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Even though the God and Jiang Sheng, the boat that came down from Gods Realm was already far away from the dragon vein, they could still sense a scorching aura from there.

"This feeling is very familiar, very similar to the Earth's Core Fire Realm." Jiang Sheng said. He was very sensitive to flames, and he also had research on Earth's Core Fire Realm.

"Could Chen Xiang have taken away the dragon vein?" Qi Shi said, "How powerful are the dragon veins? Those gods are unshakable, if Chen Xiang that kid were to obtain them, wouldn't he be very strong?"

The beautiful woman from the Divine Female Palace said, "Chen Xiang's current strength is still insufficient to withstand the power of the dragon vein. Even I, or the God of Heaven, might not be able to."

Feng Yujie sighed: "The growth of this dragon vein is very abnormal, it has already surpassed the growth rate set by the Nine Divine Kings back then, I don't even know how it will change."

Lv Qilian suddenly shouted: "There's a very strong guy approaching us."

At this time, everyone had also sensed it and immediately became alert. Even the powerful beautiful woman from Divine Female Palace had a serious face, because this aura made her feel a lot of pressure.

Just as everyone was feeling extremely nervous, a silver-clothed youth with a jade-like face suddenly appeared in front of them.

"Do any of you know where Huang Jintian is?" This youth was Long Jiu.

Everyone was extremely astonished. This was merely a youth, yet his strength was this great. Fortunately, he did not have any enmity towards her, so he only came here to find her.

Huang Jintian racked his brains, but he didn't think that he would meet such a strong person. The cat he was familiar with was also a teenager, but it wasn't as powerful.

"I am. Do you have any business with me? Do we know each other?" Huang Jintian stood out and asked.

"I am Long Jiu, it was Chen Xiang who told me to come find you. Because I just arrived in this world for a few days, I don't understand many things, and I need to find someone to consult. He said that you are his master, so he let me come." The youth said to Huang Jintian.

The people on this ship weren't stupid. At the same time, they thought of one possibility.

"Your name is Long Jiu." Long Xueyi said: "Could it be that you are a dragon and I am also a dragon? But the aura on your body is different from mine."

"The name was chosen for me by Chen Xiang. My dragon body's structure is different from yours, my dragon body is mainly born from the core of the earth, and your dragon body should have been born from primal chaos energy." Long Jiu said.

Long Xueyi muttered: "The matter of me choosing a name should be left to me, Chen Xiang this guy."

Lv Qilian asked: "If that's the case, then what about Chen Xiang, why didn't he come along with you?"

Feng Yujie asked worriedly: "Did something happen to Chen Xiang?"

Dongfang Xinyue was right beside him. She said: "He's fine. If he's got anything to do, then I'll be fine as well."

This was because she and Chen Xiang's Master-servant Contract had not been removed, so if Chen Xiang died, she would die too.

"Chen Xiang is fine, he just fell into the center of the earth." Long Jiu's face was filled with suspicion, he did not know why these people suspected that something was amiss with Chen Xiang.

Everyone immediately cursed in their hearts. He was still calling himself fine after falling to the earth's core.

Jiang Sheng, Huang Jintian and Qi Shi all knew the current core of the earth very well, because they had already tried to enter the core of the earth when they were at the bottom of the You Ming Deep Abyss. However, those passages were already blocked, so even if they weren't blocked, the heat would not be something they could resist.

"What, Chen Xiang fell into the center of the earth?" This was Long Huishan's voice. Chen Xiang was her little brother, and she knew how powerful Geofruit was, so how could she not be anxious?

At this time, Long Huishan was rushing over with a large group of powerful ice dragons.

Seeing so many ice dragons arrive, Long Jiu suddenly felt a very warm feeling in his heart.

"He said that he was going to the earth's core. He was not willing to come up when I told him to." Long Jiu said.

"You guys really don't have to worry. Chen Xiang has Fire Dragon Sword s and profoundwu diamond armour s on him, enough for him to deal with Earth Heart's terrible environment. Although we are a bit stronger than him, without the Fire Dragon Sword s, we might not be able to survive in Earth Heart." Feng Yujie said. She still had a certain level of understanding towards the Nine Dragons Holy Sword.

Long Huishan asked: "Just what happened?"

"Big sister, I'll tell you." Leng Youlan pulled Xue Xianxian and flew over, telling him everything.

Long Jiu listened on from the side.

At this time, everyone decided to go to the Divine Feather Holy Nations first before discussing their future matters.

… ….

After Chen Xiang fell into the core of the Earth, he took out Fire Dragon Sword s and released them. Just like the last time, all the lava here avoided him and he did not sense any scorching power either.

"In that last moment, my body did indeed become much stronger, but I have not yet stepped past the level of the purple-gold skeleton. I need to cultivate in jade bones."

