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"Because Devil-suppressing Divine Palace is no longer the original Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, and this old geezer, Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, has gone somewhere. In order to prevent Devil-suppressing Divine Palace from making mistakes again and again, I can only eliminate him, but that is the blood and sweat of the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, and there might be some clues left behind by the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable inside, so Qilian did not permit me to make a move." The Grandma Lv said.

"In other words, the reason Emperor Hua asked me to come here is to ask me to help him find his father." Only now did Chen Xiang know Lv Qilian's final goal.

"I guess so, but you can still get Alive Slain Method s, right?" The Grandma Lv laughed.

Chen Xiang decided that he must not play any more games with Lv Qilian, maybe he would even help her count the money after she sold him. Now that he was tricked, he finally understood why Lv Qilian agreed so readily, she had already calculated that the Grandma Lv would tell him about the Holy Devil-suppressing seal, and that it would also tell him that the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable was her father's matter.

"Then what about Lv Qinlian?" Chen Xiang asked.

Oh, you also know this little lotus. I heard that she went to Di Tian. I haven't seen her for a long time. Grandma Lv replied, "She can be considered my adopted daughter. I have always treated her like my own daughter. I hope that she will be safe in Di Tian."

"Don't worry, she's having a good time there." Chen Xiang suddenly felt that this Grandma Lv was a little pitiful. "I'm from Di Tian."

"That's good. I never would have thought that you even knew the names of these sisters. You shouldn't be simple, otherwise I wouldn't have let them treat you like this." The Grandma Lv smiled meaningfully.

Bai Youyou suddenly said: "Chen Xiang, help me ask if my sister has been here to find her."

"Grandma Lv, have you seen a woman with a ponytail, blue eyes, and a poisonous hook?" Chen Xiang asked: "She uses poison too."

"You're talking about the Violet Scorpion Princess. When I was not here, I heard that she was a good seedling. She has never been here before." The Grandma Lv shook his head.

"If she wants to come, are you going to welcome her? She's in a very bad situation right now, and she's being hunted everywhere because she uses Magical corruption gas to kill people, and she's also the one who killed people from the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace." Chen Xiang said. Bai Youyou had said that he would look for the Grandma Lv in the past.

"Oh." The Grandma Lv was very surprised: "She can actually get hold of the Magical corruption gas and control it to kill people, this must be properly nurtured. If you can find her, then let her come here."

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded: "Definitely, I will get her to come here as soon as possible."

The Grandma Lv sighed: "The current situation in Devil-suppressing Divine Palace is not good. My husband established the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace to inherit the technique to rid the demons and also to deal with the demons and devils in that place."

"That place, is it the Night Devil Hell?" Chen Xiang immediately guessed the hell that had always made him uneasy, as there were many strong demons inside.

"Not just there. Alright, quickly go to Devil-suppressing Divine Palace and take a look, don't miss it, otherwise you'll have to wait a long time. " The Grandma Lv urged.

"Alright, then I'll take my leave." Chen Xiang leapt into the air, then stepped on the Shrinking step as he flew through the air.

"The Shrinking step, huh? This little brat obtained the inheritance of the Ten Heavens Supreme Lord and has stayed here for too long. I don't even know if such a fellow appeared in the nine heavens. Grandma Lv muttered as he looked in the direction Chen Xiang disappeared in.

Chen Xiang came to the Demon Suppressing Palace. When he came here, he did not even need to ask around to know about the Palace Mistress' assessment. This is to absorb all the talents that cultivate the Devil-suppressing method, because a lot of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's techniques were spread out.

It started after five days. No wonder Lv Qilian was in a hurry to chase me away, she was just afraid that I would miss out, what the hell, when she saw me in the Hundreds of Flowers Palace, she started to plan, first she wanted to test my strength, then she quickly gave me the map and let me find the Grandma Lv. Then the Grandma Lv told me some things, telling me to come here to become hall master, and finally she helped her find her father.

Chen Xiang gnashed his teeth. "I really want to take this woman in as a female slave and fiercely press her onto the bed. "Heh heh, he actually tricked me."

I am the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable, and I am the Grandma Lv of the Nine Heavens. Furthermore, I have just received the Sword Emperor's legacy as her disciple; it is possible that I will become the Sword Emperor in the future. Long Xueyi laughed.

"Xiao Xiang is my sister, so of course she would help me." Chen Xiang walked on the street and prepared to register.

"She will help brother Scoundrel kill his own master." Long Xueyi giggled. "Don't even think about it, even if you become the Great Emperor in the future, she's still very strong, alright?"

"Aren't you Heavenly Dragon Supreme Lord? Don't tell me you won't help me." Chen Xiang snorted: "You can be considered my man."

"Little Scoundrel, you better think about it. Don't do it." Su Meiyao laughed.

"Flower Emperor is not easy to mess with, and she's also not bad. Even though she was scheming against you, she was helping you, and these are all things that are good for you." Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang snorted: "If she had told me directly, I definitely wouldn't have rejected her, but she insisted on playing tricks and showing me her little tricks, which made me very unhappy. I would confide in her, even put the seed in her, gave her such trust, and even gave her sister the strange poison, but she played with me, not putting me in her eyes at all."

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou both had a bad premonition, because they rarely saw Chen Xiang like this, but when they thought about it again, they felt that Flower Emperor was being a little too excessive. Chen Xiang was indeed very sincere, but Flower Emperor's clever actions made Chen Xiang feel disgusted, since Chen Xiang did not like being led around the nose in the first place.

"On behalf of Xiao Xiang, I will not retaliate for now, but if she does that a few more times …" Hmph, I will play with her until the end. No matter what, I am still a Leader of the Dragon Subduing School, so I don't know how to scheme. " Chen Xiang said very seriously. It was just that he was not on guard against the Flower Emperor, which was why he was like this.

The Flower Emperor was very confident, she thought that Chen Xiang would not complain. She thought that Chen Xiang would definitely listen to her, and maybe even praise her for her intelligence. However, she did not know what kind of person Chen Xiang was.

"I want to sign up to participate in the Palace Master assessment and selection." Chen Xiang came to the registration counter and shouted loudly.

"Your name." Seeing that Chen Xiang was energetic, the old man secretly nodded.

"My name is Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor." said angrily, the others did not know why he was so angry.

Others might have only heard of the Hundred Flowers Emperor, but that was the future title of the Flower Emperor, and this Hundreds of Flowers Heavenly Emperor sounded even more powerful than the Hundred Flowers Emperor.

"This... Is it a name? " The old man was stunned for a moment before he asked.

"I don't have a name, only a name." I don't have a name, only a name. Chen Xiang said arrogantly. After staying with Long Xueyi for so long, their ability to brag was definitely not weak.

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