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To Long Xueyi, refining the eighth or ninth grade Sacred animal Dan s, they were nothing more than snacks. If he wanted to help with cultivation, he would need to obtain the Holy Pellet.

"If you can concoct a Holy Elixir, and it is very fast, then it will definitely be under your control." Just thinking about it made Long Xueyi excited, because Chen Xiang had created many amazing miracles in pill refining.

The number of Pill Saints in Nine Heaven World and the Endless Heaven Realm could be counted on one hand, but most of these Pill Saints lacked a large amount of Holy level medicinal ingredients and their refining techniques were similar and used the cumbersome Foreseeing Alchemy.

Chen Xiang laughed: "I have no intention of beating the world, I only want to refine some higher level pills, and look for higher level medicinal ingredients to make myself and the other important people around me stronger, to be able to explore everywhere, my ambition is not that big."

"That's true. If you can concoct so many sacred pills in the future, you will definitely find it boring to fight and kill everywhere." Long Xueyi thought for a while, then laughed: "It's better to eat and drink until the food is good."

The Yanlong furnace had always been stable, but this was the first time Chen Xiang used this kind of Holy level Spirit Fire to refine a pill, he never expected it to have such an unexpected effect.

"Everything is going smoothly, just like how I refined a Tier 6 or 7 immortal pill! It seems like this [Eight Rank Sacred animal Dan] is very easy. " Chen Xiang was a little surprised: "Could this be because of the Sacred animal Dan?"

He had refined Sacred animal Dan all the way here. Although refining high level Sacred animal Dan required high level Sacred animal fruit, he was very clear about its special characteristics. Adding on to the fact that he had a stable spirit fire, it was only because of this that it had gone so smoothly.

"I wonder how is the Tianlong Dan being refined!" Chen Xiang was suddenly looking forward to using this Holy level Spirit Fire to refine the other Grade Eight Pills.

"Since the refining process was so smooth, I might as well refine a few more." Long Xueyi laughed and said: "Although it won't help me cultivate much, but this pill is very delicious, eating more won't hurt me."

Chen Xiang scoffed, "All you know is to eat and eat all day, don't lead Xianxian and the others astray. If they were to eat all day like you did, I would be in pain."

At this time, Xue Xianxian's sweet, clear, bell-like laughter rang out: "Blossom Heart Big Radish, we will eat to the end of the world. Sister Xue Yi said that you need to eat more before you can become stronger."

"Xianxian, don't listen to her. Her understanding of food is different from yours!" Chen Xiang said with a bitter face: "I've raised enough greedy Dragons, you guys don't have to blindly meddle in this."

"Serves you right, who told you to go around stirring up trouble, you don't have that kind of ability, to have mercy on others back then, as far as I know … …" My future sisters might fill this place, hmph. " Xue Xianxian scoffed, "In the future, ask Xue Yi to teach you more about eating. I want to see if you have the power to control so many women."

Hearing Long Xueyi's gloating laughter, Chen Xiang really wanted to pull her out, tie her up and put her in front of a pile of delicious food. If she couldn't eat it, Chen Xiang would torture her to death.

"Actually, there's nothing to be afraid of. When the time comes, I will definitely be able to deal with it." Chen Xiang suddenly became very confident, because he thought of a person who could help him in this aspect, and that person was Lv Qilian!

When the spirit liquid he condensed mixed with Lv Qilian's spirit liquid, it would be extremely powerful, and he and Lv Qilian would still be able to grow in the future. At that time, they might even be able to be even more powerful, and would be able to help him duplicate many high grade medicinal ingredients.

"Alright!" Chen Xiang opened his pill furnace. This was an eighth ranked Sacred animal Dan, but Chen Xiang did not feel much accomplishment because the difficulty of refining this Sacred animal Dan was too low.

"I used four hours to refine four pills!" "He's really strong, not bad, not bad at all. If I were to put in more effort, I should be able to make a furnace out of it in just two hours." Long Xueyi tasted the [Eighth] class Sacred animal Dan s refined by Chen Xiang, and praised it endlessly.

Although Long Xueyi liked to eat them, she was also very generous. She gave the ingredients to Kong Bailing and Pearl respectively.

Following that, the Tianlong Dan s were the same as the Sacred animal Dan, and everything went smoothly.

In order to test the Holy level Spirit Fire, he had repeatedly refined the Immortal Grade Eight Sacred animal Dan and the Tianlong Dan. After refining dozens of them, he finally stopped.

"Grade 8 immortal pills are more famous than Spirit Consolidating Pills. They are mainly used to stabilize the soul!" Chen Xiang sighed with his head raised, "It would have been great if I could get it back then."

Grade eight immortal pills were usually eaten by Saint Immortals or Saint Lords, and at this level, one would usually focus on cultivating the soul. Moreover, there were very few people who could transform into a Saint realm and only after reaching the Saint realm would they be able to cultivate the soul. At this time, a lot of attention was being paid to cultivating the soul.

Therefore, grade seven and eight pills were extremely helpful to the soul and could be sold at an exorbitant price.

"Lad, you want the materials for the Solidified Spirit Pill?"

Just as Chen Xiang was letting out a long sigh, a voice suddenly came out, startling him. There was actually someone else inside.

"Who is it?" Chen Xiang suddenly stood up, looked around, and saw nothing.

He had been here for more than a year. Although he did not encounter any danger, he still maintained his high vigilance. However, he did not discover anyone during this period of time.

"Don't worry, I'm a human, I won't hurt you." A chubby middle-aged man with a black bag on his shoulder walked over with a smile on his face. He looked like a martyr who was eyeing his prey.

"Are you human? What are you doing here? " Chen Xiang asked, clenching his fists tightly, he was wary of his opponent.

"I'm a merchant. I can bring anything the people here need!" The fat middle-aged man smiled and said: "My name is Peng Renyi, most people call me the benevolent and righteous husband."

Chen Xiang looked at his deceptive smile and muttered: "No matter how I look at it, he looks like a annihilator."

"Why are you here? Isn't this place the God's Punishment Ground? " Chen Xiang pointed to the nine blood colored Bane Bane Stars in the sky.

Peng Renyi laughed: "This was indeed a God's Punishment Ground in the past, but that was a long time ago. You must have been here for a while, have you encountered any disasters? "Obviously not, because the nine stars were sealed a long time ago."

"Let's return to the main topic at hand. You mentioned earlier that you need the materials to concoct the Solidified Spirit Pill, right? I can get it for you! "

Chen Xiang said: "I want to go out, can you help me? How the hell did you get in? If this place is not a God's Punishment Ground, then what kind of place is it? "

"You don't need to know where this is, and you don't need to worry about not being able to leave in the future. Just stay here for a while longer and you will understand. You've been here for so long, you haven't been around, have you? " Peng Renyi laughed: "This place is not as scary as the guy you killed said. This place is still filled with love."

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