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Although Yi Bidong was an elder of the Supreme Divine Palace, if the pressure those Divine Nations s gave him was too much, he wouldn't be able to take it either. At that time, he would also be in danger, so he had to prepare to escape the Supreme Divine Palace. He had to find a way out for himself.

Not long after Yi Bidong left, Luo Tianjun returned. He did not know that Yi Bidong had come to visit, and after seeing Chen Xiang, he laughed out loud: "Brat, how's your training going, when do you expect to be able to take the examination."

When Chen Xiang saw Luo Tianjun, his face broke into a smile. "In another two days, it should be fine."

Actually, Chen Xiang could go today. It was just that he did not want Luo Tianjun to be too shocked, but Luo Tianjun was still shocked.

"You learned how to refine a kind of Shangpin holy Dan in one night." Luo Tianjun was also known as a prodigy in pill refining in the past, but it took him around ten days to learn this technique. Furthermore, the Holy Pellets he refined were also rather poor.

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded, then followed Luo Tianjun to the living room in the small courtyard.

"Hall Master, is the Sovereign God Realm connected to other places?" Chen Xiang asked: "When I went to purchase the divine medicine, I heard that Six Realms Divine Palace and Beast Divine Palace were also in this space."

Luo Tianjun poured Chen Xiang a cup of very fragrant wine and said: "You have just arrived in Supreme Divine Palace, so of course you don't know about this sort of thing. Even though it's all connected, it's still not easy to go over, and you need to get permission from either the Six Realms Divine Palace or the Beast Divine Palace to do so.

"Our place is called Super God Realm. Other than the three shrines, there are also several sects of various sizes. They are all quite strong, if you have the chance in the future, you can go visit those places."

Chen Xiang did not ask about anything else, in order to avoid being suspected by others. Now that he already knew that this place was not controlled by the Supreme Divine Palace, if the worst case scenario occurred, he would have a place to run to.

"Brat, you better hurry up and refine the divine pellet because the Dan Hall's competition is going to start soon. These few days, they have been discussing the alchemy skills, which is also what those three guys are arguing about." Luo Tianjun laughed: "They are still arguing, after that, it's time for them to compete with each other."

Chen Xiang said: "Hall Master, didn't you want me to compete in the Shangpin holy Dan s last time?"

Luo Tianjun took a sip of the fragrant wine and laughed: "Originally, but I can see that you are about to reach the realm of the Pill God, so when the time comes, I will arrange for you to go to the Xiaping Dan s' competition grounds, so that you will receive more rewards.

Chen Xiang was extremely interested in this competition, and nodded his head: "When the time comes, I will definitely go. Oh right, hall master, do you have any younger, more talented Alchemist s among all these?"

Luo Tianjun said: "Of course there is. To tell you the truth, the Supreme Divine Palace is also a place where the Divine Nations selects the best seedlings, and within the Dan Hall, there are a few young people that are highly regarded. I have to admit that these brats are too heaven defying, at such a young age, they already possess such a cultivation, and all of them are able to refine Zhongpin Dan s."

Those youngsters that Chen Xiang met during the trial were all real youngsters and were not old monsters like Chen Xiang, who had lived for many years. And the young people that Luo Tianjun referred to should also be real youngsters.

"Amazing, he can refine Zhongpin Dan." Chen Xiang sighed: "I probably won't meet them during the competition. They're all at the level of refining Zhongpin Dan."

Luo Tianjun chuckled: "This is hard to say, although those few brats can refine Zhongpin Dan s, in the eyes of many old fellows, they are still too young. If they were to go to the Zhongpin Dan's competition grounds, they would definitely be oppressed to death, so it is very possible that they would go to the Xiaping Dan's competition grounds, and from their intentionally not obtaining the qualifications to become a God, it can be seen that."

If they could refine Zhongpin Dan, they would be able to receive a Mid Rank Pill God's badge and their treatment would be a little higher. However, they didn't do that, obviously wanting to get a good ranking in the lower ranked Pill God's competition before going up.

Chen Xiang asked: "So that means, the ranking for this competition is very important to them, how often does this kind of competition occur?"

"Once every hundred years, for them, it is very important. Once they obtain the top three, they will be invited to the Divine Nations's Imperial Palace, where they will be able to eat with the princes and daughters of the Divine Nations. If they are lucky, and are chosen, they will be able to soar in the sky and become related to the Imperial Family.

To have the chance to go to the Divine Nations, Chen Xiang was palpitating with excitement, "Only the Dan Hall has such a chance."

"Of course not, there are Boxing Hall s, Sword Hall s and Soul Hall s. When the time comes, they will also have competitions. Luo Tianjun said, "The Divine Nations that we are going to meet with are also different. Boxing Hall and Sword Hall are both secretly supported by one Divine Nations, while Soul Hall and Dan Hall are supported by the other two."

Chen Xiang never thought that the Dan Hall he was in was actually so unsafe.

"Although they are supported by the Divine Nations, these Divine Nations s do not place much importance on this place. Our pill formulas and the like are all considered inferior by them." Luo Tianjun sighed: "If we want to have a better development, then we can only go to those Divine Nations s. Divine Nations's power is very scary."

Of course Chen Xiang knew. If it wasn't terrifying, would he be able to control the Supreme Divine Palace?

After chatting with Luo Tianjun for a while, Chen Xiang ran back to the secret room with the excuse that he wanted to concoct pills.

A few days had passed and Three Gu Brothers had already returned. When Chen Xiang came out of the secret room, he heard their ruckus. They were not arguing, but it was as if they were cursing the Alchemist of other Dan Hall.

"Junior Brother, I heard that you managed to buy a divine soul and blood flower. Not bad." Seeing Chen Xiang walking over, oldest Gu also anxiously walked over and patted Chen Xiang's shoulders: "When the divine soul and blood flower comes out, you have to get the hall master to look after us."

Chen Xiang smiled and nodded: "Definitely, my fellow disciples, how are you doing discussing it with the other Dan Hall s?"

"All of them went to fart, why the hell would they go to those idiots to discuss about pill refining." Old Gu and Old Third looked a little displeased. The three brothers were unhappy about what had happened a few days ago, and it was obvious that they had suffered a great deal.

Luo Tianjun walked over, pushed aside the three brothers, and gave Chen Xiang a jade plate. "This is our tenth hall's identity plate, don't lose it, you can go to Dan Heart Pavilion to take the assessment now."

Chen Xiang received it, took a glance at it, and then put it away. He then said to Three Gu Brothers and Luo Tianjun: "Then, I'll be leaving first."

"Pill God assessment, you're so amazing, I wish you good luck."

"I wish you good pill formulas."

"The assessment is successful."

The three brothers encouraged Chen Xiang. The number of Dan Hall s they had was relatively fewer, so adding a young Pill God would allow their overall strength to increase.

After Chen Xiang finished thanking them, he quickly walked out of the courtyard and headed towards the Dan Heart Pavilion.

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