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To Chen Xiang, a million kilogram Holy stone wasn't really much, but to go in and out a few times was still a bit of a pain, so people that went in rarely came out.

Entering this kind of underwater city, Chen Xiang found out that most of the people here had the water attribute, although there were pills for sale, they were all pills bought from other Heaven Regions. The environment of the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm was not suitable for the production of Alchemist, so most of the creatures that were born here cultivated the water attribute physique, thus pills were extremely expensive.

There were quite a few people here, and most of them were quite strong. Otherwise, they wouldn't have brought so many Holy stone here.

"Quickly go and inquire about the store that sells Golden jade fish." Long Xueyi urged Chen Xiang, she was anxious to avenge the old man.

Chen Xiang did not expect the shop that sold Golden jade fish s to be very famous. He merely asked casually and found out where the shop was located.

The hotel that sold Golden jade fish s was very big, and it was located in a very good location as well. (TL: OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG/OMG

Tianhai City was not a small city to be reckoned with. It could accommodate many people, and the power within it could not be underestimated. Having a shop like this meant that the owner of the inn was extremely capable.

Therefore, Chen Xiang suspected that the old man's disciple had been poached by a large power and secretly supported by them.

The pills in Sacred Water Heavenly Realm were very expensive, much more expensive than those in the Saint realm after the rapid expansion, because there were almost no Alchemist s here.

Therefore, things that could help in raising one's strength were easy to sell. For example, those Golden jade fish s, they contained rich immortal powers that could help in raising one's strength.

The city was very big, and it would take Chen Xiang a long time to walk to the bustling and high-end region. And the reason why there were no Transmission array here, was because the city was extremely stable, so it was very difficult for some weaker people to come to the city, and even if they could, it would take a lot of effort and time. As a result, it was not easy for people who stayed there for a long time.

"The Vermilion Bird is only a legendary existence, many people have only heard of it. I'm afraid only those experts know where the Vermilion Bird is." Chen Xiang said.

"You've been here for quite some time. I wonder if the other Sacred Masters will chase after you from other places." Long Xueyi said: "The Hell Devil Emperor is extremely powerful, maybe the bounty has already been placed here."

"Hell Devil Emperor should know that I'm here, but to quickly spread the news of my location, he needs a lot of Hell Devil Envoy s. These Demon Envoys are definitely very valuable to Hell Devil Emperor, he doesn't have absolute confidence in defeating me, so he shouldn't send them over." Chen Xiang was not too worried about this matter. At most, he would go to other Heavenly Regions …

Although those Hell Devil Envoy were powerful, it was not as easy to travel to the Heavenly Realm like Chen Xiang. They would have to spend a lot of effort and be very troublesome to do so.

Now, the Hell Devil Emperor must know that Chen Xiang's use of space was extraordinary, if he was unable to stop Chen Xiang from doing so, when they came to the Sacred Water Heavenly Realm and Chen Xiang went to another Heaven Realm, they could torture a person to death.

After walking for a good half a day, Chen Xiang finally arrived at the inn called Golden Saint Hotel. Standing at the door, Chen Xiang could smell a very familiar smell of meat, the smell of the Golden jade fish that the old man had cooked.

"Hmph, those two disciples are really not people. After secretly learning them, even if I secretly come here and start my own school, it's nothing. However, I've destroyed the old man's nametag so I must fiercely teach them a lesson." Long Xueyi suddenly came out from the ring and stood behind Chen Xiang.

"Leave the matter of destroying the place to me. Just follow behind me and watch." Long Xueyi sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, then stepped into the Golden Saint Hotel.

Upon entering the hotel, Long Xueyi attracted many gazes. There were many beautiful women here, but very few of them had a unique aura and aura, making everyone curious about her origins.

When Chen Xiang entered the Golden Saint Hotel, he could see that the things inside must be very expensive, because the people here were the stronger ones in the city.

"Young lady, do you need anything to eat?" A handsome man hurriedly walked out from the counter. He should be the shopkeeper here.

"What's the most expensive and tasty thing in your place?" Long Xueyi's voice carried a tinge of coldness, as though she was a ranker with pride.

"This... Please go to the fifth floor, where the most expensive and best items are. " The shopkeeper immediately laughed apologetically, because the faint aura Long Xueyi gave off gave him a very oppressive feeling.

Long Xueyi frowned: "I still have to go up."

However, she still walked up, and Chen Xiang silently followed behind her. They arrived at the highest level and entered a luxurious private room.

The fifth floor was a relatively tall building. From the windows, one could see many bustling streets filled with people.

When Long Xueyi arrived, a handsome waiter immediately walked over and handed over a menu. There was only one page, and there were 20 menus listed.

Long Xueyi pointed to the cheapest one.

"Do you only want this Silver Jade Immortal Soup?" Seeing that Long Xueyi had only ordered one, the waiter secretly disdained in his heart. This Silver Jade Eight Immortal Soup was the cheapest one on the menu, and it was even a soup, but his face was still filled with smiles. Even the cheapest one would cost over one hundred thousand kilograms.

Long Xueyi shook his head and said: "I don't want this, but other than the cheapest Silver Jade Eight Immortal Soup, give me two of the other nineteen dishes."

There were only two people who needed so much at one time. Ever since this hotel opened, they had never seen such a large amount of money. Even some of the rich and powerful people in the city were never this extravagant.

Long Xueyi looked at Chen Xiang, and indicated for him to take out some Holy stone.

"This is for you, hurry up and get it for me. Although your food is quite expensive, if it's delicious, then it's nothing." Long Xueyi took the brick sized Holy stone from Chen Xiang's hand and threw it to the waiter.

Just the rewards alone was so much, it scared the waiter. He had seen the biggest customer before, but at most they only gave him a few taels of Holy stone.

The waiter immediately expressed his thanks and then quickly left. He was extremely curious. He had been in this city for a long time, but he had never heard of any family having such a wealthy young miss.

"Golden jade fish, one piece costs a million kilograms. Let's see if it's worth this price." Long Xueyi laughed and said, "If it's delicious, I'll eat even more."

Chen Xiang looked at the menu, other than the Silver Jade Eight Immortal Soup, the other nineteen dishes were all Golden jade fish s, and each dish required a million catties of Holy stone s, which was a completely different method among nineteen dishes. From the looks of the names, they seemed to be very similar to the old man's methods, except that the old man's dishes were Golden jade fish s, not that high quality.

There were quite a few famous families in this hotel, so it didn't take long for news of the heroic Eldest Young Miss making her move to spread.

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