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Chapter 1184 - The Power of Intent

"It's you!" Hou Qing revealed a deadly smile.

"What is it, Hou Qing?" On the side, a Rank Four True God from the Sky Water Yao Race asked. Although Hou Qing was arrogant and cocky, he was strong and had a powerful background, so he had a high status in the Sky Water Yao Race.

At this moment, Hou Qing started to roar with laughter. One could feel killing Intent from this laughter.

"The person that offended me earlier is here!" Hou Qing said in a low voice. Some of the Sky Water Yao Race members knew that someone had offended Hou Qing, but he didn't say how he was offended.

"Who offended Hou Qing?"

"It should be the Golden-Armed Race or Quasi-God Jian Feng!"

The Sky Water Yao Race and the experts of the other group were extremely curious.

"You, come out!" Hou Qing looked down at Zhao Feng and pointed out with his finger.

Back then, Zhao Feng had killed the other Sky Water Yao Race members and almost killed him as well. After escaping, Hou Qing contacted the Sky Water Yao Race instantly and prepared to find Zhao Feng after the finishing with the phoenix nest. He didn't expect Zhao Feng to be in Phoenix Forest as well; this saved him a lot of time and effort.

Today, he was going to cut Zhao Feng into ten thousand pieces!

After being pointed at by Hou Qing, everyone from all three groups instantly turned toward Zhao Feng. They didn't think that the person that offended Hou Qing was a peak Mystic Light Realm.

"Young Sir Hou Qing, there's no need to keep harping on what happened, is there? Back then, I didn't know that you were from the Sky Water Yao Race or else I definitely wouldn't have chased after you and tried to kill you!" Zhao Feng pretended that he was slightly scared.

"What? This person once chased after and tried to kill Hou Qing? How is that possible?" Many of the people from the three groups were very surprised. Aside from the boldness of it, how could Zhao Feng chase after and try to kill Hou Qing even if he wanted to, given his strength?

Hou Qing, who felt superior at the moment, was also completely dazed. He thought that Zhao Feng would kneel down and beg for forgiveness in this life-and-death situation, but instead, he told everyone about what happened and stomped on his face!

"You're courting death!" Hou Qing's eyes became cold as he charged at Zhao Feng.

There were many people from the Sky Water Yao Race present, and there was another group here as well, so the Sky Haze Race wouldn't dare to fight for Zhao Feng. If the azure-robed elder next to Zhao Feng took action, then the True Gods of the Sky Water Yao Race would stop him.

This time, Hou Qing was going to kill Zhao Feng in front of everyone and regain the face that he had lost.

"Hou Qing, Brother Zhao is my friend!" At this moment, Yu Hen spoke with a soft voice.

"Hmph!" The Rank Four True God from the Sky Water Yao Race harrumphed coldly, and a terrifying pressure crushed toward the Golden-Armed Race trio. They felt like they were amidst raging waves and could be devoured at any moment.

With the Rank Four True God of the Sky Water Yao Race as the leader, the three groups came to an agreement that they would sort everything out after Hou Qing killed Zhao Feng. Of course, the group from the Sky Haze Race was forced into this.


A pair of golden wings formed behind Zhao Feng as he shot into the sky.

The current situation wasn't very good. There were a lot of super experts of the Sky Water Yao Race present, so Zhao Feng couldn't use many of his hidden cards or else the experts present would steal his treasures. He also wouldn't receive any help from anyone.

"Do you only know how to run?" Hou Qing revealed a bloodthirsty smile as he circulated the laws of Water and Wind and quickly approached Zhao Feng.

"Water Slaughtering Screen!" Hou Qing waved his hand, and the wind above Zhao Feng moved. Profound laws of Water and Wind formed into a giant whirlpool that sucked in everything.

Zhao Feng felt his body moving toward this whirlpool, and his usage of laws was also restricted.


Hou Qing waved his left hand, and a giant blade of water and wind slashed at Zhao Feng. Its power touched the sky, and it was unstoppable.

"Hou Qing is indeed worthy of being a Son of Heaven of the Sky Water Yao Race. His mastery over the laws of Wind and Water have reached a very high level. He will probably be able to reach Level One Intent soon!" The black-scaled elder looked at Hou Qing with eyes like venomous scorpions.

"Level One Intent of Wind and Water!" The hearts of many experts present shook.

Apart from the fact that True Gods had Divine Power, there was also their power of Intent. Divine weapons didn't contain any element, but if merged with the Intent of Fire, they could obtain more destructive power than if they were merged with the Intent of Wood. When merged with the Intent of Space, Divine Power could even merge with space.

Divine Power could become stronger and stronger as long as it was refined, but Intent required talent and comprehension. Most True Gods usually only had strong Divine Power but low comprehension, meaning that their overall strength was weak.

For example, the Divine Power of the azure-robed elder that Zhao Feng had enslaved contained the Intent of Lightning, but his Intent of Lightning was only Level One. If his Intent of Lightning had reached Level Three, he would probably be able to fight Rank Four True Gods.

"Level One Intent of Wind and Water?" Zhao Feng paused for a moment. This was the first time he had heard of levels regarding Intent, but after inspecting closely, Hou Qing's Intent of Water and Wind was indeed very powerful or else Zhao Feng would have been able to kill him last time.

"Sky Destroying Sacred Lightning Palm!" Zhao Feng circulated the Lightning-Fire Obliteration and thrust out a blazing golden palm.

Boom! Weng~~~

The two powers exploded after interacting for a moment, and a surge of water and wind charged toward Zhao Feng.

This strong Intent of Wind and Water is very powerful when merged with Divine Power! Zhao Feng's heart shook.

