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After waiting for a few days, Ji Ling'er and Red Cloud finally woke up. They had already copied Chen Xiang's Fire Soul, and they still needed to absorb a large amount of energy and cultivate for a while before they could obtain a strong flame like Chen Xiang.

"All you need to do is tell me where to sell the Liuyuan azure Dan." Chen Xiang said: "All of you continue to cultivate inside, it is not safe outside."

Hong Xia replied, "In a city near Super Old Sacred City. It's called Yan City, and the person in charge of this city is a very powerful force. He has always been at odds with Super Holy School."

"This power is a family that pays a lot of attention to bloodlines. If one is born without a Fire Soul, they would be abandoned and wouldn't be able to become a core member of the family. Their bloodlines are very strong, and almost all of their descendants have a Fire Soul."

Chen Xiang said in surprise, "In that case, Yan Clan is a family that uses fire to become strong, I don't know if they are good enough to talk about it."

Ji Ling'er said: "The people from Yan Clan are all pretty good, it's just that their temper is a bit too strong, if you talk to them properly, they would still be very polite to you, although there are many outstanding Alchemist, but they also buy high level immortal pills, and they are very rich, and selling the Liuyuan azure Dan s to them is the most suitable."

Hong Xia and Ji Ling'er already knew about Chen Xiang's heaven defying spirit liquid, so they were even more determined to follow Chen Xiang now. They wouldn't run around for a high levelled pill in the future.

When Chen Xiang came to the Super Old Sacred City, he was initially controlled by a few big powers, but now, he was basically controlled by the Super Holy School. Even though the Divine Feather School was also established here, but now, he did not have any authority at all.

After walking around the Super Old Sacred City for a while, Chen Xiang understood that the reason for Super Holy School's recent activities was to continuously expand his power and recruit many experts. This was in order to make it easier to take down Di Tian and control the Nine Heaven World.

What worried Chen Xiang were not only the Super Holy School s, but also the few other Heavenly Realms, especially the Heavenly Dragon Realm s.

When that time came, Super Holy School would lead the powerful forces of the Saint realm and unite with the other Heavenly Realms. With Di Tian's few Strong of Lord Stage s, it would probably be hard for them to fight against them.

… ….

Arriving at the teleportation area, Chen Xiang asked an old man in charge of managing the Transmission array, "Where is the Transmission array that was teleported to Yan City?"

The old man looked at Chen Xiang strangely. "To Yan City, don't you know that Yan City has been sealed up?"

Chen Xiang indeed did not know, otherwise he would not have come. "Can you tell me about this matter?"

The old man said, "The main reason is that Super Holy School and a few other major powers are preparing to force Yan Clan to submit. Many of the Transmission array s that lead to Yan City have been closed, so if everyone wants to go to Yan City in the future, they can only go on foot. This can be considered Super Holy School's warning to Yan City.

"How long has this been going on?" Chen Xiang asked again, what was going through his mind.

"It's been over a month, but Super Holy School doesn't dare to be tough on Yan City. If we can negotiate with them, we might be able to avoid a war in the near future." The old man said.

Chen Xiang teleported to a doorway, left Super Old Sacred City, and headed towards Yan City.

Red Cloud had told Chen Xiang before that the Yan Clan did not produce medicinal ingredients from other powers. Those powers were basically controlled by the Super Holy School at the moment, so the prices of the immortal medicines that the Yan Clan bought were also very high.

Right now, he felt that the Yan Clan in Yan City could be considered not bad, at least they dared to go against Super Holy School. If he wanted to deal with Super Holy School in the future, having a strong ally was not a bad thing.

"Looks like I can't just focus on earning the Holy stone now. I should make use of this opportunity to befriend the Yan Clan." Chen Xiang told Long Xueyi and the others his thoughts.

Red Cloud said, "The relationship between Yan Clan and him is very normal. We rarely interact with him in normal times, but it's not too difficult for you to get them together right now, because they are all in similar situations."

Ji Ling'er said, "Once the Super Holy School possesses sufficient strength, they will ignore everything else and eliminate the forces that threaten them. This will allow them to steadily control the Sacred Domain and then attack the Nine Heaven World."

Long Xueyi and the other two all approved of Chen Xiang becoming friends with Yan Clan, which caused Chen Xiang to speed up his journey towards Yan City.

Although Yan City was near the Super Old Sacred City, it was not close at all. It was only because Yan City was the closest city to the Super Old Sacred City that people said that …

Chen Xiang had never been to Yan City, so he could not determine the distance.

Even so, it still took him two days to get there. If it were anyone else, it would take more than ten days, but their Transmission array was sealed by the Super Holy School, making it very inconvenient for many people to head towards Yan City. It had a huge impact on Yan City's development.

When Chen Xiang arrived at Yan City, it was completely empty. Previously, Red Cloud had told Ji Ling'er that this was a very lively city, but now, it had become like this.

"The Yan Clan must be very angry, but I wonder what they plan to do, whether they will submit to the Super Holy School, or resist the Super Holy School." Hong Xia said, "Let's go to Yan Clan to take a look."

After Yan City was sealed off by the Super Holy School, many people here were worried that the Super Holy School would attack, and in order to not get involved, they could only leave.

The big doors of the Yan Clan was opened wide, the guards to the door were extremely sturdy, standing straight and mighty anywhere, they were very imposing. Even though Yan City was empty right now, the guards were not affected at all, giving Chen Xiang a very good impression of them.

Chen Xiang stood at the serious and solemn entrance, and asked one of the guards: "I want to discuss business with the people from Yan Clan, can you help me notify them?"

The guard took out a communication jade token and sent a message. Not long later, a hunchbacked old man slowly walked out, and asked Chen Xiang with a smile: What business do you want to discuss, buy it or sell it.

Chen Xiang said: "I have a little Liuyuan azure Dan, I don't know if you should accept it or not."

When the hunchbacked old man heard that someone was selling the Liuyuan azure Dan, he was slightly surprised and said: "Currently, the Liuyuan azure Dan are relatively rare immortal pills. If you use them well, you might be able to successfully transform into a saint.

Chen Xiang nodded: "I'm sure."

"Please come in."

Chen Xiang followed the hunchbacked old man into a hall. The hunchbacked old man told Chen Xiang to wait here for a while, he went to call the higher ups of the Yan Clan to discuss this. He was just a butler here, he could not make the decision.

"The style of this Yan Clan is quite good. When we entered, we saw that the guards were all quite strong, with a lot of discipline." Chen Xiang praised: "Looks like this Yan Clan isn't one of those aristocratic families that would yield so easily."

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