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After the Sacred Sacrificed Alter was attacked, the ancient powerhouses were very angry, because this would cause their plan to be delayed for a while, and now they were all pouring energy into the altar. After the Sacred Sacrificed Alter absorbed their energy, it once again emitted a white light to repair itself.

"Senior, if you had acted just now, you would have definitely destroyed this Sacred Sacrificed Alter. Just now was the most fragile time for this Sacred Sacrificed Alter." Chen Xiang sighed as he transmitted his voice to the White Tiger.

"If I were to make a move, I wouldn't be able to accompany you to enter the Three Realms Talk, and even I would have to use a lot of strength to completely destroy this Sacred Sacrificed Alter, but that would expose my identity, so I can't let the people who are hiding know that I'm still alive right now." The White Tiger said.

Other than the Peach Blossom Imperial Land, the other ancient powers and sects all came to the side of the Sacred Sacrificed Alter. Those ancient powers in the past were all traitors of the past.

"If I find out anything related to the altar, I will immediately inform you. Don't attack this Sacred Sacrificed Alter anymore, it's useless." Ji Meixian whispered to Chen Xiang.

Many people felt bored when they saw that it was a work of the ancient forces, and quickly left. However, there were also many people who noticed that the ancient factions were planning to do something, and they were going to do it with the help of the Three Realms Talk.

"Let's go, they still have to repair Sacred Sacrificed Alter, they won't be able to open it for a while, I think they should at least be after Three Realms Talk!" The White Tiger transmitted its voice to Li Baojun and Chen Xiang.

Afterwards, the three of them also left and returned to their residence.

"It won't be easy for the Sacred Sacrificed Alter to open! I should need some offerings or something like that. " When Chen Xiang thought about offerings, he had a bad premonition. In his knowledge, offerings at powerful altars like these were all made of blood.

"Un, I need something special. I think all of those traitors should have it. If it's using a person's life as a sacrifice, then we definitely can't spare them! " The White Tiger said, "I don't think they will revive the Saint Devil! If the Holy Demons were to descend, they would be under the control of the Holy Demons as well. They are currently living a carefree life, and do not wish to be enslaved by others. "

There were still ten days before the Three Realms Talk's start. It was said that there would be events that would be held when one approached the Three Realms Talk.

Chen Xiang had been using the Philosophic stone for the past few days, and now he realised one of the uses of the Philosophic stone, which was to circulate his technique and allow the Innate Qi to circulate in his body at a much faster rate. This Philosophic stone could allow him to train at a much faster rate than before, allowing him to more thoroughly integrate into the divine arts, allowing him to be able to understand the natural way even more.

"Leader, there's good news!" Li Baojun knocked on Chen Xiang's door and shouted excitedly.

"What good news?" Chen Xiang opened the door and asked.

"When profoundbing came, finally someone sold them, and it was by auction! There will be an auction later on to sell profoundbing! " Li Baojun said.

"Will anyone buy it?" Chen Xiang found it funny. He didn't even know if there was anything inside those profoundbing s, but they were actually being auctioned off too. They were competing with each other until their heads bled, losing a large number of Spar.

"Of course there are, many tycoons have always wanted to try their luck, and get their own profoundbing s to test their luck, but you also know that these profoundbing s are not something normal people can get their hands on. Only those large powers have enough manpower and resources to mine in the profound Cold Ancient Realm, and of course some powerful rogue cultivators would go in to find them." Li Baojun said.

"Then let's go take a look! And the Great Clan Elder? " Chen Xiang asked.

"The Great Elder has occupied a seat inside. We can't reveal our identities right now, so we can't get a VIP box!"

Chen Xiang and Li Baojun quickly arrived at the entrance of the auction house. The place where the auction was held was actually the property of the Purple Moon Imperial Land, and the person selling the profoundbing was actually the Purple Moon Imperial Land.

The admission fee was very expensive, it required ten million Spar s each, but Li Baojun had already paid them before, so they could enter with a single plate.

The position that the White Tiger occupied was in the front row, which made it easier for Chen Xiang to look more carefully.

"I heard that the profoundbing being auctioned is not simple. They are not the kind that we have seen in the Golden Yang Building before, so they attracted a lot of people. It is said that the profoundbing being auctioned now has a very high chance of producing treasures!" The White Tiger looked at its surroundings, then sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang: "The Sacred Sacrificed Alter is almost completely repaired, and the big shots of the ancient powers are all here, you have to be careful, don't expose the Chaos Divine Eye!"

Chen Xiang nodded, releasing his divine power and kept watch on his surroundings.

"Oh yeah, one of the clan elders from the Purple Moon Imperial Land said, if we buy the profoundbing here, they will help us break it. That clan elder also said that in order for the Purple Moon Imperial Land to gather information on the profoundbing, we must break it on the spot!" The White Tiger said.

"This isn't good!" Chen Xiang was confident that he could use the Chaos Divine Eye to see if there was anything inside the profoundbing.

"Senior, you and Elder Li can go to the seats at the back!" Chen Xiang sent a sound transmission to Li Baojun and the White Tiger. This way, the three of them would be able to bid for the three profoundbing s and not be targeted. Otherwise, if they wanted to leave, it would be troublesome.

"Everyone, quiet! "The auction is about to begin." A handsome middle-aged man walked onto the stage and said loudly.

There were a lot of people at the auction place, especially those sitting below. There were more than 20,000 people and there were also quite a few in the private rooms.

"The profoundbing that we are auctioning today is very unique, and is very different from the profoundbing that everyone knows about. Furthermore, there is an extremely high possibility of treasures appearing inside! That's why we all need to be mentally prepared. We, the Purple Moon Imperial Land, are not responsible for this. " The middle-aged man said.

Buying a profoundbing was equivalent to gambling. Everyone knew that it was interesting to buy one.

"Bring the first profoundbing up!" The middle-aged man said, only to see four people carrying a square table, the profoundbing on top of the table was covered with a cloth, it looked extremely mysterious.

The middle-aged man laughed: "Everyone, be prepared, this profoundbing is very dazzling!" As he said that, he pulled the cloth away, releasing a burst of white light. At that moment, everyone felt pain in their eyes, and some of them even started to cry.

The glow of the profoundbing had dimmed down by a lot. Everyone could now see what kind of profoundbing it was.

It was a huge, snow-white lotus with white clouds swirling around it. It was incredibly holy, as if it were carved from snow-white jade, but it seemed to have been formed naturally. It was vivid and lifelike, and although it gave off bursts of chilliness, people could feel that this white lotus was giving off a true life of its own.

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