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When they approached the Tianhai flower, the originally green light had instantly turned blood-red, looking extremely frightening. At this moment, the entire cave was covered in a bloody light, and there was even a thick smell of blood, as if warning Chen Xiang that if he went any closer, there would be a disaster that would appear.

But Chen Xiang was very clear that this Tianhai flower was only scary, it did not have any power at all.

"Little guy, I'll make you grow up faster." Chen Xiang grinned as he squatted down. Then, he poured out all the spirit liquid from the jade bottle and dripped it onto the exquisite Sky Sea.

The Tianhai flower was very small, it was only six inches tall, the size of its palm, its leaves and stems were all transparent. Even though the flower was also transparent, it had a very strange power that could emit different colored clouds of light, and it was also very strong.

After Chen Xiang dripped the spirit liquid, the Tianhai flower suddenly grew taller, and the flower also grew larger. It was as big as a palm, and it started to emit a strong blood light, but now it had dimmed down, and the entire flower was transparent, as though it was carved out of crystal, it was extremely beautiful.

"What's this?" Yue'er was a little curious about the spirit liquid in Chen Xiang's hands. Of course she could tell that this spirit liquid had a strong ability to accelerate maturity.

"I used the Alive Slain Method to cultivate it, but it's not the best." Chen Xiang laughed, the most powerful thing was that he and the woman had dual cultivated Alive Slain Method s and condensed Spirit Orbs, even if it was just kissing, it would be much stronger than the Spirit Liquid that he condensed himself.

"The Alive Slain Method in the Heaven Earth Killing Method, is it? This godly skill is also a mysterious skill." Yue'er said, sticking out her small head, looking at the crystal-like Tianhai flower, and lightly laughed: "What a pity, this isn't something delicious."

"It's fully matured." When Chen Xiang saw the Tianhai flower move, his hand shot out like lightning and grabbed onto the stem of the flower. Then, he quickly dug out the root and sealed it in a jade box.

Just as he was about to pluck it, a sound came from outside the cave.

"There's someone here, and judging from this aura, it should be those violet-clothed bandits." Yue'er replied, "What do you plan to do?"

Chen Xiang allowed his divine soul to travel through space to check around, and discovered that there was only one purple clothed man, he was currently removing the restriction, and the restriction they had set up had taken a lot of effort, it was not easy to remove, and would take some time.

"There's only one. Let's do it." Chen Xiang took out the Six Realms mirrors and started to lay down the killing array.

After doing all of this, he hid in a corner of the cave wall and waited for the purple-clothed man to come in.

"This guy should have come by himself. These violet-clothed bandits aren't that united." Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Yue'er as he smiled.

"If that's the case, why did they still give fifty million to Zhan Xi to trick you out of it and kill you?" Yue'er had some doubts, for them to be able to spend so many Shen Yuan stone s just to avenge their comrades, it seemed that they had a good relationship with each other.

From Zhan Xi's memories, Chen Xiang understood that the relationship between these violet-clothed bandits was indeed not very good, and they often fought for a little benefit, and the fact that they were willing to pay fifty million Shen Yuan stone to avenge their dead comrades really did not make sense.

The killing array had already been set up, and when the man in purple saw the exquisite Tianhai flower, he could not help but be ecstatic. He quickly walked over, because he did not expect that the Tianhai flower would have matured so early.

"After getting rid of the blame, just blame it on Zhan Xi, the brat, for him to cooperate with us for so long and earn a lot, it's time for him to return the blame." The moment the purple clothed man stepped into the killing array, Chen Xiang immediately activated it.

This time, he used the Killing Array with all his might, because the purple-clothed man was from Upper Heavenly God, his strength was much stronger than Zhan Xi's. He was even a bit worried that his Killing Array wouldn't be able to stop the purple-clothed man.

The killing formation activated, and from the very beginning, it locked the purple-clothed man in place. His legs could not move, and at the same time, it also quickly absorbed the divine power within his body.

The purple-clothed man sensed that something was wrong and shouted loudly. The divine power in his body surged out and he actually lifted a leg.

"So powerful." Chen Xiang felt the Six Realms' Power inside the Six Realms mirrors quickly disappearing. Terrified, he took out the God Slaughtering Sword and immediately used the God Murdering Sword Techniques.

Sensing the terrifying God-killing sword, the purple clothed man immediately exclaimed: "God Murdering Sword Techniques, Chen Xiang!"

The time inside the God Murdering Sword Techniques made Chen Xiang's time speed up, thus his speed of drawing the sword was many times faster. Just as the purple robed man shouted out, his body had already been pierced by dozens of swords, all of them aimed at his vital points.

"How do you know I'm Chen Xiang?" Chen Xiang thought it was strange, his appearance had already changed before, he shouldn't be able to recognize this purple-clothed man.

After the purple-clothed man had been struck by Chen Xiang's God Murdering Sword Techniques, the God Slaughtering Sword's energy entered his body, and had already caused him a great deal of harm.

And because Chen Xiang was worried that the purple clothed man would retaliate against him before he died, she had even stabbed a sword into his Divine Sense Sea, causing the purple clothed man's divine soul to suffer a heavy injury.

"Only you know..." The purple clothed man had not finished speaking when Chen Xiang saw a streak of golden light suddenly flash out. It was a vile person, and it was the purple clothed man's divine soul.

If Divine Sense Sea and his flesh were to suffer heavy losses, his divine soul could escape and he could quickly be reborn.

However, Chen Xiang basically did not give him this kind of opportunity. He grabbed at the air, broke through the space, and directly grabbed onto the divine soul.

The main reason why he used the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell was because he wanted to use it on the divine soul. Now that he had the divine soul in his hands, it was easier for him to use the Soul Absorbing Devil Spell.

Thus, he easily found some information he wanted to know from this purple robed man.

Not long ago, he and Yue'er had been wondering why these purple-clothed bandits would be willing to pay fifty million Shen Yuan stone for Zhan Xi to lure him out and kill him.

"So you are here for my God Murdering Sword Techniques and Heavenly Alchemy, that means the Purple Smoke Divine Mountain also has people inside, they got the news about me from an elder." Chen Xiang found a Divine Deity from the man's Divine Sense Sea.

The purple-clothed man had hidden his Divine Deity very well. He was a Upper Heavenly God and he had at least three Divine Deity s, but Chen Xiang could only find one.

"This guy had originally been deceived by Zhan Xi once, so in order to take revenge, he didn't care if Zhan Xi would lure me out in the future or not, he just wanted to use this matter to slander Zhan Xi, and then take all the Tianhai flower for himself." Chen Xiang burned the purple-clothed man's body, leaving behind a bit of Zhan Xi's aura.

The Storage magic treasure s like Zhan Xi would usually hide in the Divine Sense Sea. Even if they devoured their memories, they wouldn't know where they were hiding. When they were storing the Storage magic treasure and Divine Deity, they didn't leave behind any memories, and summoned them out as they pleased.

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