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"There's also Warm Moon and Jing Er." Long Huishan's soul looked at Chen Xiang with contempt: "Jing'er is your recognized sister, as for Dongfang Xinyue … It feels like she and you have an even closer relationship, but the two of you don't seem to be together.

"Oh this..." She's my slave, she's with Master-servant Contract. " Chen Xiang laughed dryly: "She did this on her own accord, and I have never treated her like a female slave."

"What about Lingling, how is she now?" Chen Xiang asked. Shen Lingling was his recognized sister, he had not seen her for a long time, and this made him feel ashamed.

"Now she's normal. The Immortal King's strength is the same as Jing Er's, both of them are refining pills. Don't worry, these two girls are your sisters and also my sisters. I will take good care of them." Long Huishan laughed and said, "You are really amazing, to be able to find so many good little sisters, You Lan, Lingling, Jing'er and Qianxiang, they are all very obedient, so why can't I find them?"

Chen Xiang laughed: "Didn't you find me to be a good brother? With me, you don't have to worry about not having a sister anymore, and you are also a good sister."

"Little Scoundrel, hmph." Long Huishan snorted, at the moment she was already in the belly of the mountain, there was a large stone room in the center, with a gigantic cauldron placed in the middle.

"Isn't this a divine cauldron?" Chen Xiang remembered that he had given the divine cauldron to Jiang Sheng.

The stone room was empty, but a powerful heat was coming out from the divine furnace, as though it was being refined. Chen Xiang had already gave the Vermillion Bird's skeleton to Jiang Sheng, allowing him to refine the Suzaku Divine Weapon for him.

"Where are they?" Chen Xiang did not see anyone here.

"He should be bathing. Should I take you to see it?" Long Huishan laughed.

"Alright, hurry up." Chen Xiang shouted excitedly.

"Good my ass, don't you dare go anywhere. Before they come out, your soul will stay here obediently." Long Huishan's soul had treated him like a dead man, not to mention that this strand of his soul was very weak. In the face of Long Huishan's powerful soul, he seemed very weak.

Of course, if his powerful soul came over and entered Long Huishan's Divine Sense Sea, he could very possibly control Long Huishan's Divine Sense Sea.

"Where's the Old Jiang? Wasn't he responsible for refining my Suzaku bow? Where did he go?" Chen Xiang did not see Jiang Sheng. There was only the divine cauldron that he gave to Jiang Sheng.

"Ask your Little Fairy, I'm not too sure either. He and Ten Heavens Supreme Lord are often not here." Long Huishan said.

A stone door opened, and the pure and charming Dongfang Jing and the cute and mischievous Shen Lingling walked out. The two of them were the same height, wearing the same clothes, and looked like two sisters, with a sweet and gentle smile on their faces. Although they were not young girls anymore, and their bodies released a mature aura, in Chen Xiang's eyes, they were still two innocent girls.

"Big sis, didn't you want to go out? Why are you here?" Dongfang Jing asked. She was no longer as foolish as she was back then, and when Chen Xiang thought back to her silly appearance, he couldn't help but smile.

"Your brother is here." Long Huishan said.

Hearing that Chen Xiang had arrived, Dongfang Jing and Shen Lingling were immediately overjoyed, and then looked around.

"Where's big brother? Why haven't we seen him?" Dongfang Jing looked around the hall with anticipation and longing with her watery eyes.

Shen Lingling was also the same, she did not see Chen Xiang's figure, but her watery eyes were filled with disappointment.

"Silly girl, he's only here because of his soul. You can't see him, but he can still chat with him, and his main body is still in Heavenly Dragon Realm." Long Huishan smiled and patted their heads: "Where are Xianxian and the rest?"

"They are resting inside. Brother, can you hear us? We missed you." She wanted to see Chen Xiang very much. She already knew that Chen Xiang had killed the Divine Devil Cult Lord and that her father had been killed by the disciples of the Divine Devil Cult at that time.

"I miss you guys a lot too. Wait a minute, I'll appear right now." When Chen Xiang saw the two little girls, deep thoughts filled his mind.

Long Huishan felt that Chen Xiang's soul had disappeared, and frowned: "Why did he leave? What does he want to do?"

Inside Heavenly Dragon Realm, Chen Xiang said to Long Xueyi: "I'm going back for a while, it's been a while since I saw those girls, if You Lan is back, tell her."

"Mm, go quickly. It's also good to see them." Long Xueyi nodded, and his soul left Chen Xiang's Divine Sense Sea.

Chen Xiang immediately channeled the power of the spatial laws. Just now, his soul had already went to the Ice Dragon Villa, and he could directly travel to that place right now.

Shen Lingling and Dongfang Jing shouted lightly at Chen Xiang. At this time, Xue Xianxian, Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue all came out, and after knowing that Chen Xiang had returned and left, they immediately scolded. Since Chen Xiang did not come to find them after returning from the Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, they had a lot of grudges against him.

Liu Meng'er and Dongfang Xinyue were currently comforting Shen Lingling and Dongfang Jing. The mature and charming girls were seniors in the eyes of these two girls, and only the resentful Xue Xianxian was complaining nonstop.

Suddenly, a strong spatial ripple appeared in the cave, Long Huishan hurried to the girls' side and released an ice shield to protect them, she was worried that something might happen.

Space distorted crazily and a blurry figure fell out from the distorted space. Then, space regained its stability.

Chen Xiang gasped as he laid on the ground and shouted, "It's really not easy to come back from the Heaven Realm."

"Big brother." Dongfang Jing and Shen Lingling shouted in pleasant surprise. They then moved to Chen Xiang's side like the wind, and supported Chen Xiang up.

Chen Xiang opened his arms wide and helped them up as he laughed non-stop.

"Jing Jing, Lingling, you guys are getting more and more beautiful." Chen Xiang laughed and caressed their cheeks.

Xue Xianxian hurriedly walked over and looked at Chen Xiang with hidden bitterness, "You still remember us? I thought you had lost your memories."

"How could that be? Even if I lose my memories, I won't forget you. You have already been branded in my soul." Chen Xiang laughed very much as he hugged Xue Xianxian and kissed her cheeks.

After all, Liu Meng'er was the elder of all the girls. Her expression was extremely virtuous and demure as she smiled slightly: "It's good that you're back.

"You guys take your time, I still have things to do." Long Huishan waved his hand and walked out of the cave.

Dongfang Xinyue's beautiful eyes carried a smile as she looked at Chen Xiang with her silky eyes. Although she did not say anything, her eyes caused Chen Xiang's heart to tremble.

It had been a long time since Chen Xiang last saw this beautiful female slave. She was together with Hua Xiangyue often.

Chen Xiang followed the few girls into a stone room, which was their small hall. The fragrance was pleasant and cozy, they had been refining here all year round, and this mountain had become their residence. Although it was simple, it was very comfortable.

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