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holy-armor king kong?


Long Fei had a headache, he checked the system's quest again. There was no mistake, the fatty in front of him was the one he needed to take back, the Fifth King.

holy-armor king kong!

Fatty crawled out of the water again. Without waiting for him to get close to Man Tuoluo, Long Fei stepped forward and coldly said: "If you dare to get close to her again, I will cripple you."

No matter what.

This fatty was too wretched.

The fatty looked at Long Fei and casually said, "Who the hell are you?

At this moment.

An image suddenly flashed in his mind. He looked at Long Fei, his eyes filled with gratitude, and said: "You saved me? You are my savior. "

"Woo woo …"

"Benefactor, please accept my, Chen Tianfei's, bow."

Without waiting for Long Fei to reject, Chen Tianfei kneeled down heavily on the ground, kowtowing fiercely, he said: "From now on you are my, Chen Tianfei's, brothers, if anyone dares to make a move on you, I will kill them."

It was a completely different person.

He had a face full of righteousness and tyranny.

The change was too fast.

Long Fei asked: "Ancestor, what power does he have in his body?"

He started to suspect if the system had made a mistake.

Was this fatty really the Fifth King?

Yan Huang ancestor replied faintly, "I'm not free right now. The dragon salyer has reached the critical moment."

And then …

His idea glanced at Chen Tianfei for a moment, and said: "Its defense is heaven-defying."

With these four words, the forefather seemed to have disappeared as he no longer spoke.

"Heaven defying defense?"

Long Fei immediately sunk down and looked at the cliff that was thousands of meters high. Even a Level Ranker would become crippled from falling down from such a height, but this guy was fine. A golden light radiated from his body.

"That should be right, it should be him."

However …

Long Fei didn't know that he had a special type of power from the fatty's appearance, which was the power of the Divine Armor Golden Light on his body.

His defense was heaven-defying!

This …

Grade 1 tank!

Long Fei was secretly excited in his heart, and then asked: "What business do you have that you can't help but jump off the cliff?"

Chen Tianfei took a glance at the peak of the cliff and revealed a sorrowful expression, saying, "I'm out of love, wuuuuuuu …"

As he spoke …

He also wanted to jump into Man Tuoluo's embrace, but seeing the murderous look in Long Fei's eyes, he immediately stopped and asked: "Benefactor, what is your name?"

"This place is too evil, let's hurry up and leave."

It was as if he was afraid.

He pulled Long Fei to the other side of the mountain.

Along the way, the fatty was just a living gem. Every time he was blasted away by Xiao Ying, he was not injured at all, and there was not even a single wound on his body.

"Why don't you know the pain?"

"Damn, this young master has two hundred and fifty kilograms of meat. If it hits my body, can I feel any pain?" Do you think the meat is white? "

His flesh was his defense.

Long Fei:...

Xiao Ying:...

Man Tuoluo:...

Everyone was shocked.

So there was such an advantage to being a fatty.

"Benefactor, wait until god emperor city, I will give you whatever you want, god emperor city is my territory, if anyone dares to touch you, hmph, I will really kill him." Chen Tianfei said tyrannically.


"Before we reach god emperor city, can you take care of this lovelorn little fatty?" Chen Tianfei said shamelessly.

His facial expression changed instantly, as though he was flipping through a book.

Xiao Ying continuously shook his head as he looked at Long Fei.

However, Long Fei smiled and said: "Alright!"

The task was not completed.

The mission time was two months, and since he was sure that he was the Fifth King, he had to take him down.

Chen Tianfei was so moved that he almost got moved to tears and threw himself into Man Tuoluo's arms …



Two hundred and fifty pounds of fat flew out.

Chen Tianfei patted off the mud on his body and said to Xiao Ying: "I got it, you must have fallen in love with me."


Xiao Ying disdainfully said: "If I want to fall in love with someone like Young Master Long, it's more like I want to fall in love with a blind eye to you, damn fatty."

"Ahh …"

"I'm out of love again. My heart hurts. Can a beauty comfort me?" Chen Tianfei leaned into Man Tuoluo's embrace again.


A meatball flew out again.

… ….

"He's not dead!"

"Boss, what should we do?"

"We can't afford to be blamed by our superiors, and... He still has a three-rate fairy vein on him, so no matter what, we have to snatch the Immortal Foundation away, otherwise, this time we'll … "


"In front of us is the Tong Xian City. Our people are already waiting there."

"Chen Tianfei, you won't be able to escape from my grasp."

Within the mountain forest.

A few black shadows flashed and disappeared into the dark forest in the blink of an eye.

… ….

Half a day later.

Man Tuoluo let out a long sigh of relief, and said: "I told you that I didn't take the wrong path, I told you that there's a Tong Xian City here."

"After we pass Tong Xian City, we can walk on the official road for three days to reach god emperor city, and god emperor academy is right there."

Chen Tianfei was startled, "Are you guys going to the god emperor academy to take the assessment?"

Long Fei nodded, and said: "Yes."

"Hahaha …"

"I have already been accepted by the god emperor academy. From now on, the three of you will follow me. I guarantee that no one will dare to touch you." Chen Tianfei's face was full of pride.

Long Fei was still alright.

Man Tuoluo and Xiao Ying asked in disdain, "You? Received a pass? Does god emperor academy still want to raise pigs? "

"F * ck!"

"I'm not lying to you guys. I'm really accepted by the god emperor academy, and it's a good one at that." Chen Tianfei wanted to show off, but no one believed him.

Of his ten sentences, twelve were false.

No one believed it at all.

"Let's enter the city and rest for a day."

"We'll travel tomorrow."

Long Fei said. After walking for almost a month, the three of them were like savages running out of the mountains.

They entered the city.

Some of the people walking beside them looked at them with disdain.

"Where did this earth leopard come from?"

"Country bumpkin."

"He stinks like a wild man."

"Picking up feces?"

… ….

"God damn, do you look down on my benefactor?"

Chen Tianfei caught hold of a person who said Long Fei and the others, and slapped him, "If you say anything more, I'll kill you."

Very arrogant.

Furthermore, he had the look of a popinjay, just like a hoodlum.

After being slapped by him, the surrounding crowd instantly quieted down.

Chen Tianfei shouted, "God damn, if there's anyone in god emperor city who dares to talk to me like that, then he's already dead."

Long Fei glanced at him and smiled.

The four of them walked into an inn.

The shopkeeper saw that Long Fei was not wearing any clothes on his body and immediately shouted, "Scram, scram, scram! You country bumpkins, hurry up and scram. We do not entertain you savages here."

Long Fei glanced at Chen Tianfei.


The meatball was enraged...

Chapter IV

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