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In this dark place that was shrouded in blood-red light all day, no matter how one looked at it, it didn't seem like love at all. It was more accurate to say that there were ghosts, and this fellow in front of him was full of nonsense.

"I just want to get out now." Chen Xiang said: "You are a merchant, as long as you can pay the price, you should help me get out, right?"

Peng Renyi smiled and nodded: "It is indeed like this, as long as I can pay the price, I can help you out. However, I have stayed here for over a hundred thousand years and have not been able to earn enough money, so it's best that you don't think of it. With the sudden appearance of a new member, we will definitely welcome you. "

Chen Xiang was startled, the fatty in front of him had actually stayed here for more than a hundred thousand years, yet he was still unable to leave.

"I remember that someone came in before and even went out. You're lying!" Chen Xiang said. The Vermillion Bird had come in before and had even gone out smoothly.

"Um …" We were surprised that she could get out. We discussed it for a few months and thought she was lucky, but you didn't have that kind of luck and neither did we. " Peng Renyi said: "Don't worry, this place is similar to your outside world, it's just that there are not many people here, and your devilish technique that devours others should not be used carelessly. We have a lot of love here, we do not wish to see people die, if not it will be very boring."

Chen Xiang curled his lips: "You're already bored to death, how many people are there here?"

"Only 500,000 yuan, right? But most of them are very powerful. With your current strength, you're only at the bottom." Peng Renyi laughed: "But you don't have to worry, I won't bully you, the people here are all good."

Chen Xiang was in disbelief: "If he's a good person, how could he be locked in this God's Punishment Ground?"

Peng Renyi shook his head and sighed: "Honestly speaking, most of us are imprisoned here, this place is equivalent to a cell, only a few unlucky fellows like you can't enter and leave. We were locked in here not because they thought we were bad, but because some even worse people are worried that we would ruin their good fortune, so they threw us in."

"Alright, I'll believe you for now." Chen Xiang felt that the fatty in front of him was not simple, his strength must be very strong, if not he would not have quietly been staring at him for over a year.

"Brother Renyi, if you want to go out, what do you need to do?" Chen Xiang still wanted to leave. Although Peng Renyi said that this place was filled with love, this kind of lifeless place made people not want to stay.

"You only need to get a thousand gold coins!" Peng Renyi took out two round coins that were faintly emitting a silver light.

Chen Xiang looked carefully, the surface looked very smooth, but if he looked closely, he would realize that on the smooth surface, there were very thin and fine lines, it was a kind of Spirit grain that was very thin and engraved, and there were a lot of of of them.

Peng Renyi flipped over another side, and on top of it was written the word "God", this ancient character was taught by Long Xueyi, and this character was also formed from a large number of complicated Spirit grain s, and this side also had many floating strange diagrams, which were also formed by Spirit grain.

"Just how much energy did you put into creating this kind of coin?" Was it necessary? "What is the purpose of this coin?" Chen Xiang reached out and picked one up, looking at it carefully. This kind of coin was unlike the Holy stone and immortal stones he used before, they could absorb the energy inside it to cultivate.

"Hehe, little brother, your eyesight is quite good. You can see the power of this godly money with a single glance. If I gave you the material, would you be able to make an exact copy of it?" Peng Renyi asked with a smile.

"No, it's too complicated. Even if I could, I would need to do it over and over again, and adding the time spent on it, I might barely be able to do it. However, I might need to consume a lot of materials, and I also need to use a lot of time to memorise all of the Spirit grain. " Chen Xiang frowned, thinking about the complex situation that had happened, he felt a headache.

"Who the hell made this thing?" Chen Xiang felt that this person's smithing skills must be even better than Jiang Sheng's.

"This man is the Gods Realm's God of Fortune, and these kinds of things were created by him. We have an old man here who took three hundred thousand years to make a face." Peng Renyi sighed: "And if we want to go out, we can just give a thousand of these to the Penalty Heavenly God, I only have around fifty of these divine money."

Hearing that, Chen Xiang could not help but be startled, and then he returned the divine money back to Peng Renyi.

Even though Peng Renyi had been in here for more than a hundred thousand years, he could only get around fifty or so. This showed just how precious this type of divine money was, but he was still generous and showed it to Chen Xiang.

"How do we do a thousand? "How much money is there exactly?" Chen Xiang asked: "If one has very little divine money, doesn't that mean that battles to steal and rob often happen? How can there be love in this place? "

Peng Renyi laughed out loud: "When I first came in, I also felt the same way, but after this divine money drips blood, as long as it is taken away by someone, you can return it to your hands with a thought. If you are killed, the divine money will also disappear."

"So powerful!" Chen Xiang exclaimed: "No wonder it's so complicated to create!"

An old fellow had taken three hundred thousand years to create one. If the other side could be created, it would take at least three hundred thousand years, six hundred thousand years to create one. Just thinking about it was terrifying.

