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The reason that Xiao Chou rushed back from the outside was to participate in the hundred year large competition of the Supreme Palace. This was also to broaden the horizons of the Divine Nations, and Xiao Chou also wanted to go to those places.

Chen Xiang was only creating Yuxin Dan now, in his opinion, it was not enough for him to use this pill to participate in the competition, unless he could purchase a Zhenyang gold ginseng and improve it. If he could refine a Xiaping Dan much better than the Yuxin Dan, he was confident that he would win.

Xiao Chou and Chen Xiang chatted for a while before he and Zhu Siqing finally left.

"Sister Feng, what pill did you give to Qing Er earlier?" Chen Xiang knew that it was a Zhongpin Dan, but he didn't know its name.

"I refined it some time ago. It cannot be considered a very good Zhongpin Dan, but it is much better than a Xiaping Dan. Now, I am also prepared to use your method to improve this pill." Feng Yujie laughed. She was familiar with the techniques of the Original source refining, and knew that using this method, one could fuse the medicinal ingredients that were difficult to fuse.

Chen Xiang laughed: "That brat Xiao Chou was so cocky in front of me earlier, I cannot lose to him, if not the little guy will quickly become arrogant to the heavens."

Feng Yujie laughed, "Then let's work harder."

Because they had nothing else to do, Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie had long since went into the house to practice the Alive Slain Method's condensing spirit pearl.

… ….

Early the next morning, Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie were still wrapped up in bed when they suddenly heard Luo Tianjun shouting outside.

"Brat, little girl, there's someone looking for you. They're here to sell divine medicines."

Usually, it was Chen Xiang's turn to call them Luo Tianjun, but today, it was Luo Tianjun's turn to call them.

Feng Yujie got up from bed in a hurry, simple enough to tidy up his clothes, then walked out of his room to the hall, where a black and white haired middle-aged man sat.

Chen Xiang walked in at this time, and when he saw this middle-aged man, he had a very strange feeling.

This middle-aged man gave off a very ancient aura. Wearing a black robe, he was the Boxing Hall's uniform.

"Zhenyang gold ginseng, two hundred thousand Shen Yuan stone." When the middle aged man saw Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie walking in, he immediately raised the price, and did not say anything unnecessary.

On Feng Yujie's notice, it said that he bought it with a hundred and fifty thousand Shen Yuan stone, so it was normal for the middle aged man to come here to bargain.

"Quite a few." Feng Yujie asked, he knew that it would be a little less.

When Feng Yujie asked this question, the middle aged man immediately stood up and prepared to leave.

"Alright, 200,000 is 200,000." Feng Yujie immediately shouted out. Although it was a little expensive, as long as they could purchase it, she and Chen Xiang could make an unlimited copy.

The middle-aged man took the Storage bag from Feng Yujie and counted it carefully before taking out the Zhenyang gold ginseng.

The Zhenyang gold ginseng seemed to have been carved out of gold, it emitted a kind of gentle sunlight, and when held in the hand, it also felt a burning sensation.

"This is a Zhenyang gold ginseng." Outside the courtyard, Luo Tianjun saw Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie appraising, and shouted.

With Luo Tianjun's words, Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie were not as determined as they were before as they immediately reached an agreement.

The middle-aged man quickly walked out of the tenth hall.

"A price of two hundred thousand is considered normal. Right now, even a hundred and fifty thousand Shen Yuan stone is hard to accept." Luo Tianjun laughed. He did not ask what Chen Xiang wanted this Zhenyang gold ginseng to do, because Chen Xiang had told him before that he wanted to create a divine pill formula to participate in the competition at Dan Hall.

"Brat, you can now register to participate. Which group do you think you should join?" Luo Tianjun asked.

"This group of Xiaping Dan." Chen Xiang replied: "How many days do we still have left?"

"Three more months." Luo Tianjun gave Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie a fruit each. "Most of the disciples that leave will be back in these three months."

Three months was more than enough for Chen Xiang.

Feng Yujie asked: "Hall Master, when can we register, is it us who should go?"

Luo Tianjun laughed: "Little girl, I've already gotten the oldest Gu to help you register. The one who is participating in the Xiaping Dan group is us, tenth hall, other than you and me, everyone else has already registered to participate."

"Hall Master, can you change it? I want to join the Zhongpin Dan group." Feng Yujie smiled sweetly, "You guys are underestimating me."

Luo Tianjun was startled, then chuckled: "Of course you can change it. We have indeed underestimated you, we are truly sorry."

Chen Xiang was also surprised, but thinking about the Zhongpin Dan that Feng Yujie gave to Zhu Siqing yesterday, coupled with the fact that she had obtained the Heavenly Alchemy, refining the Zhongpin Dan was extremely easy for her.

"Hall Master, did you prepare the medicinal ingredients yourself?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Of course I'm preparing it myself, so if you can't find the medicinal ingredients, then don't participate." Luo Tianjun laughed: "I think all of you will be preparing the ingredients needed, at that time, I will need to prepare a set of ingredients for the pill formulas that I am most familiar with, and the other pills will be provided by the Dan Hall."

"I'll join when the time comes. I'm not sure which group I'll be joining." Luo Tianjun sighed: "If I participate, I would have to bring out the things that can be lowered."

Chen Xiang was puzzled, and asked: "Hall Master, aren't you guys the only ones who are in the Shangpin dan group?"

Feng Yujie shook his head: "Of course not, above the Shangpin dan, there is still the Supreme God Pellet, and after the Supreme God Pellet, there is the King grade, Heaven Grade, Saint Grade, and finally, there is the Sovereign Profound Pellet which is extremely difficult to refine.

Luo Tianjun laughed: "Little girl is right, I am considering whether I should join this group of Shangpin dan or not."

Chen Xiang did not know that there was still such a high levelled pill in the Shangpin dan. If it was really like that, then what kind of divine medicine and pill formulas would be required to refine it?

Luo Tianjun being able to refine a Taipin Dan caused Feng Yujie to be secretly shocked, because she knew the level of being able to refine this kind of pill.

The herbs that Feng Yujie had purchased were all from Xiaping Dan, but she had to register to join the group of Zhongpin Dan.

After Chen Xiang and Feng Yujie entered the room, Chen Xiang asked: "Sister Feng, the low grade divine medicines that you bought are for refining Xiaping Dan s."

Feng Yujie laughed tenderly: "Originally, but not now. All the medicinal ingredients can evolve, after buying them all, and then use the Spirit Orb to give birth to them, and then evolve to a Zhongpin medicine, at that time I will directly use it to refine a Zhongpin Dan. Of course, refining this pill requires over 600 other Shangpin holy Dan s, I have already gathered all of them."

Chen Xiang felt that it was very troublesome, because he felt that when he refined a large amount of Zhongpin Dan in the future, he would first need to refine a large amount of Shangpin holy Dan.

Therefore, he planned to find a way to solve this problem from the Heavenly Alchemy.

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