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Chen Xiang's innate ability could only display a small portion of his abilities right now. He still had to excavate it to know if he had any other abilities.

"Besides being able to quickly refine things, do you have any other abilities? You can release the energy within your soul energy right now to take a look. " The green dragon said.

Chen Xiang channeled the energy of the soul inside his soul, absorbing a bit of the red mist from the fiery-red bead, fusing it with the divine power, and then releasing it from his palm. It was a ball of flame!

This flame was strange, because Chen Xiang did not summon the power of the Fire Soul within his body, to actually be able to release flames as well.

"What a strange flame. It's not scalding, and it even contains life force. Could it be that this is that type of flame?" Then, he took out a seed and threw it into the flames on Chen Xiang's palm.

"Do you need to expend your divine power to release the flames?" The Azure Dragon carefully observed the seed that was being burned by the strange flame in Chen Xiang's palm.

"I need it, but I don't need it much. If I use more divine power, the flame will become a gush of gas and I can refine some things in an instant, just like before."

Just as Chen Xiang finished speaking, he saw the seed in the center of his palm crack. Under the burning of the flames, it actually sprouted!

"It really is this kind of flame!" The green dragon said in surprise, "This is a Chuangzao fire!"

"What kind of flame is this? Is there any difference between that and Fire of Chaos? " Chen Xiang was also very surprised in his heart. Not only did the fire not burn the seed down, it had also let the seed sprout.

"There is a saying that the Chuangzao fire is a Fire of Chaos. Back then, even if all sorts of things were burned out, I still do not know the specifics." When you use Chuangzao fire s, you can let the seed germinate when the temperature is very low. If the temperature is too high, you can refine the seed into energy.

"It should be like that!" The Azure Dragon nodded his head, "This Innate Ability of yours is also very powerful. It will be of great help to you in refining pills! As for the innate divine ability … if it can be kept a secret, it would be best to not let anyone else know about it. "

Long Xueyi said. "Quickly use it to try and see if it's really helpful."

Chen Xiang immediately took out his pill furnace.

"I will refine a ninth level Immortal Stage Tianshen Dan right now!" Chen Xiang took out the Tianhun fruit that looked like bubbles and placed it inside the furnace.

Previously, when he was refining the Tianhun fruit, he needed to use a very strong divine power and flames to refine it. Refining one furnace used up all of his divine power, but now that he had cultivated the Emperor soul and obtained his innate ability to create flames, he felt that he would definitely refine it even faster.

Once, Qing Long looked at Chen Xiang concocting pills. He concentrated and released his divine power to sense the changes in the furnace.

Chen Xiang activated the special power inside his soul essence, using his innate ability to release that kind of Chuangzao fire, and it was the strong type.

Of course he wouldn't be so naive to think that this kind of flame could directly refine Tianhun fruit s. After all, Tianhun fruit s weren't normal flowers and plants, so he combined it with the Heavenly Alchemy's Limitless God purification and used this technique to refine it.

If it was before, Chen Xiang would release a Taiji array at the bottom of the pill furnace to restrict the strength of the Tianhun fruit.

Now that he was using the Chuangzao fire to burn it, coupled with the Heavenly Alchemy, even if the Tianhun fruit released its defensive power, the effect of the energy wasn't too great, and was being slowly decomposed and refined by Chen Xiang's creative power.

When Chen Xiang saw that his innate ability was extremely useful in refining pills, he was ecstatic. Although he could only refine Tianhun fruit a little, but this was because the Chuangzao fire he used was not strong enough. He immediately increased the intensity of the fire and continued to burn the Tianhun fruit.

Right now, the Tianhun fruit only needed to release some of their defensive power, it would just be refined and decompose by the Chuangzao fire and the pure Medicine aura would rush up to the upper level of the pill furnace.

The refining speed was not very fast, but the process was very easy, and was not as tiring as the previous method, but now he still needed a bit of skill. He realized that the Tianhun fruit would consciously give up on resisting, and if his fire power was too strong, he would exterminate a large number of Medicine aura, so he had to be very careful.

The resistance strength of Tianhun fruit s would sometimes weaken, sometimes increase, or sometimes not even resist. After a period of time, they would resist again.

Because it was his first time using his innate ability to refine pellets, Chen Xiang was extra careful and used quite a bit of time. However, just like before, he only needed more than two hours to refine a batch of Tianshen Dan s.

Previously, when he forged a cauldron of pills, his spirit energy was depleted. However, at this moment, he felt as though he hadn't expended much spirit energy at all! With his current strength, using the same old method would also consume a lot of energy. From this, it could be seen that his innate ability allowed him to concoct pills faster.

"Ten Tianshen Dan in one pot!" The Azure Dragon exclaimed, "Truly powerful. If you could refine a sacred pill at such a speed and in such quantity, what would happen?"

Chen Xiang chuckled: "I will be able to concoct a Holy Pellet soon, I can take a look when the time comes, but the quantity of Holy Pellets that come out won't be that great."

Previously, he was unable to refine a Holy Pellet because he did not cultivate a Emperor soul and did not have enough divine power to support his flames. But now that he had cultivated a Emperor soul and there was an extremely abnormal Chuangzao fire, his confidence increased exponentially.

"You have quite a few Holy level medicinal ingredients on your hands. You can refine Holy Elixirs in one of them. Although it is the lowest grade Holy Elixir, its effects are much better than eating the medicinal ingredients directly." Long Xueyi said: "What pill do you plan to refine first?"

"I plan to first use Blood ginseng to refine pills and refine them into Dragon Blood Saint Dan. This kind of pill can strengthen the body and has a lot of uses. It is also very marketable." Chen Xiang laughed: "At that time, we can also give it to Elder Sister Meng'er and the others to eat!"

The green dragon asked, "Can I watch you refine pills? I want to witness the birth of a pill saint. "

Chen Xiang laughed: "Of course not!"

Just like this, Chen Xiang did not enter the secret room of the cave, and planned to concoct pills outside.

"What about the Suzaku bow? Isn't it to test what will happen when Four Symbols Divine Weapons is together? " Long Xueyi was still holding onto the Suzaku bow.

The green dragon looked at the Blood ginseng in Chen Xiang's hands and pondered for a moment. Then, he smiled and said, "Let's take a look at this kid refining the Holy Pellet first. I see that he is even more anxious to refine the Holy Pellet."

Long Xueyi said: "I don't care, but it will take me a long time to concoct the Holy Pellet."

Chen Xiang took a deep breath, adjusted himself, and checked if the Blood ginseng was in good condition or not, and if it had any flaws.

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