"Of course, this was created by the God of Fortune, the God of Fortune in Gods Realm is a very powerful being! And this kind of divine money is always released and reclaimed by him. It is said that the ones responsible for making it are only a few of his disciples, and they produce quite a bit every year. " Peng Renyi said, "This place can be seen as the Divine Prison, a special place to imprison harmless people. Those who commit many evil deeds are all in hell."

"So that's how it is!" Chen Xiang looked at the nine Bane Calamity Stars in the sky and asked, "Then what do I need to buy to buy the Spirit Consolidating Pellet's medicinal ingredients from you? I just came in, so I don't have that kind of money. "

You are an alchemist genius, refining the Sacred animal Dan of the eighth stage of the Immortal realm and the Tianlong Dan of the Tianlong Dan. That speed is shockingly fast, although the majority of the people imprisoned here are above Gods Realm, they are not strong, and there are a few beasts around, so I guarantee that they will not lose out if you help me refine those Sacred animal Dan. Peng Renyi said.

"There are two different ingredients for the Soul Consolidating Pellet. The Cyan Jade Ginseng and the Palm Flower, how many Sacred animal Dan s do you need in exchange?" Chen Xiang asked.

"How about 20 Sacred animal Dan s and 20?" Peng Renyi laughed: "That's very kind of you."

"Five Sacred animal Dan, five Tianlong Dan." Chen Xiang curled his lips: "My ten pills are all Grade Eight Pills, and the quality is even better, yet you only need to give me two Grade Eight immortal medicines, you have already made a huge profit."

Chen Xiang did not lack Sacred animal Dan s, but he was not willing to be at a disadvantage, not to mention that his opponent was so evil.

"Alright!" Peng Renyi laughed: "I'm a businessman, so it's normal to seek higher interests for myself. Please don't mind me."

"I understand, I've met many people like you before." Chen Xiang took out twenty Sacred animal Dan s and twenty Tianlong Dan s, all from Long Xueyi.

"In the future, let's work together more. My channels are wider, and if you have more medicinal pills, I can sell them for you." Peng Renyi was more satisfied with this transaction.

Chen Xiang asked: "Are all the trades here conducted by trading items?"

The denomination of divine money was very large. A divine money's value was very high, so the things it bought would definitely be very precious. If it was an ordinary item, then it would definitely not be just exchanging for an item.

There are a lot of Black Holy Iron here. After repeatedly forging these Black Holy Iron, you will be able to make the same divine silver iron as the divine money. We will turn it into silver, but we usually use this kind of silver iron to trade. Peng Renyi took out a "silver coin" that was the size of a god's money. The only difference between this silver coin and a god's money was that there weren't any Spirit grain carved on it.

"This kind of money is not easy to get, a level eight Immortal Sacred animal Dan would need five of this kind of money to buy one, and one of this kind of money needs ten thousand pounds of Black Saint Iron to create it, some veterans need a month to make one." Peng Renyi said: "I can also give the money I made to the God of Fortune. After the God of Fortune recovers, they can use it to refine God's money."

Chen Xiang started to understand: "So if you want the divine money, you need to use this silver to exchange? How much do I need in exchange for a divine coin? "

"One hundred million silver taels can be exchanged for a divine coin from the God of Fortune!" Seeing Chen Xiang was frightened, Peng Renyi laughed: "Are you surprised? But let me tell you, this is how I got my thirty divine coins! "

30 gold coins, was exchanged for 3 billion silver coins, just thinking about it, it was not easy! And to leave this place, would require 1000 gold coins, Chen Xiang's head suddenly hurt, it was truly difficult!

"Is there any black holy iron anywhere?" Chen Xiang asked: "Why didn't I see it?"

"That's because you haven't gone anywhere yet. The place you're at right now is very desolate and has long been excavated. Look up, the nine stars have the weakest radiance." Peng Renyi asked.

"The first one." Chen Xiang pointed.

"Right now, most of the people are on this planet. It's very big, you'll know when you go up and take a look." Peng Renyi laughed: "It's best if you get used to it first before you run around. Those Bane Stars are also full of danger."

"These Bane Bane can actually go up!" Chen Xiang was very surprised.

"Of course, you will know once you get to the higher ups. Once you get there, everything will be normal! I'm going back now, so I'll take you up with me. If you want to fly up by yourself, it will take a long time. "

Peng Renyi took out a disk and stood on top of it with Chen Xiang. Then, he quickly controlled the disc to rise above the ground, and it disappeared into the distance in the blink of an eye.

This abandoned God's Punishment Land had actually been turned into a prison specially used to imprison prisoners of Gods Realm. Peng Renyi said that most of these prisoners were good, which made him feel that the ruling class of Gods Realm was not something good.

And the biggest use of this place was to produce that kind of silver, and then send it to the Gods Realm to process it into divine money, which would circulate in the Gods Realm.

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