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Not long after the voice appeared, a person who looked exactly like him stood in front of Chen Xiang. He was dressed in black, his expression was cold, and in his hand was a long sword with a green dragon carved on it.

"Azure Dragon Sword." Chen Xiang was shocked, this was one of the Seven Dragons Sword s, Long Xueyi had said before that this was an existence which was closest to the divine sword, if the user was strong, they could fight against the divine blade.

"That's right, although the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword in your hand is stronger than this sword, in your hands, it is like a piece of wood." The person who looked exactly the same as Chen Xiang said.

"Who are you?" Chen Xiang originally thought that this was an illusion but it was actually so real. The person who looked exactly like him seemed to be extremely powerful.

"I am not a person. I am only protecting a Spirit Body here, but I have a very terrifying ability. It is to become exactly the same as others, including having the same strength as him, but I will definitely be stronger than you because I can use all of my power and you can't." The man sneered.

Chen Xiang held onto the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and vigilantly looked at this fellow who had the same face as him. Just now, the other party had threatened to kill him.

"So you're saying that you've become a lot of powerful people before, so why didn't you turn into those powerful people to deal with me?" Chen Xiang asked, holding onto the divine blade tightly.

This talent of mine can only be used once. I was captured here to wait for the first person to enter this place, then to become him, to kill him, to obtain his soul, to become him. This is the only way I can leave this place, I have already thought of a name for myself. That Zhou Fei laughed, his face full of confidence: "Although you are very weak, you still managed to climb the Heaven Stairway with difficulty. Luckily you managed to climb it, otherwise, I do not know how long I would have to wait."

Chen Xiang already understood that this strange spirit body was just a trap placed here, waiting for him to come.

"You want to become me? Dream on, you have the same strength as me, but you don't have the same soul as me. You have the same impossibility of becoming me, and I will absolutely not give you a chance." Chen Xiang was not one bit afraid of Zhou Fei.

"Haha …" Zhou Fei raised his head and laughed maniacally. The Azure Dragon Sword in his hand continuously flashed. He was quickly pouring a terrifying divine force into it.

Chen Xiang was very familiar with that power, it was from his body, as though it was extracted from his body. If he did not see it with his own eyes, he would not have believed that such a strange spirit body existed.

"Thank you, for granting me such a satisfactory power, thank you for allowing me to obtain the Heaven Earth Killing Method, this is a peerless divine art, haha …" As Zhou Fei spoke, he had already disappeared.

Sensing the spatial energy, Chen Xiang was greatly shocked in his heart. This Zhou Fei was actually able to completely duplicate his energy, and was even able to use the power of spatial laws. What surprised him the most was that after Zhou Fei became his replica, he also managed to grasp the Heaven Earth Killing Method.

Chen Xiang suspected that his soul had been copied by Zhou Fei.

"There can only be one me in this world." Zhou Fei's maniacal laughter echoed in the luxurious hall, "So you must die."

Just as Chen Xiang was slowly spinning, Zhou Fei suddenly appeared in front of him. The green dragon sword in his hand that had been infused with his powerful god power had already pierced into his heart.

The profoundwu diamond armour on Chen Xiang's body suddenly appeared, but Zhou Fei's sword attack was extremely powerful and sent him flying.

Seeing Chen Xiang's profoundwu diamond armour, Zhou Fei frowned, his face had a trace of anger, he did not know that Chen Xiang had such a holy armor.

After Chen Xiang was sent flying, he stood firmly on the ground. He was completely fine, he had been very sure that Zhou Fei would not be able to replicate the Divine Weapon, so he did not have any profoundwu diamond armour s or Killing-god heart s.

However, the other party's physical body was as strong as his, and he also had the Devil-suppressing Golden Body, so his poison had no effect on him.

Chen Xiang stood there, his eyes gleaming with excitement. The Zhou Fei in front of him was equivalent to a very strong him, it was easy to defeat others, but very difficult to defeat himself, this was a very rare opportunity.

"Defeating him is equivalent to defeating myself." Suddenly, Chen Xiang kept his Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and profoundwu diamond armour. He decided not to use his divine weapon.

Zhou Fei's sword attack just now had made him believe that Zhou Fei had truly displayed his entire body's power to the fullest. This was something he could not do, but now he had to do it, or else he would be defeated.

"What are you laughing at now?" Zhou Fei saw Chen Xiang keeping the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword, and he found it hard to understand. "Could it be that you want to admit defeat?"

"How could I admit defeat? Your appearance is extremely important to me, and also extremely difficult to come by. Right now, I am extremely eager for power, and you … It will become a stepping stone for me to become stronger. I will defeat you with my bare hands and defeat myself. " Chen Xiang was full of confidence. After going through the hundred thousand Heaven Stairway, he had already trained to the point of having an incomparably firm conviction.

Zhou Fei was a spirit body, and he had cultivated his own intelligence. He knew how to be angry as well, because Chen Xiang's words made him instantly turn furious.

It was just that this slash was much more terrifying than the one Chen Xiang released previously, because the vast wave of Sword Qi that was used like wild waves, with the force of killing the heavens and the earth, this spirit that had just replicated his power, was able to nimbly use his power from the start. This made Chen Xiang even more excited.

Looking at the vast and mighty Sword Qi, it was as though it could destroy the heaven and earth and envelop Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was very serious at the moment, and he felt that the power was similar to the heavenly tribulations of the hundred thousand Heaven Stairway. Although it was very scary and looked as if he couldn't go up, he still relied on his will and his firm heart to do what he thought was impossible.

At the same time, his eyes became empty, and a faint white light appeared in his eyes. He slowly raised his fist, and the aura he suddenly gathered around him, seemed like the collapse of heaven and earth, the overturning of the seas, the absence of any aura, but the aura was extremely terrifying.

"Heaven and Earth Annihilating Fist." A technique suddenly appeared in Chen Xiang's mind. When the Vast Waves Sword Qi struck him, he instantly digested the technique and slashed out towards the invisible but terrifying Vast Waves Sword Qi.

Chen Xiang's fist faced that terrifying Sword Qi, and the two forces brought along the might of heaven and earth, as they fiercely clashed against each other, and released that roar, as if the heaven and earth were crying out in grief, and the two of them were being forced to retreat by the surging waves. What made Zhou Fei surprised was, the Azure Dragon Sword in his hand almost flew out from the impact, the two of them were separated by dozens of meters, but their clash through the air was also extremely terrifying.

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