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In the eyes of the old man, Chen Xiang was just a nosy kid. He impatiently said: "Brat, you said that you have someone in the Hundreds of Flowers Palace, what kind of person are you?"

"I don't know what level she is currently at, but when she first entered Hundreds of Flowers Palace, she was a Immortal Monarch. It has already been a long time, she should have some status there." Chen Xiang said.

When the old man heard this, he felt that there might be hope. He whispered, "If you can help me with something, I will give you a lot of money. It's not convenient to talk about this here."

Chen Xiang did not expect the old man to change his attitude so quickly. He laughed: "I was just about to enter the Hundreds of Flowers Palace.

The old man's name was Ji Yuan and he said that he came from a faraway place. There were some things in his hands that he needed to borrow the power of the Flower Emperor to become treasures.

Ji Yuan was very rich, he brought Chen Xiang into a very luxurious restaurant, and asked for a private room with all sorts of arrays. When giving Spiritual crystal s a room, he did not even bat an eye, as if treating them as dirt.

Chen Xiang felt that Ji Yuan's strength was not as weak as he appeared on the surface. He must have concealed a very strong power.

Ji Yuan took out a very small jade box. After opening it, there were two sesame sized golden granules inside. Chen Xiang did not know what those granules were.

"What is this?" Chen Xiang asked.

"It's normal that you don't know him. Even Flower Emperor recognized him back then." Ji Yuan's face suddenly filled with arrogance and excitement.

"What kind of precious medicinal herb is this?" Chen Xiang guessed, he felt that this was very possible, because if it was a seed of a precious medicinal ingredient, only the Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country could make it sprout and grow faster.

"No." Ji Yuan replied: "How could it be that kind of thing? If it were precious medicinal ingredients, I wouldn't have come here to request the Flower Emperor's help."

Chen Xiang became even more curious: "Then what is this, is it really not a Holy level medicinal ingredient?"

Ji Yuan sneered: "So what if I have Holy level medicinal herbs. If my two seeds can take root, then I can obtain as many Holy level medicinal herbs as I want."

"Then what exactly is this thing?" Ji Yuan didn't look crazy, he sounded as if he was being serious.

"I have given this thing a name called the Tree of Creation... This is because this tree can grow very high and finally connect to a world where there are endless amounts of medicinal herbs. All of the flowers, plants, and trees in these nine days were born because that world provided energy.

Ji Yuan kept the two pellets properly, as if he was worried that Chen Xiang would steal them away.

If it was in the past, Chen Xiang would definitely not believe such words, but now, he believed it deeply, because the place Ji Yuan mentioned should be the legendary Endless Heaven Realm.

The Spirit grain s left at the bottom of the jade box that Evil Emperor left behind could open the gate to the Heavenly Evil Realm, and the Heavenly Evil Realm should be a domain that fostered evil powers.

Furthermore, the Heaven Realm that Ji Yuan mentioned might be the Heaven Realm where flowers, plants and trees were created. If one could go to that Heaven Realm, one might be able to find a large amount of valuable medicinal herbs, especially the extremely rare Holy level medicinal herbs.

"There is a very powerful maturing array in Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country, that group of women used it to cultivate medicinal ingredients, and it is much stronger than the large powers. From time to time, Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country would release some precious medicinal ingredients, and those are all inferior products released by the Hundreds of Flowers Palace."

Ji Yuan sighed: "If I want to take root and sprout like this, I can only rely on the powerful array inside Hundreds of Flowers Palace."

Chen Xiang was a little agitated in his heart. He asked, "Does Flower Emperor believe what you say?"

Ji Yuan nodded: "Of course she believes that. It's just that the conditions that she offered were too high and they were extremely harsh, and she actually wanted me to give a seed to her, which was why she was willing to help me sprout the seed."

Chen Xiang felt that this condition was very normal, and asked again: "Then how do you plan to pay her?"

Ji Yuan said: "I plan to give her a set of Holy level medicinal herbs, but the condition is that I have to go to that place. Furthermore, she has to protect that tree and not let anyone climb onto it."

Hearing this, Chen Xiang really wanted to give Ji Yuan a slap on the face. He now understood why Flower Emperor was so angry, this guy was really too stingy.

"This... Senior, since you have a request from someone, your conditions should be more generous. Flower Emperor is not someone that lacks Holy level medicinal herbs, to put it bluntly, giving her a Holy level medicinal herb is equivalent to sending out beggars. " Chen Xiang said.

"Don't tell me we have to give her a seed? Doesn't that mean that she can also enter that place and let the Hundreds of Flowers Immortal Country in? Then she will definitely be robbed clean by those bitches." Ji Yuan shook his head.

"Senior, if that tree really grows out, and if others find out that it can reach that world, do you think you can defend yourself? How much do you think you can obtain in the end?" Chen Xiang patted his shoulder: "Right now, those few big powers are severely injured. If they knew, tsk tsk, they would definitely crawl up like a group of hungry wolves. Even Hua Yan Jing wouldn't be able to protect them."

At this time, Ji Yuan looked at Chen Xiang vigilantly, because he suddenly felt that Chen Xiang was not simple either.

"You won't tell, will you?" Ji Yuan's expression turned cold as he said coldly.

"Relax, I definitely won't say anything, how about I enter Hundreds of Flowers Palace right now, and if I can see her, I'll see if I can talk to her. Of course, if you agree to give her a seed, she'll definitely agree to it so readily." Chen Xiang said.

Ji Yuan nodded his head, a strange light flashing past his eyes. Being caught by Chen Xiang, he felt that Ji Yuan wanted to kill him to keep his mouth shut.

"Little brother, you seem to believe what I said very much. Do you believe that the seed is real?" Ji Yuan smiled at Chen Xiang. His expression had changed so quickly that even Chen Xiang couldn't help but admire him.

"Of course I believe it. I have heard many stories since I was young, and I feel that it is true. Besides, doesn't Flower Emperor believe it too?" Chen Xiang laughed: "I also want a seed. I wonder if senior will be able to cut it?"

Ji Yuan laughed loudly: "If I only had one seed, Flower Emperor would not give such high conditions, how about I give one to you, but you have to give me some things in exchange, I do not want the Spiritual crystal."

did not believe that such a good thing would occur because he knew that Ji Yuan must have some plan in mind. He, Chen Xiang, was not someone who was easy to deal with.

"Something precious from my body may not enter your eyes." Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed. He planned to make the best of it, and at the same time make Long Xueyi pay attention to one point.

"Take it out for me to see. If it's something I urgently need, then it's very precious to me." Ji Yuan stretched out his hand and looked at Chen Xiang with a smile.

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