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Just like the other big powers, the moment they managed to sneak in, the moment they were able to attack from the inside. That was why it was very strict when entering and leaving, and the Divine Artisan Mountain Villa was an example of that: After Chen Xiang sneaked in, even the Immortal Meridians deep underground were destroyed.

After Chen Xiang entered, he floated into the air and became a bird. He flew inside the beautiful Hundreds of Flowers Palace, where there were many birds, so he was not afraid of exposing himself.

There were male and female disciples in the outer sect. If there were male disciples with good aptitude, they could also receive special training and become the elites of the outer sect. In the future, they would be elders of the outer sect, but they were still not allowed to join the inner sect.

"Can men enter the inner sect?" Chen Xiang could already see a tall wall in the distance.

"That's fine, but generally, the men who can walk about here have very high statuses because the women in there are all very outstanding women." Su Meiyao said: "That year, I almost joined the Hundreds of Flowers Palace, it was just that after some things happened, that's why I didn't go in."

"There isn't much change here. How nostalgic." Bai Youyou sighed as he recalled his past.

"You'd better not enter the inner sect. If Flower Emperor finds out about your methods of entering the inner sect at will, he would definitely be unhappy." Su Meiyao said.

"It's fine. I went in to tell her that there are still many loopholes in their defenses. Although there are very few people like me, there are still others. This is also to prevent people like me from appearing. Chen Xiang laughed. Because Mu Qianxiang was Flower Emperor's disciple, he did not have any enmity towards him.

"I wonder how that wild girl is doing here. She is the successor of the Sword Emperor, and her future is limitless. Furthermore, she is being nurtured by the Flower Emperor. Right, does the Flower Emperor have any other disciples?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No, I've never heard that she had a disciple before, maybe she made an exception and accepted Mu Qianxiang as her disciple." Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang waited at the entrance of the inner sect for a period of time before he waited for the female immortal, Wang Lu. The girls inside were all very young, it was obvious that they had eaten a lot of Face Preserving Pills and the like when they were young. Therefore, even after many years had passed, they did not age at all.

Just like last time, Chen Xiang turned into a strand of hair and gently fell onto the body of the female immortal king, but she did not notice it.

"It's her … I never thought that she would become an Immortal King. Back then, she was just a little girl that was in charge of receiving the guests. " Su Meiyao said in shock as she recognized the woman.

Chen Xiang floated away from the woman, and came to a forest garden. He turned into a bird, and told Long Xueyi to look for Mu Qianxiang, and only by finding Mu Qianxiang would he be able to see Flower Emperor more easily.

This inner court was not very big, and Long Xueyi's current divine power was very strong as well. She quickly found Mu Qianxiang. "Not good, I've been discovered."

Long Xueyi immediately recalled back his divine power, saying, "So powerful, this Flower Emperor is growing very quickly, no wonder she got this title."

Chen Xiang turned into a bird and stood on the branch of a tree.

Suddenly, he felt a strong pressure attack.

"She's here. She's actually able to find this place. She should have trained in the soul." Long Xueyi said in shock: "Quickly run, or else she will definitely find out."

Chen Xiang immediately turned into a leaf and mixed with the other leaves, because if he turned into a bird, it would easily be seen. A normal bird would definitely fly away when they sense the pressure.

Flower Emperor caught up to him, and in her jade hand was a long slender sword, it looked like a holy sword. She was barefooted, and stepped onto the clean grass, and was wearing a light green cheongsam, her hair was tied up in a ponytail, her beautiful and cold noble jade face was filled with caution.

The female disciples who were originally in the garden had already received her voice transmission and quickly left.

The forest became very quiet, the birds had long flown away, and there was a gentle breeze blowing occasionally, causing a few leaves to fall, it looked very peaceful and comfortable, but here, the Flower Emperor was shrouded in a powerful aura that looked down upon the world.

Chen Xiang turned into a leaf and watched the Flower Emperor walk in step by step. She was secretly worried as she watched her jadelike feet tread on the fallen leaves.

"Come out, since you are able to enter my Hundreds of Flowers Palace's inner sect, your strength should be pretty good. It would be best if you appear before any harm is done to my Hundreds of Flowers Palace, at most, I will punish you." Flower Emperor said to the empty forest.

Chen Xiang was determined to see what ability the Flower Emperor had. Even if he was discovered by her, Chen Xiang was not afraid of being captured.

"It's been many years. No one has dared to trespass into my territory. You're the first one." Flower Emperor's voice became much colder as she forcefully pulled open the skirt on her body, revealing a set of black clothes. Her long pants and short sleeves outlined her devilish figure.

Seeing the Flower Emperor revealing his jade-like arms, Chen Xiang was secretly shocked. It seemed like the appearance of the Flower Emperor was going to be real.

"He's coming." Long Xueyi shouted.

Chen Xiang felt a cold killing intent approaching him, the slender sword in Flower Emperor's hand had already pierced over, he anxiously changed to the sincere and benevolent form, shuttling through space to avoid the sword.


Chen Xiang came to the back of Flower Emperor, looked at the beautiful back view, and took a deep breath. Just now, he was almost pierced through by this woman's sword.

"It's you." Flower Emperor said, then turned his head, a little surprised.

Chen Xiang landed on the ground and laughed: "I only wanted to see my sister, I have no ill intentions."

Flower Emperor landed on the ground like a leaf. Her jade feet lightly tapped on the ground but she did not put away the sword in her hands.

"For Qianxiang's sake, I will spare your life, but you will have to accept my punishment. I will only use three moves, you can decide whether you want to live or die." The Flower Emperor said coldly, as he thrusted out his sword.

Before Chen Xiang could react, the tip of the sword had already touched his clothes. Stepping on the Shrinking step, he quickly retreated backwards, wanting to dodge that sword strike.

"I'll hammer." Godly Hammer suddenly appeared in Chen Xiang's hand, he used more than 80% of his strength to fiercely smash towards Flower Emperor's thin sword.

Flower Emperor's jade-like hand trembled. She did not expect the black hammer to be so powerful, it had erupted with such a terrifying force that it could shake her wrist.

Chen Xiang firmly believed that his hammer could definitely shatter a gigantic mountain, but he could only let the Flower Emperor's slender sword undulate for a moment.

However, he had broken through Flower Emperor's sword strike, because the sword attack's aura had already been destroyed by Chen Xiang.

"Hmph." Flower Emperor let out a gentle snort, her figure flashed, and she actually disappeared soundlessly without any signs of life.

"To the left." Long Xueyi anxiously reminded.

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