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A mountain range that was as black as jade lay silently in the desolate wasteland.

In the distant horizon, a faint curtain of light that connected the sky and the earth could be vaguely seen.

That screen of light that seemed to exist since time immemorial was so profound that not even a Mysterious God would be able to guess at its mysteries. It was unable to block even the slightest bit of the divine might emanating from it.

At this moment, a dark green crystal pillar was erected on the peak of this jade-like mountain.

A handsome young master dressed in a simple, white-and-gold magic robe sat cross-legged on this dark green crystal pillar with a pair of sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes.

This carefree and carefree Young Master that didn't seem to put anything in his eyes was the Young Master of the True Martial Sect, Xu Qianyan.

If the elite disciples of the Mysterious Wind Sect were like princes in the cultivation world, then his status would be the same as the senior disciple of the Mysterious Wind Sect, Lin Taixu. He would be equivalent to an emperor.

At this time, a white bracelet was floating above Xu Qiuyan's head.

This bracelet was about the size of a normal bracelet, but the runes on it were clearly an ancient design, and it was also clearly an ancient treasure.

The light from this white bracelet formed the image of a male and female Bodhisattva. The banners danced around it, giving it a dignified appearance.

Wisps of white, crystalline origin energy continuously emanated from the bracelet and entered Xu Qianhuan's Heavenly Spirit.

As the Essence Qi went in, the Spirit Pressure on Xu Qiuyan's body began to expand.

This bracelet seemed to be like the Qilin King's watermark on that mysterious young man's body. It was a treasure that could wash away the physical body, or it could even increase one's cultivation. It was truly an astonishing treasure!

There was actually such an astonishing treasure on Xu Qianyuan!


Who knew how long Xu Qianyuan had been going on for.

All of a sudden, Xu Qianyan opened her eyes. A white light flashed in her eyes, and with her as the center, a white light spread out like a tide. The entire jade-like mountain range above half a mountain was instantly covered in ice!

A large, white, almost transparent, root hair shadow appeared in front of him.

Ice Spirit Root!

This shadow was obviously an ice spirit root shadow, but compared to ordinary ice spirit roots, it was obviously more than double the size.


Then, Xu Qianyan waved her hand as if she was pulling on something incomparably heavy. A thunderous roar resounded in the sky. A giant ball of ice over 1000 feet in diameter broke through the clouds above him like a white star. As his finger pointed downwards, it crashed into the valley below. Everything in the valley below was instantly sealed in three feet of thick ice.

"Good!" He could finally use the Frozen Starfall! Lin Taixu, this time, everyone is not relying on treasures. If everyone were to rely on their own cultivation, then I won't lose to you. "

A proud sneer appeared on Xu Qiuyan's face. It was as if only the sound had traveled in and caused the trees and rocks in the valley below to shatter, turning into dust.

"Shui Ling'er!" You actually dared to run away from the marriage! What face do I have left! Do you think that I am coveting your status and looks! I only took a fancy to your supreme Water Spirit Root, the Divine Jellyfish Body. The Yin energy of your Jellyfish Sacred Body can make an Ice Spirit Root cultivator's true essence even stronger. Once I have you, I will definitely harvest more energy every night. At that time, my cultivation will rise by leaps and bounds! When the time comes, I will use all sorts of methods to teach you, humiliate you, and toy with you. I'll let you know what happens when you disobey me. "

Soon after, an even more sinister look appeared in Xu Qiuyan's eyes.

"Spiritual Master Pan Long and the Ancient Alligator Cave Master haven't appeared yet. Who knows where they have gone to chase. Now, even if that fella was tracked down, he would still be unable to refine a Seven Apertures Immortal Pill. Two pieces of trash! "

"At most, ten days. Your Dao-companion, Ji Ya, should be arriving here soon. I would like to see what would happen to the number one beauty in the Spirit Yue City. Don't let me down when the time comes, and don't show yourself. "

After laughing coldly to herself, Xu Qianyin sat back down. She stretched out her hand and began to cultivate again. The white bracelet began to emit waves of white ice crystal like Essence Qi that continuously entered his Heavenly Spirit.

… ….

Several days later, in the dead of the night, in a mountain about 30,000 miles away from the Green City Ruins, a huge wave of demonic Qi gushed out from a crack in the mountain.

A powerful demonic beast, whose upper body was that of a female cultivator while its lower body was that of a deer, appeared.

This demon beast was extremely intelligent. When it rushed out of the crevice in the mountain, the one who was still muttering was the succubus Deer that had used a scheme that had almost killed Wei Suo.

At this moment, the spirit of this Demoness' deer looked somewhat haggard, as if she had done something extremely arduous. However, her face was beaming with joy, as if she had obtained some great treasure.

After rushing out of the crevice, this succubus looked around to determine her position. It was clear that she was planning on leaving this place and choosing another place to rest.

