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Elder Dan stood up and said: "I don't need Zhuji Dan now, you go refine them yourself and play!"

Chen Xiang laughed: "This is for the best, I urgently need a group of Zhuji Dan. Little girl, you have to help me gather the materials."

The thirty-nine Qingprofound fruit required thirty-nine sets of medicinal ingredients. He did not lack Thousand Veins Fruits, Jinling fruit s, supplementary herbs, or beast cores. He had already obtained the materials to refine eight hundred Zhuji Dan from the profound Marital profound Realm.

Elder Dan shook his head: "Last time, I did my best to collect it. It's not that I don't want to help you, it's just that the Jinling fruit and the Thousand Veins Fruit are extremely scarce right now."

Chen Xiang knew that Elder Dan was not lying, because he suspected that this Elder Dan was Leader. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to gather so many Zhuji Dan s that day.

"Little girl, I have something to ask you. Answer me honestly!" Chen Xiang said: "You already know that I have a Fire Soul, moreover, I have always been pretty good to you!"

"I can choose to answer or not!" As the Elder Dan spoke, she secretly wondered what kind of question Chen Xiang would ask to be so serious.

Chen Xiang nodded: "Are you Leader's Leader?"

Elder Dan did not answer, nor did she speak. She only looked at Chen Xiang, and at this time, Chen Xiang could already confirm that she was Dan Fragrance Pure Land.

"No, I am not Dan Fragrance Pure Land's Leader! But I am very familiar with her! " Elder Dan denied it, but Chen Xiang was very sure about it.

"You didn't lie to me?" Chen Xiang was in disbelief.

"I won't lie to you!" Do you want me to swear it? " The Elder Dan said.

"Forget it!" Chen Xiang went to pick up the Qingprofound fruit s and asked: "Little girl, did you find the materials for the Five elements Zhenyuan Dan?"

"Not yet. If there is, I will confirm it immediately. I will buy it back first!" Elder Dan sniffed the green flower in her hand, showing that she liked it a lot.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Then I really have to thank you. Although you have treated me like that in the past, I have never hated you! Hehe, to be honest, I really want to quickly defeat you and marry you off. I want to see what you look like and whether or not it's as you say, you're prettier than Xianxian. "

Elder Dan snorted. "Then you better hurry up and become strong and stop causing trouble everywhere. In a few more years, a calamity will descend.

"If you want to collect more precious medicinal ingredients, it would be best if you go to more Fragrance City s. There's an auction there! I need to go into seclusion for a while. "

After Elder Dan left, Chen Xiang muttered: "This woman has been waiting here for my return the entire time before going into closed door cultivation? What a woman. "

Chen Xiang also felt that it was time to calm down and cultivate, but before that, he had to plant trees! He did not lack Thousand Veins Fruits or Jinling fruit, he just lacked Qingprofound fruit s, so he still needed to plant two more.

He had Golden dragon cohesion now, and should be able to mature faster. As long as he refined a few more Zhuji Dan, he would be able to cultivate a group of True Martial Realm Warriors.

Of course, it would also bring him a huge amount of wealth, allowing him to use even more of his wealth to purchase those rare and precious medicinal herbs.

The Super Dan Imperial College was very quiet, and Chen Xiang was the only one there. Wu Qianqian also didn't know where he had been taken to, but it had been a long time since he had seen her.

"It's time to start cultivating my devil art!" The Three Realms is about to converge. You should learn more powerful martial arts to become stronger! " Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang nodded, training during the day and condensing Golden dragon cohesion at night, that was pretty good too.

"My devil arts have very high requirements for the body, Innate Qi, and divine sense. There are a total of five techniques that are suitable for you. The next thing you need to learn is the Bone-melting magic palm, the Heart Piercing Demon Eye, the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, and the Hail magic wind! " As Bai Youyou spoke, he began to pass down the devil arts to Chen Xiang with his mind.

Previously, Chen Xiang's master, Huang Jintian, was unable to use this kind of method to pass on his skills. Chen Xiang had looked through a few books, but did not find this method, so he suspected that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou might not be people from the Mortal Realm.

Bone-melting magic palm, Heart Piercing Demon Eye, Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, Hail magic wind! These four demon arts sounded really powerful, and after Chen Xiang heard many related content from his head, his understanding of the four demon arts became even more thorough.

There was one Skeleton School among the Devil Cultivation Sects, and that was because the martial arts they used could turn a person's bones and flesh into poison water. Skeleton School was famous for using the Bone Melting Poison Palm, but the Bone-melting magic palm that Chen Xiang was learning was different from the one he was with Skeleton School.

Bone-melting magic palm was not only capable of hitting people, even some very stiff things could be melted. If he were to hit people, all he had to do was to melt their bones and build his flesh and blood channels, allowing him to not only attack from a close range, but also from a distance. It was a kind of righteous and evil martial art.

If one were to melt the bones of another during a battle, what would that person become? This requires a lot of Innate Qi s.

When Chen Xiang first heard it, he thought that it was a martial art that could see through the thoughts of others. But that was not it, rather, it could release a beam of light from both of his eyes that would specifically attack another person's heart, and could directly pierce through the heart and destroy the heart! Of course, not only could it attack the heart, it could also attack other parts. It was a type of devilish technique that could only be used by Yin people, which made Chen Xiang secretly rejoice, he loved to attack Yin people the most.

While they were fighting, suddenly two beams of light condensed from Innate Qi shot out from their eyes, piercing through the hearts of others, what a sinister move! However, the requirements for Innate Qi and Divine Sense were very high.

"You better not let too many people know about you cultivating the Heart Piercing Demon Eye, or else others will be wary." Bai Youyou warned repeatedly. She was a woman who liked to kill, and she liked to kill using all kinds of methods.

had already learnt a little Soul Absorbing Devil Spell, it was the kind that made people speak the truth. This Soul Absorbing Devil Spell had a very high requirement on one's consciousness, not only could it control a person's soul to tell the truth, it could also capture and store a person's soul, and could also control a person's mind. It was also a very evil martial arts.

Finally, there was the Hail magic wind. This kind of martial arts was also very insidious, because when it was released, it was not a Innate Qi. During battle, he would quietly release the astral energy condensed by the ice spirit to attack people, invisible and colorless. After being attacked, his body would not feel any discomfort, it was just that his subconscious would be very cold, as if he was sealed in ice, causing great harm to his mind.

Chen Xiang's foundation was extremely solid, no matter if it was his Innate Qi, his consciousness or his body, as a result, when he started to cultivate these four devil arts, it was twice the result with half the effort. It was very easy for him to grasp them and in the future, he would only be able to continuously improve himself in various aspects, allowing him to fully unleash these devil arts!

Ten days later, another two Qingprofound fruit tree s appeared in the small courtyard. Fortunately, the tree wasn't very big, otherwise the small courtyard wouldn't be able to hold them.

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