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Chapter 9: Let's Have a Taste of the Ice Queen's Power, Part 5


When he got rid of the excessive amount of clothing, Aur unconsciously whistled in admiration at the naked body that was hiding underneath it.

Her limbs were thin and smooth like that of a doll, and her waist was reminiscent of a flower's stem that would snap under the slightest touch. Her skin was also alluringly pale, just like the fresh snow falling to the ground in the early days of winter. Her long, wavy hair made this art piece that was her complete, reaching all the way to her waist like a cascade of purple crystals.

He reached towards her moderate chest with his hands, and saw that she was looking at him with a sight in which fear was mixed with nervousness and anticipation and embarrassment.

(I'm sorry for having such mediocre breasts!)

「You don't have to be. They are very beautiful.」

It doesn't matter if they are big or small, woman's breasts were in and out of themselves a treasure that deserved to be protected with utmost care.

He massaged Zana's twin hills with his hands and slowly applied his tongue to the hard cherries standing stiffly on top of them.

「Nn, haaa…!」

Her nipples were cold, but responded to the stimulation like that of any other girl's: by getting even harder than they originally were.

(This voice is not mine! I'm not reacting like that at all!)

Zana denied feeling anything in her mind, but now that Aur had her body under his control, there was nothing she could hide from him.

「It would be better for you if you just started to be honest with yourself.」

That was a heartfelt advice from him. She might've been a virgin, but there was no reason for her to act all high and mighty, especially when her whole body was at his mercy.

(I am just the worst! For someone like me… to lose to a pathetic man's d*ck like that…!)


Now that was better. This might've been purely by accident, but she allowed some of her real thoughts to slip up.

「Nooo!, Stop, no more! Don't tease my breasts like thaaaaat!」

(I don't feel anything, I don't feel anything, I don't feel anything at all!)

Eh, back to the square one, are we?

Her body was giving him such sensitive responses that he thought she was doing it on purpose, but her heart and mind remained as stubborn as ever. He doubt that she was acting it all up, rather it must've been some kind of technique that was taught to her.

「You have such a nice body, it's no surprise that my own body reacts like that to you. We're quite compatible with each other, you and I.」

(No, no, that's not it! That's not true at all!)

She thought that, but her vagina tightened itself Around Aur's meat spear as if it was another living organism. It wanted to feel good, and it wanted it deep inside of itself.

「Now I'll make you understand!」


Aur's penis rubbed itself against one of Zana's weak spots. It scratched one and the same spot as if it was itching, making her feel the pleasure that was multiplied by at least tenfold.

(Not there, it feels too good!)

「You really are strong.」

Aur was impressed by the strength of her resolve.

It was easy to deny something with words only, but denial with the mind was another matter entirely. Words spoken with the mouth could be controlled easily, but trying to tame the thoughts was like trying to control the ocean at the time of the storm. It looked like she was able to achieve something like that.

「But how're you going to handle this?!」

Her heart was certainly not weak, but her body was already broken. When he grabbed her butt and spread her ass cheeks as far as he could while sinking his fingers into them, her p*ssy gushed an unbelievably large amounts of juices, staining the bedsheets.

It was all to be expected. Since their souls were now connected, Aur knew everything about her and her weak points. And the pleasured they were feeling was also shared between them, so their sensations were effectively doubled.

Unfortunately, Zana could use that to her advantage if she wanted. If he knew all about her weak spots, then naturally the knowledge of his weak points was opened to her as well. In the back of his head he prayed for her not to realize that before they were finished here. Until then, he just had to press on with his assault.

「See, your body is so happy to finally be honest with someone!」


He picked up the speed of his thrusts, making them more shallow so that the resulting pleasure could circulate through Zana's entire body like an electric current.

(I'm being violated by the man that I don't even love and it hurts, so why does it feel so good?!)

Looks like some vestiges of her stubbornness still remained.

「Oh, so you have someone you like, huh?」

For a brief moment, a man's face popped up in Zana's mind, but it disappeared before he could have a closer look.

「Don't want me to see the guy's face, huh? Fair enough, I'm not even interested in men, and certainly not when I have such high quality goods like you in front of me!」

「Nghh, a, aaaa, aaaaahhhhhh!」

Zana was not balancing on the edge of losing her consciousness.

(What was that… just now?)

「Now this is hilarious. Do you really feel good being violated by me?」

Aur asked her, picking her chin up with his fingers so that he could look her in the eyes.

(A lie… That's a lie!)

Even if she tried to deny it, she was undoubtedly nearing her climax. And only her body was reacting in such an intense way.

