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Chen Xiang had found two divine soul s from the Star Swallowing Divine Cow's Divine Sense Sea s. This was considered not bad, he had already begun to take out these two divine soul s, and guided them to the Bones s on his left arm.

Just as he started, the experts from Divine Nations came down from the sky. They were a few middle-aged men, followed by a few elderly men, all of them being extremely powerful, one look was enough to tell that they were not a match for the Swallowing Star Cow.

At this moment, Yang Tianyi was injured. If this group of people worked together, Yang Tianyi might not be able to beat them!

"Quickly stop, you are not qualified to have this divine soul!" His eyes were filled with a greedy light, just by looking at it, one could tell that he also wanted this divine soul.

"If I am not worthy, then you are even less worthy!" Chen Xiang was extremely furious, but at the same time, White Tiger, Qi Shi and the others also rushed over.

Qi Shi said coldly, "What do you want to do? You all should have already seen who defeated this cow, and gave it to Chen Xiang, what right do you all have to say that he is not worthy? "

This Middle-aged Man in Black Armour was not afraid of Qi Shi, he was stronger than him after all, "If I say you're not worthy, then you're not!"

With that said, Middle-aged Man in Black Armour threw a punch towards Chen Xiang's head. The punch was extremely vicious, enough to kill Chen Xiang.

With a wave of Qi Shi's battle blade, the White Tiger released a streak of black mist and a Flame Whip from the Vermillion Bird … They all blocked the Middle-aged Man in Black Armour's attacks.

Middle-aged Man in Black Armour's punch was blocked, but because of it, he was infuriated!

From the looks of it, a huge battle was unavoidable. Just as Middle-aged Man in Black Armour took out a long blade, Olde Iron Cock appeared from an unknown place, his movements was extremely nimble, his hand held onto a short blade, he came up to Middle-aged Man in Black Armour from behind and quickly stabbed into Middle-aged Man in Black Armour's back.

No one could have predicted this, especially the Middle-aged Man in Black Armour. He never thought that the old man from Supreme Divine Palace would actually sneak attack him, and so decisively as well!

The Olde Iron Cock was very sinister, after getting his hands on it, he ran very quickly, and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, the wound on the Middle-aged Man in Black Armour's back also emitted a burst of black Qi, it was obvious that the Olde Iron Cock's short blade contained a strong poison!

The Olde Iron Cock was a force at the peak of the Supreme God Realm with nineteen Divine Deity, while this Middle-aged Man in Black Armour had twenty-one. But now, he had been defeated by the Olde Iron Cock.

"Quickly, kill these bastards!" Middle-aged Man in Black Armour covered his wounds, and crazily swallowed the divine pellets. His skin was already starting to turn black.

A golden-armored middle-aged man shouted, "We will join hands and annihilate him. There will be a lot of divine soul in the divine cow's body, we will split it evenly!"

The red clothed man snorted from the air: "They should have already been told not to interfere in this matter when they came here. However, seeing that the divine cow was defeated, they felt like taking it for themselves! Of course, when they go back, they won't be blamed because they obtained the divine ox. But now, it seems like they won't be able to get it that easily! "

The old follower sighed. "It's really surprising how many things have happened all of a sudden! It has to be said that this Chen Xiang is quite a character, to actually be able to take on such a strong opponent, and has so many people protecting him! "

The red clothed man nodded his head. "These are his friends. This is only natural!"

… ….

Chen Xiang was furious in his heart, but he was currently in the middle of absorbing the poison, so he could not stop at all.

"Brother Yang, how are you now?" Chen Xiang asked.

"I'm fine!" Yang Tianyi tried his best to stand up, but just as he steadied himself, he spat out a mouthful of blood and sat down on the ground again.

Luo Tianjun and Zhu Xiangyuan had also rushed over. Although they knew that they could not beat the experts from the Divine Nations, they could not watch Chen Xiang get killed by them.

Ten or so Divine Nations Rankers attacked together. They did not take out their weapons, but used the power of the Divine Sense Sea to suppress Qi Shi and the others in the blink of an eye!

"You bastards, just hurry. When I have the power of the Lion King, I will immediately destroy your dog country!" Qi Shi shouted in anger, transforming into a gigantic white lion. At this time, his Divine Lion Race's gigantic lions also came over.

An old man from the Divine Nations sneered: "You guys have already fought a big battle, and consumed so much energy, what's more, you guys are a group of people who haven't recovered much strength yet. If we kill you now, it can also prevent you from causing huge losses to our Divine Nations in the future."

As they spoke, the White Tiger and Qi Shi were surrounded and attacked by the four elders, they cooperated extremely well, using four long rods to attack, the defense of the White Tiger and Qi Shi was quickly broken through, followed by a burst of sword rain. These elders of Divine Nations, using divine artifacts as their attack, had reached the acme of perfection, and were extremely sharp. The approaching Vermillion Bird was also caught up in the fray, being wildly bombarded by these old men using all sorts of powerful divine artifacts.

Luo Tianjun and Zhu Xiangyuan's side were not much better off, the few middle aged men they were facing were even more powerful, without using any methods, just punches and kicks, they were forced to retreat step by step, there was already a huge difference in cultivation, and the opponent had many people!

"Quickly kill them bastards!" The poisoned Middle-aged Man in Black Armour roared crazily. He felt that his situation was very bad and was therefore even more furious.

Qi Shi and the others were feeling very heavy right now, because if they did not get help soon, they would definitely be finished!

Originally, Mu Chen and Xiao Changle wanted to come over, but the White Tiger had sent a sound transmission to them not to intervene.

Right now, Bai Hu's group's strategy was to stall for time as much as possible. They could only blame it on Chen Xiang and Yang Tianyi!

"If you don't use any strength, it's pretty hard to kill!" A golden armored man saw through the white tiger's intention to stall for time and sneered. A golden light exploded from his palm towards Luo Tianjun!

"Pavilion master!" A delicate shout came from afar, it was Shui Bingyan's voice.

Shui Bingyan instantly arrived beside Luo Tianjun, and the waves of terrifying cold energy emitted from her body also shocked the experts of the Divine Nations, because at this moment, their feet were frozen in ice, and cold energy quickly rushed into their bodies.

Chen Xiang was suddenly worried in her heart, although Shui Bingyan was strong, her strength was limited, and now that she had fallen into battle, it was not a good thing.

Bai Hu and the others hadn't thought that this usually innocent and innocent girl would actually have such terrifying strength. Her methods were also very touching. She actually wanted to save them, so she wasn't afraid of being drawn into this battle with such disparity in strength.

"Stupid girl, what are you doing here?" Luo Tianjun was very touched, but he chided them, because he knew very well that it was impossible for Shui Bingyan to stop these Divine Nations Rankers.

Qi Shi, who had turned into a giant white lion, also counterattacked at this time. He rushed to the front of an elder who had been frozen, and with a furious roar, tore an elder into pieces.

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