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When Chen Xiang listed out the names of the medicinal herbs, Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi had already returned. Seeing that their beautiful faces were filled with smiles, Chen Xiang asked: "What's the matter, why are you smiling so happily."

Long Xueyi said, "Meng'er and Xianxian will be back very soon. It's a pity that Warm Moon and Jingjing met the Vermillion Bird, so they followed the Vermillion Bird and left. Otherwise, it would have been even more lively."

Dongfang Xinyue and Dongfang Jing both had her bloodline in their bodies, so the Vermillion Bird was very good to them. The two of them had just arrived in the Gods Realm, so their strength was not strong.

"Help me look for these medicinal herbs..." Right, is that enough money? " Chen Xiang asked, the divine money was not in his hands, he did not know how much the two girls spent.

"There's still some more, it should be enough." Lv Qilian took the paper, and without asking too much, he took Long Xueyi and left.

Chen Xiang did not bother thinking about the divine pellet right now. Although he already had the recipe, refining it was not easy, and he needed a lot of ingredients, especially the completed divine pellets. He now understood why the group of divine pellets would need so many when competing with each other to concoct the divine pellet.

The pills Feng Yujie had given him were all formulas from Xiaping Dan s, but the final product of a Holy Pellet was extremely shocking, much less the high-grade divine pellets that the Pill God had given him.

"Heaven holy Dan can't add Dragon Blood Saint Dan in. Although Dragon Blood Saint Dan strengthen the body, the blood aura is too strong, and it might not match the medicine inside the Heaven holy Dan, and it will affect the effect."

Chen Xiang was currently thinking about how to improve the Heaven holy Dan.

"Tyrant's Cloud Ear, this is a high-grade divine medicine, and it's a relatively mild medicine, but it's rather rare." After Chen Xiang carefully studied a large amount of divine medicine, he decided to add this kind of divine medicine.

It was said that once a child of a few years old ate it, he would have the strength of ten thousand jin. Furthermore, as his body grew, the medicinal strength would constantly be released, forming a wooden ear, but it was jade white in color, mainly growing on the peaks that entered the clouds. Sometimes, it would fly along with the clouds, jumping onto other mountains, so it was called the 'tyrant body cloud ear'.

As for the Chongprofound Dan, he had yet to decipher the recipe, and it was somewhat difficult because a pill was added within. If he was able to determine which types of ingredients the Chongprofound Dan was refined from, he would be able to roughly guess what kind of pill was added to it.

Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi returned in the evening. They had gone for so long, they must have been running around everywhere.

"We have finally found them all. Some of the stores don't even have anything, so we have no choice but to run to the other Divine City." Long Xueyi took out a jade box and placed it in front of Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang smiled: "Thank you for your hard work. You will recover after this period of time."

Lv Qilian nestled beside him, and said gently: "What do we care about this, you are the one who has the hardest time of all."

Long Xueyi said softly: "We have almost used up all of the divine money, the main thing is that we used the most to buy the Chongprofound Dan, five hundred thousand per pellet, we bought ten pellets, and the quality is still not good."

Chen Xiang laughed: "Don't worry, we will have some divine money again soon. Let's wait for me to bring out the recipe for the Heaven holy Dan."

He first asked Lv Qilian to copy one of the twenty types of Holy Medicines he had bought, then took out the pill furnace and placed each and every one of them into the furnace to be refined. His main purpose was to use his spirit essence to examine the Spirit blood, to see if it could match the ones he had seen from the Heaven holy Dan.

Very quickly, he found the same bloodline shapes as the Heaven holy Dan and inner Spirit blood among the twenty different divine medicines.

"The Chongprofound Dan must have added the White Profound Holy Pellet, which is worth around fifty thousand gold coins. It's a mid-grade Holy Pellet, which can mainly produce weak Mysterious power." Chen Xiang already knew which six types of medicinal ingredients the Chongprofound Dan would use to refine it, so he could already tell what kind of sacred pill the Chongprofound Dan had added to make it.

Chen Xiang asked: "How much money do you have left? Do you still have enough to buy the Tyrant Body Clouds?"

Lv Qilian took out a Storage bag and said: "I still have five hundred thousand, that's enough to buy.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, "Go and buy it. We don't have much God's money now, we can only rely on duplicating the required medicinal herbs."

With that, he laughed sinisterly, looked at Lv Qilian, because he needed to dual cultivate to create the extremely powerful purple spirit pearl, causing Lv Qilian to spew out information as he pulled Long Xueyi and left.

"The Heaven holy Dan's medicinal herbs are already considered cheap, to actually be able to sell for one hundred thousand gold coins. My improved ones should be able to sell for one hundred and fifty thousand gold coins."

"The two Shangpin holy Dan s required a total of only fifty thousand Spirit Stones. Although the Congealed Holy Flower and the Golden Plum Blossom Blood Thorny Grass are high-grade Holy Medicines, they are the cheaper ones, and adding the low-grade Flowerless Holy Fruits, it would at most be sixty thousand Spirit Stones. If it was the previous price, it would only be thirty to twenty thousand, and growing them yourself would be even cheaper."

After Chen Xiang obtained the knowledge of the medicinal herbs that Feng Yujie had passed down to him, he understood all of this very well.

At night, Lv Qilian and Long Xueyi returned and bought the Tyrant body cloud ear. When Chen Xiang took it over, he wanted to enter the secret room to refine pills, but after thinking about it, it was already night time, so he had to do what he needed to do at night. Moreover, he wanted to get more of those purple spirit pearls so that he could quickly copy a large amount of medicinal ingredients.

… ….

Chen Xiang woke up and took two breaths of the remaining fragrance of his wonderful body. He hastily dressed, only to see Lv Qilian using the purple spirit pearl to copy the medicinal ingredients, he had told Lv Qilian last night how many medicinal ingredients he wanted to copy, and Lv Qilian had started doing this very early.

A purple spirit bead could turn a high quality medicine into four, but a copy of the low and middle quality medicine would only need to be refined by them.

"The Heaven holy Dan's medicinal ingredients are here. There are now fifty of them." Lv Qilian pointed to a Storage bag.

"Why are there so many?" Chen Xiang was a little surprised.

One purple pearl can produce ten copies, which should be considered to be a middle-level divine medicine. The Tyrant Body Cloud Ear is more normal, and can only be changed to four. In total, it used up half of my purple pearls. Lv Qilian said.

Chen Xiang chuckled: "Don't worry, if we stay together for a few more days, we will have a lot of purple pearls."

Long Xueyi curled his lips and said: "Quickly refine the pill, otherwise Big Sister Qilian would not let you give birth to the little pearl."

"I need enough divine money to collect the materials for the divine pill. I'd better not waste any more time right now and grab some time to get some divine money."

Chen Xiang entered the secret room and started refining pills. In his opinion, Wild Dragon Saint Dan were much harder to refine than Heaven holy Dan, so refining Heaven holy Dan would definitely be very easy. Of course, the improved Heaven holy Dan would be named as Bati Dan.

The first furnace took a relatively long time because he needed to solve the problem of fusing the Tyrant body cloud ear and the other medicinal herbs. In the end, he could only use the method of carving a Spirit grain to perfectly fuse them.

If it was not perfect, the refined pill would allow him to see the Spirit blood s inside, just like those Heaven holy Dan s and Chongprofound Dan s that he had seen through with his spirit essence.

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