According to Long Jiu's estimations, that one blow just now should have been able to make Chen Xiang's body become very strong, but he did not know that Chen Xiang's body was very special.

"This core should be Di Tian's secret. I'll go deeper in and take a look." Chen Xiang dove deeper into the ground. He had yet to go deeper into the heart of the earth, so he took the opportunity to explore more.

After diving continuously into the depths of the earth for an entire day, Chen Xiang finally lost his patience. Just as he was about to give up, he suddenly bumped into something extremely hard.

There was actually a wall here? Chen Xiang was pleasantly surprised and immediately followed the wall.

He suspected it was more than a wall. It could be a building.

The building beneath this core was definitely not ordinary. Although it looked like ordinary blue bricks, they had not melted under this core for a long time. It was clear that these blue bricks were not ordinary bricks.

Chen Xiang went up and down the building a few times, and determined that it was an outer wall of a building, which was around a hundred metres tall. Now, he started to look for the entrance to the building.

This building was wrapped in lava and had been this way for a long time. This made Chen Xiang even more curious about who built this building and why they built it here.

He quickly guessed that the Nine Divine Kings was the one that was built by them all those years ago. It was very possible that they were the ones who created the Nine Heaven World.

It took him half a day to find a door.

"If I open the gate, wouldn't the lava flow in?" Chen Xiang was still considering whether or not he should open the door. After thinking about it, he felt that the creator of this building must have definitely considered this question before, so there definitely wouldn't be anything that he was worried about.

He considered this for a moment, then pushed open the door.

Although the door was big, Chen Xiang did not expend much effort to push it open, and very easily opened up a gap in the door.

Just as he had expected, after the door was opened a crack, a force emanated from within that could prevent the scorching lava from flowing in.

Chen Xiang did not completely open the door, he only opened a crack large enough for him to enter.

After entering, the door slowly closed. He was now in a large passage. On both sides of the passage, there were two neat rows of flame pillars that lit up the entire passage.

"It should have been built by the Nine Divine Kings. These things are all very ancient." The moment Chen Xiang entered, he could feel the ancient aura.

The interior of the mysterious palace that was hidden in the earth's core was unexpectedly very cool. Although it was very quiet and eerie here, Chen Xiang wasn't afraid.

Chen Xiang walked to the end of the path and saw another big door. After opening it, he came to a big hall, in the middle of the hall was a big round jade table, beside the jade table were nine jade chairs, this made Chen Xiang even more certain that this was the Nine Divine Kings that had built this place.

"Feng Yujie should know about this palace." Chen Xiang carefully observed the hall. Other than the jade tables and chairs, the rest of the things were ordinary things made of stone.

Chen Xiang did not open the box in the middle of the round jade table but instead walked around the round table. The fellow monk looked carefully at the nine chairs, and after he walked around, he realized that there was a groove on the back of each of the seven chairs, and upon seeing the groove, he subconsciously took out a Tianlong sword s, which could actually fit inside.

"In other words, there are two chairs here without grooves. Could it be that the Poisonous Dragon Sword and the Jade Dragon Sword are still here?" Chen Xiang's heart was beating wildly.

"When we first gathered, this Seven Dragons Sword was the one that guided me to a place, could it be here?" Chen Xiang immediately took out all the other Seven Dragons Sword s and inserted them into the grooves on each of the chairs.

"What happened? Why is there no reaction?" Chen Xiang waited at the side for a moment and realized that there was no movement.

"Could it be that each sword has a different slot?" After Chen Xiang pulled out the Seven Dragons Sword, he carefully observed those chairs, and finally found some clues. Every chair had a leg that had some ancient characters, similar to those on the Seven Dragons Sword.

"There shouldn't be a mistake this time." Chen Xiang compared the ancient characters, and once again inserted the Seven Dragons Sword s one by one.

When he put in the last sword, the nine jade chairs and the huge jade round table suddenly lit up with a pale white glow.

Chen Xiang anxiously retreated a few steps, because of the powerful force, he had no choice but to retreat.

The next scene caused Chen Xiang to widen his eyes. On the nine chairs, nine people with long hair that reached their waists appeared. They wore white robes, and their appearances were enveloped by a ball of faint white light, not allowing to see his appearance.

"Could this be the Nine Divine Kings?" Chen Xiang exclaimed in his heart, he had already seen that the people in front of him were just images, and were only conveying some information.

"If only Feng Yujie was here, she might have known more than me." After Chen Xiang thought about it, he wanted to open a spatial passageway and drag Feng Yujie over. Who knew that his spatial strength would be ineffective here?

The nine of them sat on chairs, not saying a word, as if they were waiting for something. Suddenly, a figure floated over, it was a woman, and it was none other than the Mei Emperor. She was standing behind a Divine King.

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