The power of his Lightning-Fire Obliteration was only comparable to basic Divine Power to begin with. Compared to that, after merging the Intent of Wind and Water into his Divine Power, Hou Qing's Divine Power was much stronger.

"Hou Qing is so talented. I wonder how strong the strongest prodigy of the Sky Water Yao Race is!"

"Looks like the Sky Water Yao Race is going to have another title on the Gulong Zone Quasi-God Prodigy Ranking Board!"

Many of the experts in the two groups facing the Sky Haze Race leisurely watched this battle.

The Quasi-God Prodigy Ranking Board only recorded the top twenty Quasi-Gods in a zone. Those that could be recorded on it would become at least Rank Six True Gods in the future.

All of the Quasi-Gods in the Gulong Zone aimed for the Quasi-God Prodigy Ranking Board. Of course, these people were just talking about it casually; it would be very difficult for Hou Qing to actually enter the Gulong Zone Quasi-God Prodigy Ranking Board.

"Offending me back then meant that this would be your final outcome. Just prepare to die!" Hou Qing felt smug when he heard the True God experts discussing him.

"Water Slaughtering Screen!" Three giant whirlpools of Wind and Water appeared around Zhao Feng. The terrifying suction force seemed to engulf everything.

"Don't get cocky!" Zhao Feng's expression was cold as his left eye locked onto Hou Qing.

Ding! Ding!

A long black sword appeared in Zhao Feng's hand. It was the sword-form Ancient God Seal.

Boom! Whoosh!

Zhao Feng slashed out, unleashing a terrifying dark golden sword blade after circulating the Lightning-Fire Obliteration.

"You think that you're the only one with a divine weapon?" Hou Qing took out a divine weapon as well. Apart from Divine Power and the power of Intent, divine weapons were another important tool. The power of attacks would be stronger when channeling Divine Power and Intent through a divine weapon.

"Spatial Movement!" A ripple appeared from Zhao Feng's left eye when Hou Qing took out his divine weapon, and a spatial ripple appeared within Hou Qing's body.

"Not good!" Hou Qing's expression changed dramatically. Zhao Feng specialized in the laws of space as well?


A black light slashed across his chest as the little thieving cat's figure appeared in the air.

"Junior, don't even think about harming Hou Qing!" The Rank Four True God expert from the Sky Water Yao Race was watching the fight in the distance with a smile, but he suddenly roared in anger.


The little thieving cat took the dark silver dragon snake whip necklace and wrapped it around Hou Qing.

"Dammit!" Although Hou Qing's heart was heavily injured from the attack, it wasn't enough to kill him.

Weng~~ Hu!

A surge of terrifying Intent of Water and Wind moved with Hou Qing's thoughts, charging toward the little thieving cat.

"Just lie down obediently!" Zhao Feng harrumphed coldly as his left eye released a terrifying eye-bloodline technique - the Tribulation Lightning Eye Flame.


A ball of Destructive lightning exploded onto Hou Qing's soul.

"Argh…!" Surges of pain instantly shattered his mind, and the nearby Intent of Wind and Water crumbled.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A surge of devastating Wind Lightning moved as Zhao Feng dragged Hou Qing and the little thieving cat into his Little World of Wind Lightning.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh…

At this moment, four people from the Sky Water Yao Race arrived. They consisted of one Rank Four True God and three Rank Three True Gods.

"If you dare to take one more step further, I will detonate my Little World!" Zhao Feng instantly roared. A screen of Wind Lightning appeared and reflected the images of Hou Qing and the little thieving cat.

The Sky Water Yao Race group instantly stopped moving.

"Junior, let go of Hou Qing and the Sky Water Yao Race will let you live!" the Rank Four True God from the Sky Water Yao Race instantly yelled.

They weren't initially scared of Zhao Feng threatening them with Hou Qing because it would be extremely hard for him to kill Hou Qing right away, but now, Zhao Feng had Hou Qing in his Little World of Wind Lightning. If the Little World was detonated, the force would definitely be enough to kill Hou Qing.

"Save me!" Hou Qing pleaded for help from within the Little World of Wind Lightning.


The little thieving cat sat on Hou Qing and took out a spade, which it used to heavily slam Hou Qing's head.

"Do you really think I would believe you and release Hou Qing?" Zhao Feng laughed coldly. The Sky Water Yao Race was treating him like a retard.

"If you dare to kill Hou Qing, the Sky Water Yao Race won't let go of you!" the Rank Four True God said coldly. Hou Qing's ancestor was an Elder of the Sky Water Yao Race, so they needed Hou Qing to stay alive.

"Don't follow me. I will let go of Hou Qing after I retreat two hundred thousand miles away!" Zhao Feng had a calm expression as the wings on his back released a brilliant glow of light that allowed his figure to disappear with a flash.

The three groups were dead-silent! Just a moment ago, they were praising Hou Qing and congratulating the Sky Water Yao Race, but in the next moment, Hou Qing was captured by Zhao Feng. If it wasn't for the fact that so many Sky Water Yao Race experts were here, Zhao Feng would have probably killed Hou Qing already.

The Sky Haze Race group was overjoyed. After Zhao Feng's disturbance, the other two groups wouldn't team up against them anymore.

"The Golden-Armed Race will be leaving now!" Yu Hen said with a smile.


The Golden-Armed Race trio and the azure-robed elder left.

"Wait here. When that brat has retreated two hundred thousand miles away, we will charge right over!" the Rank Four True God from the Sky Water Yao Race said coldly. He could sense Hou Qing's rough location through the token in his hand. Once the distance was more than two hundred miles away, they would start to move.

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