandoned the match? If she is to choose something like a map with lava, it might help her, but she actually ended up picking an ordinary looking map!

Plus, what’s the ability talent of this second-ranked student?


Water and fire are incompatible!

In theory, while water can be used to extinguish fire, if the flame is powerful enough, it can evaporate water. There’s too much of a requirement for fire to overwhelm water! If a level seven specialized esper’s fire can beat a level three professional esper’s water, then now…


“Battle begins!”

On one side of the terrain, it was filled with blue water. At the same time, Su Ling just stood there, unmoving like a sun, exuding bright light.

Red and blue!

This scene attracted everyone’s attention.

A battle which should be the final act ended up occurring much earlier! Everyone knew that if there is no mishap, the final champion will be decided between both of them.


Energy began to fluctuate.

Red and blue light rays erupted, turning into strange energy, spreading to the surroundings in awe-inspiring fashion.

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