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The War God Shrine's deity left while carrying half of Young Master Yuan's corpse. This matter wasn't entirely his responsibility, but his heart was still heavy.

After he returned to the War God Shrine, he reported all that had happened, causing the hall master to be angry. After all, Young Master Yuan was the son of his only Pill God.

The news of Chen Xiang's appearance in the Super God Restricted Area immediately spread. Feng Shen and a few other Pill Gods who had been looking for Chen Xiang also rushed over. In addition to this, there was also a large group of powerful War Gods from the War God Shrine.

Feng Shen did not go by himself, but had also brought a large group of Wealth Divine Palace's War Gods with him. What was unknown was that the Hell Devil Emperor had also sent a group of experts there, and capturing Chen Xiang was something that the Hell Devil Emperor had been wanting to do for many years. He would definitely not allow others to rush to the front, and if the Hell Devil Emperor did not want to deal with the Devil-killing Divine Palace, he would have personally gone there himself.

… ….

Inside the Devil-killing Divine Palace, when the Devil-killing Heavenly God heard this news, he could not help but scold: "This brat Chen Xiang, how did he come up with such a stupid thing again, sigh."

Wang Jinshi said, "We cannot blame him. The Battle God Shrine's kid, Yuan, is indeed rampant. If they were to meet, it would not be strange for a conflict to occur."

Devil-killing Heavenly God nodded his head: "I hope he can find my old friends, if not, our Devil-killing Divine Palace will be completely destroyed."

… ….

Chen Xiang used the Six Realms mirrors to obtain a large amount of Six Realms' Power, opened up an extremely stable spatial passageway, and successfully escaped. However, both he and Long Xueyi were severely injured.

Especially the powerful palm attack from the Heavenly God behind them, it almost tore his and Long Xueyi's divine soul apart. Fortunately, they ran away quickly or else the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Long Xueyi asked: "How is it, are your divine soul heavily damaged?"

Chen Xiang sighed: "It's quite serious, I almost dissipated, it seems like I will need a long period of time to recover, although my body is also heavily injured, but my body's self-recovery ability is very strong, and will recover very quickly."

Long Xueyi said: "I was also severely injured, I did not expect that guy to be a God. It's too scary, luckily you ran very fast, or else we would all die."

Thinking back, Chen Xiang still felt a lingering fear. How terrifying was it for the God of War, who was inside the War God Shrine, to attack with all his might in anger.

"My broken divine soul is just around the corner. If you have a good look, go over there and take a look." Long Xueyi said: "I'll heal up first."

Chen Xiang opened up a very deep cave in an ice mountain. After entering, he sealed up the cave and started to heal his injuries.

He took out the Six Realms mirrors, absorbed the Six Realms' Power and used it to nourish his own divine soul. He did not have any good healing panacea, so he could only use this method.

Chen Xiang used up all the Six Realms' Power s stored in the Six Realms mirrors in an instant. It would take a month for him to fill them up again, but his injuries did not improve at all.

"This is bad, my divine soul injuries have not healed even after a hundred and eighty years. I don't even have a pill to heal my wounds right now, and I'm in a damned place like Super God Restricted Area." Chen Xiang took out a few divine soul healing pellets, but because the grade was too low, they were all useless.

He looked at his own divine soul. It was dispirited, like a skinny old man who was lifeless and on the verge of death.

As long as his divine soul was severely injured, no matter how good his physical condition was, he would not be able to use the Six Realms' Power, and his strength would be greatly weakened, because divine soul was like the heart and brain of a Divine Sense Sea.

"Use the Six Realms mirrors to try and see if it can bring your divine soul back to before you get injured. The Six Realms' Power can control many different types of laws and you need to use the Time Laws to reverse your Yin and Yang." Long Xueyi said: "My injuries aren't too optimistic either, but I'll be able to find my broken divine soul, and then I'll be able to immediately recover."

had thought about using the Six Realms' Power to reverse the time. However, he did not have the Time Laws, and did not know how to do it, so the only way to break through it was to rely on the time changes in the Seven devil-slain kungfu to comprehend it. It was extremely difficult, not to mention repairing his divine soul's injuries.

"I can only try. This is the only way to quickly treat my injuries." Chen Xiang nodded his head. The God Murdering Sword Techniques he was using and the Devil-killing Heavenly God s he was using both had a little bit of usage of the Time Laws, so he was not completely clueless.

Chen Xiang held onto the Six Realms mirrors tightly, and studied the wondrous methods inside the Six Realms magic kungfu, searching for the method to reverse the flow of time.

… ….

"Father, we really want to become enemies with Chen Xiang. He had already eaten the Nine Qi Divine Fruit long ago, so it's impossible for him to hand it over. Moreover, for him to obtain the Nine Qi Divine Fruit, it's only because his own abilities are outstanding. Ye Qin looked at the surrounding Ice Emperor and said.

Originally, she did not plan to come here. Because she was afraid of Chen Xiang and did not want to get involved in this anymore.

Dan God Ye sighed: "I am only here to take a look, it is equivalent to saying that I care more about this matter. I cannot let others say that my Dan God Ye has been robbed of the divine medicine, but I did not do anything, so others will think that I am afraid of Chen Xiang."

I was just beside him the last time he attacked Li Zhonghan. I felt that he could kill me at any time, and that kind of feeling was really scary. I didn't wish for Father to oppose him at all. "

The Dan God Ye nodded his head: "I understand, Chen Xiang must have gone somewhere in these eighty years he's been missing, which is why he has become so powerful. Furthermore, I found out that Feng Yujie has quite a deep relationship with him, so I must have definitely helped him a lot in the dark.

"Old Ye, Chen Xiang probably did not come to the Super God Restricted Area to kill his son, nor did he come to seek refuge. He must have a reason, because he was in the Devil-killing Divine Palace before." Dan God in Blue Costume suddenly flew over and said.

"That's right, the Devil-killing Heavenly God must have let him come. Previously, the Devil-killing Heavenly God had stayed in the Super God Restricted Area for a period of time, so we were just expressing that it would be best to look at the situation clearly. I don't want to get into a conflict with Chen Xiang, it won't be good for me." Even if Ye Qin did not say it, Dan God Ye still had that thought.

Although Chen Xiang had killed Li Zhonghan, Li Zhonghan and the Dan God in Blue Costume did not have anything to do with each other.

At this time, all the passersby who were rushing into the Super God Restricted Area had their own ulterior motives, but Feng Shen and Unwearying Fighting Dan God truly hated Chen Xiang to the bones.

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