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In the eyes of Kong Bailing and Pearl, Chen Xiang was an old demon who had lived for god knows how many years, but he didn't know that they were many times older than him.

"Really?" Pearl was in disbelief as she excitedly hugged Kong Bailing who was much taller than her, and bounced around.

"Of course it's true. It's easy for this guy to go to other Heavenly Realms. However, he might have to wait for some guys to come all the way here to capture him before he can go there." Long Xueyi laughed.

Chen Xiang was indeed waiting for the Holy Saints who came to capture him. Only when a large group of people came over did he leave and let that group of people come here for nothing.

At the same time, he chatted with Kong Bailing and Pearl. Right now, Kong Bailing and Pearl were still in the trial stage, if he did not understand them well, Long Xueyi would not dare to allow them to enter the Hundreds of Flowers Palace. This was an extremely dangerous situation.

"Pearl, your tears are really powerful. They can quickly heal wounds." Chen Xiang asked.

"Not only can it heal injuries, it can also restore one's beauty. It can also be used internally or externally, especially for those old women with wrinkles. After using it, they can immediately regain their youthful and beautiful appearance." At this moment, Pearl was just like a young girl. She was extremely proud of herself when talking about her own merits.

Chen Xiang laughed: "Seems like it's very useful, if I need your tears, won't I have to bully you and make you cry?"

Pearl smiled coquettishly. "Of course not. Come and find me when you need me. I can shed tears at any time."

Kong Bailing chuckled: "Elder Brother Shen, Little Sister Pearl has just given us some pearl tears, they are so sweet, her pearl tears should be used as a antidote for poisons. Although I have very little contact with the outside world, I have heard that her pearl tears can cure a hundred poisons."

"So you're saying that Pearl also possesses the body of impenetrable?" Chen Xiang was a little surprised.

"Yes." Pearl said smilingly, "I'll get you a bottle of tears later. No matter what poison you're infected with, you can get the antidote just by drinking a drop."

"Any kind of poison is fine." Chen Xiang still did not believe that the pearl's special ability was really too strong. If you could solve Super Old poison s, then it would be even more powerful.

Kong Bailing said: "Within Nine Spirit Heavenly Sea, there are many Poisonous beast that possess highly toxic poisons. Some Poisonous beast's poisons are just as powerful as Super Old poison's, they can even be cured with pearl tears."

Pearl giggled and said, "Sister Bai Ling, I'm afraid I can't solve your 'Eternal Rest'. Although this is the first time I've seen you, I know that you're the one who can use 'Eternal Rest'."

Long Xueyi said in surprise, "It has been here for a long time?! This is a strange poison that can turn living beings into white stone sculptures. If the stone sculptures are shattered, it would be equivalent to death."

"This name... It's really too devoid of poison. " Chen Xiang exclaimed, and muttered to himself: "Demon Curse Blood Orchid, Xue Qing One. This also sounds quite good, but it's a strange poison that torments people."

The Magical corruption gas s and Drunk god magical poison were the first to be grasped, and were also the most commonly used. Bai Ziqian had given the Cursed Blood Orchid to him, so he rarely used it, because it was not beautiful at all when used. He also had profoundhan poison s, but last time he killed one, and took away the poison sac, allowing him to master a large number of profoundhan poison.

And now, he had met a Holy Beast that had this kind of strange poison for a long time. He didn't think that this Kong Bailing who seemed kind and shy, would actually be a woman who could control this strange poison.

"Pearls... Other than you, who else would know that my special poison is naturally present in my white feathers? As long as I use a very thin feather, I will be able to poison it. " Kong Bailing said with a little fear: "If others knew I had this strange poison, they would have taken me away."

"Don't worry, other than us, no one else knows. Besides, how could you be so easy to catch? Otherwise, you would have been caught long ago. Sister Bai Ling, your poison is so powerful, you must have used it many times, right?" Pearl laughed.

"It was all forced. I don't want to use it. It will be troublesome if I'm exposed." Kong Bailing said in a low voice: "Don't worry, I won't hurt you guys."

Chen Xiang said: "Bai Ling, can you give me a feather?"

"This... As long as the feather leaves my body and touches someone else, it is equivalent to poisoning them. You will become a white rock, and as long as no one breaks it, the rock will last forever. It is said that this is also a method to prolong life, but you have to have a way to cure it. " Kong Bailing said.

"Longevity. When your lifespan is almost up, you can use this method to freeze it up." Chen Xiang gained a deeper understanding of this strange poison.

"Un, as long as it is preserved properly, there should be no problem for many years. If I can find a way to extend its lifespan, I can remove the poison from its body and extend its lifespan. If I want to treat the poison, Pearl's Tears might be possible." Kong Bailing said.

"Give me one, I'll try …" If pulling an entire root hurts you, then just give me a little bit of it. " Chen Xiang really wanted to see the results.

"No, like I said, once the feather leaves my body, it will have poison properties. Even if it's just a strand of it, it will still contain a powerful poison." Kong Bailing was in a difficult position, but she insisted. She was worried she would hurt Chen Xiang.

Long Xueyi laughed: "Bai Ling, you don't have to worry. He has the body of impenetrable, and there are a large number of Magical corruption gas sealed in his body.

The fame of the Super Old poison spread far and wide. Even the heavens knew that, as Holy Beasts who had lived for many years, how could Kong Bailing and the pearl not know that Chen Xiang actually had such a capability. Not only was it his impenetrable, but there were also a large number of Magical corruption gas and Drunk god magical poison.

"The ten types of Super Old poison all have very similar poison powers. It shouldn't be able to poison me after living for a long time, right?" Chen Xiang said.

Kong Bailing came out of the ring and carefully pulled out a short strand of hair. The strand of hair immediately transformed into a beautiful white peacock feather.

Chen Xiang received it, and looked at it carefully. At the moment, the white feather was releasing a white light, holding it in his hand, he caressed it back and forth, it was extremely soft and comfortable, making him unable to let it go.

"Bai Ling, plucking feathers doesn't have much of an impact on you, right?" Chen Xiang looked at Kong Bailing who had a face full of worry, and laughed: "Look, I am fine, am I not?"

"It's fine. It will grow out soon. I'll have as much hair as I have on me." Seeing that Chen Xiang did not immediately turn into a white stone sculpture when he touched the feathers that were separated from her body, he immediately heaved a sigh of relief and revealed a sweet smile.

Chen Xiang asked somewhat embarrassedly: "Then can you give me a few more? I want to make a fan."

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