「And if you're still hell-bent on denying the obvious, I'll just prove it to you time and time again!」

「Noooooo! S-stop, no moreeeeeeee!!!!!」

Zana's body gets completely wrapped in the torrent of feelings, and it begins to bounce on Aur's d*ck like an animal in heat.

(A lie, that's a lie…. No, I don't believe this!)

Zana's mind had finally accepted reality, and she tried to twist her body to escape from this accursed pleasure.

But Aur easily crushed her defenses and turned her on her belly so he could stab her with his penis in the doggystyle position.


In a fit of unbound animalistic desire, Aur was plunging into her soaking wet vagina without any restraint. He was doing it so hard that her upper body fell on the bed, and only her ass remained lifted and open for his rough treatment.

(Being treated like that, I cannot… I won't forgive something like that!)

But in this position, there was nothing she could do to set herself free. Now she was just a cum dumpster whose only purpose was to be filled with the sperm of that vile beast.

(I won't forgive it… ever!)

To her, this was nothing but humiliation. This brute just trampled on her dignity as a woman and destroyed it.

(So why…. WHY DO I FEEL SO GOOD FROM IT?!!!!!!!!)

It felt so good that saliva was dripping down from her outstretched tongue, and her entire body shivered and trembled, desiring more of his penis in her vagina.

Right now she was no different from a dog in heat.

「You think this feels good? You didn't felt nothing yet.」

Aur whispered into her ear.

「Do you want to feel even better?」

(This pleasure… I want to feel more of it!)

She squealed and squirmed at those words. Just his voice alone made her feel as if she was about to cum.

(No, you can't! Something like that is…!)

「Don't try to resist it, it'll only cause harm for your body. Just entrust yourself and your power to me.」

(Myself and… my power…)

In the state she was in, dealing with her was extremely easy. After all, a melting mind is always prone to suggestion.

「Ha, aaaah, aaaaaahhhhhhhh, AH, AH, Ah Ah, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!」

And just like that, Aur's dick finally invaded the Ice Queen's womb.

(No, no, no, no, Nooooo!!!! Too good! This feels too good! Melting! My mind's meltinGGGGG!)

Despite her inner screams, Zana's butt acted as if it was glues to Aur's flaming hot member.

(Can't think…. Straight any…. Moreeeeee…. My head's going, blank!)

Panting and heaving, Zana pushes her hips in Aur's direction,, propelling him to flood her with her baby-making milk.

「Gonna cum soon!!!!」

(No, you can't cum inside! Not inside!!!!!!)

「Yes! Oh my god, f*ck, yes! Give it to me! Give me all of it!!!!!!!」

Zana was not divided into two. Part of her wanted to protect herself, and the other wanted to submit to the pleasure.

Take a wild guess at which side was victorious in the end.

Aur's penis swelled inside Zana's vagina, and then it explodes just like a raging volcano, spilling its white, sticky magma inside of her.



As she reached her first orgasm, the voice of her body and the voice of her mind became one in perfect harmony.

The feeling of semen spilling endlessly into her made her jolt and thrash around wildly.

Aur was also engulfed by the feelings of conquest and the sweet numbing nirvana of cumming, and he allowed himself to revel in those feelings as he fell on the bed beside Zana, who lost consciousness due to all the sensations.

(Uuuuuuuu… kill you… I'm definitely going to kill you once we're done here.)

Zana's secret place was overflowing with the mixture of Aur's semen and her own blood. There was so much of it that even Aur thought that he might've just overdid it a bit, especially since she was a virgin until just a while ago.

But he also had to admit that souls-connecting sex felt much better than he had initially imagined.

Looking on the bright side of things, at least now Zana would be able to properly understand what others were saying.

「I'm sorry.」

He lowered his head and offered an apology. It wasn't an easy thing to do for someone of his position.

But Zana accepted it without giving it much thought.

This time, both she and Aur were swallowed by the maelstrom of pleasure.
And even though her body chose to forgive him, her mind was still furious about the whole thing and demanded a sufficient compensation. Apologies were the bare minimum of what was supposed to be done in such a situation.

The real question was: what he should do now?

「You told me that you want to kill me, but rest assured.」

He offered his hand to Zana, who was unable to stand on her own.

「If I'm going to die, then it's going to be while I'll be f*cking you senseless, since that is what you seem to be craving.」

Dumbfounded at the fact that he knew even such things, Zana was unable to scream. She just buried her head into the pillow and made a frustrated, muffled squeal.

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