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Chen Xiang looked at Lv Qilian, his heart thumping hard. He did not expect this high and mighty Flower Emperor to have such a thought about him, which made him excited.

The atmosphere was a little awkward. Lv Qilian turned his head away and said softly, "You can leave my Divine Sense Sea.

In order to avoid any awkwardness, Lv Qilian hurriedly got off the bed. "I need a large amount of medicinal ingredients during this time, so you should cultivate properly here. If you have any, come to the training room next door and find me."

Lv Qilian left the room and sat on the bed, feeling a little disappointed. He shook his head and stopped thinking about the complicated feelings between him and Lv Qilian.

"Little Scoundrel, how is it? Have you eaten her yet?" Long Xueyi's voice echoed within Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea. When Chen Xiang left the Heavenly Region, he left a trace of his divine soul within Long Xueyi's Divine Sense Sea.

"What are you thinking?" Chen Xiang snorted.

"It's been more than ten days but nothing happened." Long Xueyi curled his lips: "It's really useless."

Chen Xiang ignored her and focused on organizing the cultivation experiences that Lv Qilian gave him. He and Lv Qilian actually went on for more than ten days.

This time, his understanding of the Alive Slain Method was very simple. Previously, many of the difficulties had now been cleared up for him, allowing him to operate the Alive Slain Method very smoothly, absorbing the Holy Spirit Qi outside. Adding to his body and the strange energy in the Divine Sense Sea, he was able to condense the spirit liquid on his tongue.

"One drop every two hours, that's too slow." Chen Xiang looked at the transparent drop of spirit liquid that was emitting a faint red light, he had no idea how powerful this spirit liquid was.

Lv Qilian could condense a lot in two hours, she only needed to condense spirit liquid for a month's time. This speed made Chen Xiang envious, but for Long Xueyi's appetite, it was still too slow.

Chen Xiang walked out of the room and knocked on the door.

"Come in." Lv Qilian shouted lightly.

Chen Xiang pushed open the door and entered. A burst of fragrance immediately assaulted his nose, this fragrance immediately made Chen Xiang remember the last time she kissed Lv Qilian, the fragrance of the spirit liquid in her mouth.

"Sister Qilian, how is the spirit liquid compared to yours?" Chen Xiang took out a jade box, inside it was a drop of the spirit liquid he just condensed.

Lv Qilian sat cross legged on the carpet, in front of her were a few jade bottles, inside them were the spirit liquids that she condensed, and a burst of fragrance wafted out.

"He's as strong as mine. How long did you take to condense one drop?" Lv Qilian nodded his head in satisfaction.

"Two hours." Chen Xiang said somewhat embarrassedly, because he knew that Lv Qilian was much faster than him.

"That's right. As long as we can get familiar with each other, you'll become like me very soon." Lv Qilian returned the drop of Spirit Liquid to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang squatted down and picked up a jade bottle. Looking at the spirit liquid that Lv Qilian condensed, he asked: "Why is there no such fragrance? Is it because you ate too many flowers, why is it so fragrant?"

Lv Qilian chuckled: "This might be related to my physique, if not why would others call me Flower Emperor. The spirit liquid you have right now is exactly the same to me, there's no difference, it's just that the smell is different."

Chen Xiang shook his head: "I don't think so, why don't we mix our powers together and take a look."

Last time when Chen Xiang fused his creation divine liquid with Lv Qilian, they had become extremely far apart, and even Lv Qilian found it difficult to understand them.

Lv Qilian nodded, she also wanted to see what would happen. She took the jade box from Chen Xiang's hands and dripped a drop of her own spirit liquid onto Chen Xiang's drop.

The two drops actually fused together quickly without any change, but Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian were frowning.

Because when the two drops of spirit liquid fuse, even if there was no change, the one drop should at least be a little larger, or at least the sum of the two drops. Previously, when his creation divine liquid and Lv Qilian's spirit liquid fuse, not only would there be a huge change, the other drop would also become a lot larger.

But now, when their two spirit liquids merged together, it was extremely strange.

"This is true fusion." Chen Xiang said: "Add another drop of your spirit liquid."

Lv Qilian did as he was told, but this drop of water was unable to merge with the previous one, and was rejected.

"Concentrate one more drop, two more drops yours, two more drops mine, and see if the result is the same." Lv Qilian said. If fusing with Chen Xiang's spirit liquid had a huge effect, she would not have to bitterly stay here to cultivate all day.

Chen Xiang immediately activated Alive Slain Method and started to refine. After two hours, he took out a drop of spirit liquid and dripped it into the jade box, fusing it with the drop that Lv Qilian had rejected.

At this time, there were two separate drops inside the jade box. Lv Qilian shook the jade box, and when the two drops collided, it was as she had expected.

It was like two grains of rice colliding and then fusing into one, but only as big as one.

At this moment, the four drops of water had become one, although the water droplets did not become larger, Chen Xiang and Lv Qilian both knew that these four drops of water had been compressed at a high level, and the quality was extremely high.

Chen Xiang laughed: "I already said that our spirit liquids are different, could it be that this is due to the difference between Yin and Yang?"

Lv Qilian frowned, he shook the jade box and used his divine power to observe the drop of Spirit Liquid carefully, then said: "Let me try and see how effective this thing is."

She took out a piece of Jade Dragon Flower Pendant and wanted to use the Jade Dragon Flower to try it.

"If it was only my spirit liquid, I would normally need a thousand drops in order for this petal to turn into a complete Jade Dragon Flower. It's the most mature type, with ten petals." Lv Qilian said.

Chen Xiang said: "We only have four drops, it's better to use some low grade medicinal ingredients."

Lv Qilian shook his head: "After fusing, it won't only be four drops, according to my speculations, the effect should be at least twenty to thirty times the original, which is equivalent to around a hundred drops. If I can create a single petal, it would prove that my speculations were correct."

In this regard, Lv Qilian had a lot of experience. She, a woman, relied on these spirit liquids to establish this strong Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

Lv Qilian dropped the petal inside the jade box and dripped it into the four-in-one spirit liquid. After dropping it onto it, a petal quickly appeared beside the root of the flower petal.

"So it's like that. With the two of us working together, it won't be long before your seed sprouts." Lv Qilian's eyes burned with excitement, "Don't you have a seed that can lead to the Heaven Realm when it is planted? That Heaven Realm is full of strange flowers and herbs."

Back then, when Chen Xiang gave the seed to Lv Qilian, he also gave it back to him later on.

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