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In order to make it easier to communicate between the various continents when they were in the Great War between Three Realms, Transmission array was established between the various continents. In this way, the various continents in the Mortal Realm were no longer that far away.

A hundred thousand years ago, it was to prevent the demons from reaching the various continents quickly via the Transmission array that they destroyed the Transmission array. But it was later proved that the effect was not great, and the establishment of the Transmission array could increase the number of exchanges and trade between the various continents, allowing them to develop rapidly.

In the following month, many of the previously constructed Transmission array s had been completed, and the warriors from those continents all signed up to participate in the competition. They passed through the Transmission array and headed towards the Continent of the King, but they all returned seriously injured.

"Participating in the Martial Contest of the King, you will have to pass a duel test in the first round. As long as you win against that person, then you will be able to participate in the preliminaries and fight with all the other martial artists on the stage. said, his injuries were much better now, when he heard that his master was going to participate in the Continent of the King pill refining competition, he was very excited.

The warriors above Continent of the King were very strong because of their bloodlines, but in terms of alchemy, it was not enough just to have bloodlines. Otherwise, there would be many powerful Alchemist s.

Chen Xiang would definitely not be able to win in the competition now, but he had a high chance of winning in the pill refining competition.

In just a short month, the warriors of many continents had experienced the might of the Continent of the King, and some local sects had even suggested that the warriors be careful when registering for the Martial Contest of the King, so as to not harm their bodies and their wealth.

"The Continent of the King's human king bloodline is really too strong!" Chen Xiang lamented.

Although Xiao Chou was unwilling, he had to admit that those warriors with bloodlines were ridiculously strong, and he thought that if there was someone who could defeat those Vein Martial Cultivators s, they would definitely be his master.

"Master, if you were the Extreme realm, would you sign up for the competition?" Xiao Chou asked.

"Of course!" Chen Xiang laughed, he was a Alchemist and a warrior. As long as one was a cultivator, they would want to test the results of their cultivation through martial arts competition, especially when competing with strong people.

"There's still half a year before the registration ends. Master will be participating in the alchemy competition in three days. By then, it should only be a day or two. Master, you still have time!" Xiao Chou could feel that Chen Xiang's strength was much stronger than before. This was because Chen Xiang had made a breakthrough, so he was extremely confident in Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang laughed and said: "We'll talk about it in half a year. I'll go to Continent of the King to take a look now.

"No, I don't want to be mocked by those people." Xiao Chou stuck out his tongue, then jumped and left, the current him had matured quite a bit.

Previously, when other people were comparing Great Strength Race with Vein Martial Cultivators, but now that Great Strength Race had suffered a crushing defeat, Xiao Chou was very depressed as well. Before he had an absolute strength, he did not want to step into Continent of the King again.

Dan Fragrance Pure Land, at the highest level of Dan Fragrance Pagoda.

"Meng'er, congratulations on transcending the seventh tribulation!" Hua Xiangyue laughed.

"This is all thanks to you refining the Relive Dan for me, I already ate three of them. If I didn't have these things, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to pass through! The seventh calamity was too powerful! "Of course, there's also the medicinal ingredients that little scoundrel gave me."

Liu Meng'er sighed with emotion. The reason she was able to successfully pass through, was partly because Chen Xiang told her about the details of his Nirvana Doom, allowing her to make sufficient preparations.

Hua Xiangyue laughed: "Then how are you going to thank that little scoundrel? Promise me with your body? "

"Little demoness …" Liu Meng'er blushed and spat, "The people from Continent of the King have really shattered the pride of the various continents this time. That little scoundrel Chen Xiang is now participating in the Pill Refining Competition, I wonder if we can get on their nerves?"

"Little Scoundrel's pill refining skills are still very strong, this is not something that a Mortal King bloodline can easily defeat! Chen Xiang is also very depressed right now. He wants to fight, but his strength is not enough. "

Hua Xiangyue sighed, looking out the window at the plaza. That was where Chen Xiang had taken down her first place spot in the pill competition, and had even used her strength to shock the entire Chen Martial Continent.

"Let's go to Continent of the King to cheer that little scoundrel on!" Liu Meng'er smiled at her. Until now, Liu Meng'er still could not understand one thing, and that was why Hua Xiangyue had an indescribable feeling about Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was currently an influential figure. He was Huang Jintian's disciple, and played around with the experts from the various continents on top of the Hero Tournament, defeating the people of the Primordial Great Strength Race, and taking them as disciples, possessing the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu. At the same time, he was also a young stage five Alchemist who had divine concocting techniques …

When all the continents were being struck hard by the Continent of the King, Chen Xiang suddenly going out to fight, this undoubtedly made many people excited, many people were hoping that someone from a normal background would be able to defeat the Vein Martial Cultivators, even though it was only in the area of pill refining.

The big heads from different continents had a very deep impression of Chen Xiang, and it was hard for them to forget him. They had heard of Chen Xiang's high level alchemy skills, but they had never seen them with their own eyes.

If Chen Xiang could win first place in the pill refining competition, it would undoubtedly hinder Continent of the King's plans to become famous.

Who was Chen Xiang and the others that came to the Continent of the King? This was indeed a very prosperous place, the buildings here were all unique, they were all made of stone and constructed with giant stone bricks, and each of them had several floors. Walking on the streets and looking at the magnificent buildings on both sides, one couldn't help but slow their steps.

The spirit energy here was very dense, although it was not as dense as the profound Realm, Chen Xiang felt that it was twice as dense. This was one of the reasons why warriors were strong.

What surprised Chen Xiang the most was that the people above Continent of the King were all more or less practicing martial arts. As he walked along the street, he saw some shop owners and waiters. He realized that these people were at least in the third level of mortal kungfu realm.

"This is a continent that is a hundred times bigger than the Chen Martial Continent, and it also has a lot of resources, but humans do not have that many. The people here weren't very fertile, but their overall aptitude was very high. No matter who it was, as long as they were born on this land, they would have to practice martial arts since childhood. If you are very poor, this Continent of the King will help out some Spar and pills so that the poor can train in martial arts. " Wu Kaiming narrated the matters of the Continent of the King. He was a person here, so he understood this place very well. ~

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