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Shua shua shua!

The entire world suddenly became incomparably brilliant.

Streams of star power exploded out.

Before this, this stele was a carrier that held the power of all the stars.

However, at this moment, the stone tablet exploded. It meant that there was no longer any power that could be absorbed or contained, so it directly became a chaotic current that wreaked havoc in that space.

Long Fei glanced at it indifferently, not minding it at all. This power, posed no threat to him.

Although it was useful, it would at most allow his physical body to become a thin line in the wall.

Compared to the existence underneath the stone tablet, it was not even worth mentioning.

Subconsciously, Long Fei looked down.

At this moment, after the stone tablet exploded, a terrifying aura came from the bottom of the stone tablet.

Along with the inheritance power in the system space, it had become even more manic at this moment.

"Hmph, it has only been this senior who has killed so many people. A single boss still wants to take away my strength?"


He harrumphed coldly.

Long Fei used his mind and instantly used the system to suppress the power.

In an instant, this power immediately went silent. Being firmly suppressed by Long Fei, it didn't dare to make any more movements.


However, at this moment.

Beneath the stone stele, an enraged roar could be heard.

His voice was incomparably berserk and furious.

It was as if the hatred and resentment of the past was about to pour out.

Rumble …

At this time, the star power in the entire space was instantly frozen. One after another, it condensed in the void.

Long Fei was startled, a sense of crisis swept through his hair.

He instinctively took a step back.

But the moment Long Fei's body disappeared, in the place where he had originally stood, a long spear swept towards him in a flash.


The long spear pierced through the air with a murderous intent.

Rumble …

Rumble …

The entire space began to crack and crack. The power of the stars directly dissipated, turning into nothingness and disappearing without a trace.

If not for Long Fei's timely reaction, his body might have already been penetrated by the spear.

Long Fei's expression also became serious.

A single spear strike had made his scalp tingle.

"Damn, is he that fierce?" Long Fei was in disbelief.

With his current abilities, killing the God of Boundary was as easy as killing a dog.

Even if it was the God of Boundary of the super strong world of the Nine Heavens and Ten Earth, Long Fei still wouldn't feel the slightest bit of pressure.

But in front of him, just a single spear strike had made Long Fei's heart turn cold.

Too fierce.

Before the spear shot out, it had already caused the sky and earth to pale and the star power to freeze.

And then, the spear pierced through the air.

All the energy dissipated.

This method could be called truly heaven-defying.

No, it couldn't even be described as heaven defying.

He was simply invincible.

With just a thought, Long Fei also became cautious.

His gaze was fixated on this spear.


Right at this time, the spear moved, the spear tip danced in the air, flying straight at Long Fei.

"Damn, it's not over yet, is it?"

"Laozi has given you face, right?"

Long Fei scolded.

A long spear similarly appeared in his hand as he turned around.

This spear was shot out of emperor Xuan when he was killing him.

Never used.

But now, after being attacked multiple times by a long spear that no one could control, Long Fei was finally enraged and directly used his spear.

"Break!" Long Fei roared, the long spear in his hand turned into a flower and he turned around, directly pointing the long spear out.


With a point of his spear, a huge force swept out.

It collided with the spear that had shot out from beneath the stone tablet.

Rumble …

In the blink of an eye, a large area of space was annihilated as boundless power wreaked havoc in a berserk manner.

Long Fei's long hair fluttered in the wind. Under this kind of power, she looked like a demon god.

As for that ownerless spear, it was finally being controlled and it was difficult to advance even an inch.

"Hmph, come on, aren't you awesome?"

"Thrust another one for laozi to see." As Long Fei spoke, he slightly exerted some strength in his hands and turned around.


This time, the ownerless spear instantly bent into a half month.

However, he wasn't hit and sent flying.

Long Fei's face became even more ugly.

He felt a deep sense of defeat.

He knew in his heart that if he had used the idea s to control the World Shattering Spear, without the support of his physical body, the World Shattering Spear would have been shattered long ago.

However, the longspear in front of him was only bent.

From this, it could be seen how terrifying the people below the stone monument were.


However, right at this moment, the spear in the hands of the ownerless man tumbled backwards, finally landing firmly in its original position on the stone tablet.

Long Fei also retracted his spear and stood up.

He looked over.

"He He."

A hoarse voice sounded once more, and immediately, a purple-haired middle-aged man walked out from within.

Finally, it appeared on the ground and tightened its grip on the long spear.

"Someone from the ancient world?"

"Emperor Luo Yuan?"

Long Fei and the man spoke at the same time.

"Great Emperor? "Hahaha, after so many years, I've finally heard this name again."

"Kid, the reason why you were able to find this place is most likely because of the inheritance I left behind in the ancient world."

"Hahahaha, finally, I, Luo Yuan, can see the light of day again."

"And our brothers of yesteryear, and our master."

"When I save all of you, we'll sweep across the entire Allworld and let it know who's the true master."

Luo Yuan laughed.

However, Long Fei fell silent.

He silently looked at Luo Yuan, not saying a word.

However, he was thinking about the words of Luo Yuan.

"Brother, master?"

Long Fei's heart sank.

Needless to say, his brother was definitely one of the thirteen Ancient Era's Emperors.

But Master?

As he thought about this, Long Fei felt a chill in his heart.

In fact, his heart clenched as a sense of nervousness welled up within him.

The reason for that was because he knew very well that, although the thirteen emperors of the Ancient Era were extremely powerful, they had always submitted to one person.

Long Batian!

Was this man, who had led his life, really going to die so easily?

Suddenly, Long Fei looked at the scales in the air.

It was just a glance, but Long Fei's heart instantly jumped out of his chest.

That was because the cracks on the scales had disappeared. They had even started to show signs of life. Streaks of bloody lines spread across the scales, as if something was about to awaken.

Instantly, an unprecedented sense of urgency appeared in Long Fei's heart.

In that instant, whatever ancient kingdom or boundless universe, was instantly thrown to the back of Long Fei's mind.

Compared to Long Batian, they were nothing.

"He really did not die, Long Batian, what exactly do you want to do?" Long Fei asked in his heart.

However, these scales didn't respond at all.

Long Fei frowned, and was about to ask, but his state of mind was interrupted by Luo Yuan's words from the outside world:

"Alright, since you're able to make it here, your mission has been accomplished."

"Then, you self-destruct. This Emperor will see that you have saved this Emperor, and in the future, I will use your body to make you famous throughout the myriad worlds."

"Hahaha." Emperor Luo Yuan laughed and walked towards Xiang Longfei.

As for Long Fei, he let out a soft laugh.

"Want to possess? That is to say, your current strength looks overpowered, but it's merely at the end of your tether? " Long Fei said indifferently.

Then, he raised his spear:

"Fallen Land right? I think you're thinking too much. Self-destruct? "I'll give you possession?" "Sorry, the reason I came today was to kill you."

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