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Chen Xiang continued to stay in the secret room to refine pills. He had only came out after refining the Spirit Soul Shengyuan holy Dan, he had already completed what Feng Yujie had given him earlier, without any pressure, it had become much easier to refine pills.

When he had previously refined Dragon Blood Saint Dan with Spiritual Lights, Chen Xiang had accumulated a very rich amount of experience in this area. Furthermore, the Lingguang Dan he refined was also much better than the other Alchemist s, the amount of strength required to produce the pellet was also very considerable, and his speed was even faster than other Alchemist s.

Right now, when refining the Shengyuan holy Dan, the methods required were the same. Since Chen Xiang could handle the Dragon Blood Saint Dan well, there was no difficulty in facing the Shengyuan holy Dan at all.

He only used three days to successfully refine a Shengyuan holy Dan that was emitting a light blue light.

"It won't be difficult for me at all." Chen Xiang looked at the Lingguang Dan in his palm, laughed proudly, and walked out of the secret room.

Long Xueyi and Lv Qilian were chatting in the hall, and in the meantime, Lv Qilian had passed down the Alive Slain Method to Long Xueyi.

Seeing Chen Xiang's smile, Lv Qilian asked: "Seems like you've gotten a lot. How many Shengyuan holy Dan s have you refined?"

Chen Xiang threw a Storage bag over and smiled: "See for yourself, if I tell you, you might not believe me."

Although Lv Qilian was mentally prepared, after he took out a jade box from the Storage bag, he opened it and saw many light blue pellets. These were all Shengyuan holy Dan s.

A hundred Shengyuan holy Dan were piled up together, emitting a light as beautiful as blue flames.

"You finished it so quickly, how did you do it?" Long Xueyi carefully counted. A hundred Shengyuan holy Dan pills, no more no less.

"Hehe, this is the method I just comprehended from the Heavenly Alchemy. Its name is the Original source refining, it's amazing." Chen Xiang laughed, and then he took out another blue colored pill that was wrapped in a barrier of light. This was also a Shengyuan holy Dan, but it was currently emitting a Pill light.

Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi stared blankly at the Shengyuan holy Dan that was greatly energized by the light. They were already surprised that Chen Xiang was able to refine a hundred Shengyuan holy Dan s in a short period of time, but other than that, Chen Xiang had also successfully refined a Shengyuan holy Dan that possessed a light aura.

"I'll inform Sister Feng to come and take away these Shengyuan holy Dan. This way, you can get the other Shangpin holy Dan 'recipes as soon as possible." Lv Qilian was also very happy. This Shengyuan holy Dan was Feng Yujie's signature Shangpin holy Dan.

Therefore, she wanted Feng Yujie to give the other type of Shangpin holy Dan to Chen Xiang.

After Lv Qilian left, he leaned against the chair, closed his eyes, and said: "I might be able to create a pill formula right now. I plan to merge the Dragon Blood Saint Dan and the Shengyuan holy Dan together."

Long Xueyi said: "Dragon Blood Saint Dan s can increase the strength of bones and blood, while Shengyuan holy Dan s can increase their strength by leaps and bounds within two hours. There's a huge difference in speciality between them."

Chen Xiang opened his eyes and took out a Dragon Blood Saint Dan. He said: "Shengyuan holy Dan s can only increase the strength of one's divine power, and adding in the Dragon Blood Saint Dan, maybe it can even increase the strength of one's physical body."

Within two hours, if both his physical body and divine power increased by several times, then this pill would be even easier to sell.

"Then hurry up and give it a try." Long Xueyi laughed: "Wait until Feng Yujie arrives, let her see how powerful you are."

Just as Chen Xiang came out, he had this thought and immediately went into the secret room to refine pills.

He found out from Feng Yujie that during the process of refining the divine pellet, he needed to add the finished product as the material for the divine pellet.

In other words, while refining Shangpin holy Dan, it was possible to use this method. However, the prerequisite was that a pill formula was necessary to fuse the two.

Chen Xiang decided to use his Spirit Eyes on the Dragon Blood Saint Dan. If he could see the Spirit blood that was hidden inside the Dragon Blood Saint Dan, then he could fuse the Dragon Blood Saint Dan with it.

When Lv Qilian returned, he did not see Chen Xiang. After asking Long Xueyi about it, he found out that Chen Xiang had gone back to refine pills, and even wanted to create a pill formula to refine a unique Shangpin holy Dan.

"Sister Feng might not come so soon, her situation should be much better now, at least she won't be watched by the Highest Devil God to death." Lv Qilian had only left a secret note that he would come here if Feng Yujie saw him.

The next morning, Feng Yujie came back. This time, she didn't come as last time as she was very energetic, but she was still being monitored.

"Is there something urgent you need from me?" When Feng Yujie came in, he did not see Chen Xiang, so he laughed: "Is that little brat still concocting pills?"

Lv Qilian laughed: "He is concocting pills, it's just that he is refining his own pills, he has already completed the work you gave him."

As she said that, she gave the box of Shengyuan holy Dan s refined by Chen Xiang to Feng Yujie.

A hundred Shengyuan holy Dan would only need two months to refine. Even if it was her, it would still take nearly three months to refine them, without sleep every night.

"How did he do it?" Feng Yujie looked at the big door of the secret room, wanting to grab Chen Xiang who was inside and ask him about it, because this method of training was simply too heaven defying.

Long Xueyi laughed tenderly: "This can't be considered strong, this is the most shocking part about that little scoundrel." She tossed a Spirit Soul Shengyuan holy Dan pill to Feng Yujie.

When Feng Yujie saw the ray of blue light shooting towards her, her heart skipped a beat. She knew what that light meant, but she immediately denied that it was not Spiritual Light.

Lv Qilian smiled and said: "He said that he had comprehended a method from the Heavenly Alchemy, which was why he was able to do it so smoothly.

Feng Yujie took in a deep breath. If it was those Holy Pellets that did not require a medicinal formula before, she would not be surprised if Chen Xiang could quickly refine them like sweet potatoes. But this was only because they were restricted by the medicinal formula.

For Chen Xiang to be able to refine a hundred Shengyuan holy Dan so quickly, it was obvious that he did not follow the steps in the recipe.

Feng Yujie was very sure that there were still leftover of the hundred sets of Shengyuan holy Dan medicine that she gave Chen Xiang.

"I really want to drag him out and ask him. Forget it, I'll ask him next time. I'll go back first." Feng Yujie also didn't want to disturb Chen Xiang; if Chen Xiang could create his own pill formulas, she would of course be happy for him.

"Sister Feng, can you give him another set of pill recipes? The best would be the rare ones." Lv Qilian was thinking for Chen Xiang.

Feng Yujie stuck out his tongue: "Qilian, your relationship with this brat is getting better and better, as if you are his wife.

"I do have the pill formulas, but do you think his hidden potential will be stimulated if I give it to him? So, I think it's better to just let him think of a way. It'll be beneficial to himself."

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