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Chen Xiang's sudden appearance, coupled with the fact that he had used the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword to split a dozen of the incoming Thunder power s, made the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword let out a long hiss, and released the unique Tyrant Dragon Qi, causing the Draconians to tremble.

"Green dragon demon-slain broadsword." A person shouted loudly. It was someone from the Ice Dragon Race, and his voice was extremely excited.

"Are you here to protect the Emperor's Tomb?" Chen Xiang asked the Ice Dragon clansmen behind him. Holding onto the Divine Blade, he looked coldly at the group of Thunder Draconians whose faces were filled with fear.

Yes, we have been protecting them for many years. Over these many years, they all wanted to charge into the Emperor's Tomb. This time, they have brought a lot of reinforcements. A young man behind Chen Xiang looked angrily at the group of Thunder Draconians who were attacking them.

"Be careful, I will do my best to help you." After Chen Xiang finished speaking, he instantly teleported to the back of the ten over Thunder Draconians. The Green dragon demon-slain broadsword in his hand suddenly became several meters long, and he horizontally slashed towards the dozen or so Thunder Draconians.

With a 'shua' sound, the enlarged Green dragon demon-slain broadsword in Chen Xiang's hands flashed with a green light, and the blade stroke was completed. There was only a green arc left behind, and the dozens of lightning dragons in the late stage of Immortal King were all chopped apart.

"Quickly kill him! We can't let him near the Emperor's Tomb!"

A Fire Dragon Man roared and sprinted forward, his entire body was covered in flames, the fiery red scales on his body were shining brightly, one of his arms had already turned into a ferocious dragon claw, with holy flames spewing out, striking towards Chen Xiang.

Just as he was about to slap Chen Xiang's shoulder, the dragon arm was blocked by a snow-white longsword. Huang Jintian had already arrived and used the Ice dragon sword to block the attack of the Fire Dragon Elder.

"Brat, go deal with those small fries. Leave this guy to me." Huang Jintian laughed, the Dragon Power on his body suddenly became boundless, accompanied by a trembling Dragon Slaying Qi.

"Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu." The old man was shocked. This was something that the dragon race had specially researched to use against him.

The Dragon Subduing Qi was like a dragon entering the sea, roaring as it rammed into the old man, extinguishing the raging flames on his body, and even destroying a few of the stiff dragon scales on his body.

When the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword s appeared, Ice Dragon Race's morale immediately rose, and his fighting strength increased by quite a bit.

Chen Xiang released a vast amount of God Power, forming a huge Spirit Realm, covering the entire battlefield, locking onto the Fire Dragon People and Thunder Dragon People, then circulating the God Power within his body and pouring it into the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, causing it to tremble slightly.

"Spatial Slash."

Chen Xiang stood in place, and slashed out. In an instant, the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword appeared in many different places, and the spaces around the people he had locked onto were all cut apart by his blade.

"Annihilate." Chen Xiang threw a palm strike towards the hundred small spaces that he had locked onto. The power of the Mountain and Sea Realm, the power of the sun, moon and stars, these were Chen Xiang's killing blows that came from fusing with the Heaven Earth Killing Method.


The majority of the people he had locked onto were at the late stage Immortal King Stage with a few Immortal-becoming realm s. After their bodies were slashed by Chen Xiang and struck by the palm, they instantly turned into ashes.

An old man from the Ice Dragon Race saw that Chen Xiang was so scary and immediately shouted: "Quickly retreat, it's convenient for him to take action."

At this time, many of the Ice Dragon Race's draconians were fighting in close quarters against the enemy, so they were hindering Chen Xiang.

After the Ice Dragon People heard this, they tried to break away from their trembling enemies and moved towards Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang stood still, using the Spatial Slash and the Heaven and Earth Annihilation Palm to work together, through the method of teleportation, he attacked the Thunder Dragon People and Fire Dragon People, causing them to be forced to retreat slowly. Only some of the faster fighters knew to stabilize the surrounding space to prevent this kind of spatial attack.

In just a short moment, the opponent had lost more than two hundred people. Huang Jintian cursed on the side.

"Hmph." A muffled sound came from afar. Chen Xiang suddenly felt a strong pressure, making him feel as if he was facing a strong Holy Beast.

The other Ice Dragon People beside him all called out, "It's Saint Ruler Thunder Dragon. Senior, you have to be careful."

A thick bolt of lightning streaked across the night sky, striking straight at Chen Xiang. At that instant, Chen Xiang felt a wave of oppressive cold energy attack him, and the people around him were also covered in a thick layer of ice. It was as if they were frozen in an ice mountain and unable to move, but that cold energy did not harm them.

The moment the lightning bolt struck down, it was blocked by the ice mountain that was condensed by the cold energy. The person inside the ice mountain was completely unharmed, but the ice mountain only broke after encountering such a strong attack.

Chen Xiang broke free from the ice mountain and saw seven young men in white standing in front of them. Their clothes were the same, their long hair fluttering in the wind straight down to their waists, their skin white, their expression handsome. They were actually seven young men who looked exactly the same.

"This is a seventh birth, right? I wonder which ice dragon this is from. It's so powerful." Chen Xiang had already noticed that the seven youths were precisely the seven ice dragons from the Ice Dragon Race.

And at the place of death and injury, there stood five middle-aged men in red armor and five burly men in black armor. They had ten dragons, five fire dragons and five thunder dragons, and they were all extremely powerful dragons of the Holy level.

The strength of the ice dragons was not bad. Seven ice dragons were able to fight to a draw against ten dragons.

"The inheritor of the Divine Blade is indeed extraordinary. Thank you for helping us out." From the looks of it, he should be the boss of the Ice Dragon Race. He even looked at the Ice dragon sword in Huang Jintian's hand, which Huang Jintian also threw back to Chen Xiang.

They did not expect Chen Xiang to obtain the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, nor did they expect him to obtain the Ice dragon sword. They all knew what the Ice dragon sword meant, and the people who obtained the Ice dragon sword would definitely be able to meet their Ice Dragon Ancestor.

They wanted to ask, but now was not the time,

Their mission was to destroy the Emperor's Tomb, but they had not succeeded in all these years. Now that the new owner of the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword had finally arrived, and he was even a very strong guy, with just a few moves, he had already killed more than half of their people. There were even a few Immortal-becoming realm cultivators among them.

"You're welcome. I've always been good friends with the Ice Dragon Clan outside." Chen Xiang laughed: "Seniors, can you guys take down those fellows on the other side now?"

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