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"I won't teach you, it's for your own good! A human who uses this move will be hunted down and killed by the Imperial Dragon Race. With your current strength, if you were to be targeted by the Imperial Dragon Race, the big white cat won't be able to treasure you! " Long Xueyi scoffed, "However, since you still have some methods to protect your life, I'll take the risk and teach you! Let me explain in advance, if you get targeted by those old dragons of the Imperial Dragon Race because of this, don't blame me! "

"Cut the crap, I even sent you to the Imperial Dragon Race's Sky Dragon Great Yan Jing, what's there to be afraid of? My dragon lady wife, hurry up and teach me! " Chen Xiang laughed and said without the slightest bit of embarrassment.

"Who was it that you sent? That is only in terms of the divine soul! " Long Xueyi pouted. "I am a Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord, how can I casually let a human kid get involved?"

As she said that, she had already passed down the common god secret method to Chen Xiang, and her figure assumed that the abilities that the Imperial Dragon Race had learned were based on the God slain method and its comprehension, and should be further improved upon.

Chen Xiang's foundation was very solid, furthermore, Long Xueyi used that strange secret method to pass his techniques, so he could understand it very quickly!

"This is too scary, this should not have been refined from the Heaven Earth Killing Method!" Chen Xiang's heart was thumping wildly. After hearing about the divine ability, he was deeply shocked.

"Who knows? In any case, I haven't used it yet, but your current strength shouldn't be enough. Otherwise, I won't be able to use the Primal Chaos Dragon Curse! "

The Chaos Dragon Curse was the name of that sacred art. After using this sacred art, it could convert the energy gathered from the surroundings into Chaotic Force, and then form a type of curse that could unleash extremely powerful energy.

"Come on, let's combine!" Chen Xiang said excitedly, at the same time, his mind quickly practiced the method of unleashing the ability a few times.

Sensing Long Xueyi's energy surging over, Chen Xiang's eyes suddenly opened. After using the sacred art, the Innate Qi and God Power in his body suddenly surged out, penetrating through the space and appearing in the air above the Sacred Sacrificed Alter, they quickly formed into a ball of air, the ball of air had many spatial cracks around it, the tyrannical energy in the disordered space frantically rushed out and gathered in the ball of air.

At this time, the surrounding spirit energy was gathering towards the black ball of air, its speed was extremely fast, even the Sacred Sacrificed Alter's energy was being absorbed, and 90% of the power and divine power in Chen Xiang's body had already been sucked out, leaving him only able to float a little.

Seeing this scene, the expressions of the ancient powers' giants changed greatly. They didn't expect something like this to happen, and they didn't even know who had acted in such a way!

The White Tiger looked at Chen Xiang because he recognized that it was a Primal Chaos Dragon Curse. It was a very powerful attack that even many of the orthodox bloodline Emperor Dragons in the Imperial Dragon Race wouldn't be able to learn!

"Ugh …" A deep dragon's roar came out. The sky above Sacred Sacrificed Alter suddenly split open, revealing a very large black hole, inside which was the chaotic space. The chaotic energy inside rushed out crazily and condensed into the black ball of air.

"Destroy that thing!" The big boss reacted and quickly shouted.

But it was already too late, because the black ball of air had already cracked open, and countless black dragon shadows appeared, enveloping the land, causing the world to sink into darkness. But in a very short period of time, the dragon shadows converged, forming a few incantations, suppressing towards the Sacred Sacrificed Alter, and bringing along a low but sufficient imposing chant that sounded like several dragons chanting at the same time, causing the entire land to sink into a destructive atmosphere.

"It's the Chaos Dragon Curse!" Lv Qinlian was extremely shocked, she knew more than anyone else.

"It's that brat again! Isn't the little white dragon trying to harm him by passing on the Primal Chaos Dragon Curse to him?" Ji Meixian blamed Long Xueyi in her heart. She was from the Imperial Feather Race and knew about the Primal Chaos Dragon Curse.

The black incantations seemed to have the power to destroy the heavens and earth, as they struck down directly onto the Sacred Sacrificed Alter, causing it to sway violently. There were even some shallow cracks appearing on the surface of the Sacred Sacrificed Alter.

Everyone could see that someone was secretly attacking the Sacred Sacrificed Alter, and this person was very strong, so he had to hide here!

The duration of the Chaotic Dragon Curse's attack was very short, and it disappeared in an instant. The space cracks in the sky closed, and the world returned to its original state. Everyone was still immersed in the shock from before.

The giant crater was also sealed by a mysterious power. Although it was attacked by Chen Xiang just now, it was after all, a Sacred Sacrificed Alter. Furthermore, Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi's strength was too weak; If this was the case, then the ancient factions would have to start repairing them!

"That little white dragon really isn't afraid of your death. It's passed down this kind of sacred art to you!" The White Tiger laughed.

"Hehe, I told her to teach me!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"You guys are still too inexperienced, and your might is too weak. If an old dragon were to use it, this Sacred Sacrificed Alter would definitely be torn to pieces!" The White Tiger sighed, "You don't have to care too much about this Sacred Sacrificed Alter. I will stop them."

At this time, Ji Meixian also sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, "There are many old fellows here who are watching you. When you were sparring with others before, many people saw the Heavenly dragon seal you used. If Imperial Dragon Race knew that you knew about the Primal Chaos Dragon Curse, he might even come to Di Tian to look for you! "

"It would be best if I could send a dragon over. As a Leader, I am specialized in dealing with dragons!" Chen Xiang didn't mind at all, and this was something that Long Xueyi was very much looking forward to.

"Humph!" Ji Meixian was a little angry, she felt that Chen Xiang should keep a low profile and increase his strength, before going back to fight against the other powerhouses.

After he massacred the Demon Masters, many of the higher ups in Heaven Realm had noticed him, but most of them wanted to capture him, because he had the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and he also knew about Devil-suppressing holy power!

Chen Xiang was now a dead pig that was not afraid of boiling water. He had already been targeted by many people, he would not stop at one thing and would not hesitate to do the opposite.

Lv Qinlian swept the crowd with her gaze, wanting to look for Chen Xiang. She knew that Chen Xiang was hiding inside, and she knew that Chen Xiang understood the Imperial Dragon Race's secret technique, so she was sure that the Primal Chaos Dragon Curse was cast by Chen Xiang. This made her suspect that Chen Xiang was a member of the Imperial Dragon Race, to think that he actually knew of this Emperor Dragon's Sacred Art which was almost lost throughout.

After the white light from the Sacred Sacrificed Alter disappeared, the big shots of the ancient powers all flew over, and they even stopped many people from getting near. Only the ancient powers like them could not get close to them.

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