But just at this moment, this succubus suddenly trembled from head to toe, her entire body almost prostrating herself in terror.

"What's that?"

Following its gaze, they saw a long white shadow flying above the clouds.

An aura that was enormous to the extreme, that caused her heart to tremble, rolled down.

"Ancient Dragon Might!"

"There's actually such an ancient dragon here!" This ancient dragon was definitely Jiao Hualong! What a terrifying existence this is. "

The moment she saw the rough outline of the white shadow, the succubus-like deer shivered violently once more.

In the world of Demonic Beasts, only strength was revered. High ranking Demonic Beasts, when facing even higher ranking Demonic Beasts, would feel fear from the bottom of their hearts. Although the Demoness Deer was a powerful rank 8 demon beast, this kind of genuine rank 9 ancient beast could easily tear her to pieces.

"How come the dragon aura of this Flood Dragon isn't as fiery as the sun? So old? "

However, after a violent tremble, the succubus seemed to react to something and her eyes lit up.

"That's right! It was unknown just how many tens of thousands of years it had been since the ancient Flood Dragon had turned into a dragon. The dragon's lifespan had definitely run out and it was time for it to die! Could it be that it is on its way to the Dragon Tomb? "

"In this wasteland outside the sky, there's still Dragon Tomb?"


Immediately after, the succubus shrieked as if she was shocked by her own deduction.

"If I can obtain the blood essence of this ancient Flood Dragon, I can directly incarnate as this Heavenly Dragon. I might even be able to obtain a portion of this Heavenly Dragon's inheritance! "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Compared to transforming into a Blue Luan, it's even more powerful! "

The demoness looked at her hands and couldn't help but shiver.

In her left hand was a stalk of spirit medicine, while in her right hand was a peculiar and irregular green crystal. This translucent crystal also emitted an ancient and formidable aura. It seemed to contain a drop of essence blood that was rolling about. However, within this drop of essence blood, it seemed as if there were countless blue flames jumping about.

"Fight!" If he could obtain the essence blood of this ancient dragon. Even if I were a cultivator at the first or second level of the Divine Profound Realm, I could just ignore it completely. "Follow them!"

As if giving out orders to an unruly person, this Demoness Deer clenched her teeth with all her might and followed the white trail.

… ….

"The moon in the sky is white, not as white as yours. The moon in the sky is round, still not as round as yours."

"Beautiful girl who wears a red tight armor. Do you remember the first time we met to kill for a treasure?" Do you still remember the first time we went together? "


"What are these guys doing?" "What are you shouting for?"

"I don't know. Not only is it here, I came from Pai City. There are also many guys howling over there."

"I think it's because some male cultivator was dumped by the female cultivator, so he used this kind of method to express his love towards her, wanting her to change her mind."

"Tsk tsk, what an infatuation. However, this method seems to be pretty good."

On a street in Liuhuo City, several cultivators were walking back and forth, calling out with all their might. Meanwhile, a large group of cultivators were whispering to each other and discussing.

This Liuhuo City was a city which was located in the middle of the Profound Sky Continent and the northern part of the Profound Sky Continent.

Basically, the cultivators of the Profound Sky Continent viewed the Tianguang Mountains as the boundary between the central and northern parts of the Profound Sky Continent. Inside the Profound Sky Mountain Range, even if it was the middle part of the Profound Sky Continent, outside the Profound Sky Mountain Range, it would be the northern part of the Profound Sky Continent. As for Skyblaze City, it was built atop a hill in the Skylight Mountains.

Since five or six days ago, not to mention the Flowing Fire City, even the surrounding ten or so cities had many cultivators calling out to them day and night. It was called in the city, it was called outside the city.

They were all shouting the same words.

Moreover, they weren't just calling out for one party, they were calling out for countless others as if they were being hired by many people.

Right now, on the streets of Liuhuo City, the two parties were shouting such words to each other.

One was a cross-eyed monk, one was a bearded monk, the other was a short and fat monk, a thin faced yellow-toothed monk.

Moreover, these two groups of cultivators seemed to be afraid that the other party would rob them of their business. It was as if their employer wasn't willing to give them any spirit stones as they shouted loudly.

"The moon in the sky is white! It's not as good as you! The moon in the sky! "It's still not as round as yours!"

On one hand, he ruthlessly shouted this sentence. On the other hand, he did not show any weakness as he shouted, "Beautiful woman who wears a red tight armor, do you still remember the first time you met someone who killed someone for a treasure? Do you still remember the first time we went together? "

"Beauty!" Do you still remember those two Stone Tail Lizards!? " As he shouted this, he followed, "I'm fine! "Do you still remember the place where we met up in the past!?"

The more they shouted, the louder their voices became and the more they wished they could fight. At this moment, very few people noticed that there were a few extremely haggard cultivators who were coming out from the transfer array of this city.

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