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Arrogant Pill God 968- Arrogant Pill God from... No windows.)

He Caiyong's hands were full of blood, his skinny body was trembling, his eyes were bloodshot. Looking at the blood in his hands, he did not dare believe that he had personally killed his disciple, and even made the immortal sword not take it away!

That immortal sword was bestowed to Yang Yi by a great character who came down from Heaven Realm. Because Yang Yi possessed that strange technique of teleporting through void space, that great figure at that time praised him endlessly, giving him an immortal sword the moment he got excited. Even his master was envious, but now …

"Chase!" He Caiyong's angry roar set off a burst of violent winds, causing the thunderclouds in the sky to scatter. After Chen Xiang executed the Form Displacement Transposition, he stepped on the Shrinking step and started to run wildly, disappearing from everyone's line of sight. [Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents]

Both of He Caiyong's eyes turned red, he led his ten odd clan elders and ran in the direction that Chen Xiang had disappeared to. Yao Shumei originally wanted to stop them, but in the blink of an eye, the group had disappeared into the distance.

"That's the Purple Dragon Immortal Sword! I heard it was refined from a Purple Dragon Bone and it has a bit of fame in the Heaven Realm. It was actually snatched away by a little brat here!" Although Chen Xiang's strength was a thousand miles away from hers, his actions and actions were extremely shocking.

"Hehe, I am already used to it. My martial uncle is so powerful, you must have formed an alliance with him!" If it were not for the fact that many people think about Junior Master's Green dragon demon-slain broadsword and Heaven Earth Killing Method, he would definitely be treated as an important guest by many of the great powers. " Gu Dongchen laughed.

Chen Xiang was indeed right. Chen Xiang was a strange person in the young generation, he had the demeanor of a Great Emperor, but because his strength was currently too weak, he was able to grasp many shocking and precious things, which was why he was being chased by so many great powers.

"Madam Peach Blossom, you should prepare how to deal with the aftermath of your Great Elder's death. I feel that if they were to chase after our Junior Martial Uncle, they probably won't be able to come back alive!"

Gu Dongchen's words made Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan's bodies tremble slightly, the fragrance of their jade bodies started to spread, and it was heard that many experts who went after Chen Xiang, rarely returned alive. The last time Chen Xiang used his status to obtain the Heaven Earth Killing Method in Pill City, he attracted many ancient powers, and many experts died at that time and night, all because of Chen Xiang!

However, no one knew what kind of method Chen Xiang used, but up until now, people had still discussed about this strange matter from time to time.

"If this is kept secret, I might not feel so pressured in the future!" Yao Shumei looked in one direction, which was the large mine that their Peach Blossom Imperial Land s were occupying. Just now, two people ran towards that direction.

The Little Demon Empress looked at her surroundings and said softly, "You don't have to worry about this, you can talk to Chen Xiang about it first. On the surface, you are treating him hard, chasing after him, offering him rewards, but in the shadows, you are on good terms with him."

"That's not a problem. My Junior Master's escaping ability is first-rate, so it's not a big deal even if there is another Peach Blossom Imperial Land chasing after him. Even if the Demon Empress were to send out the entire Demon Charming Association, I'm afraid that it would be difficult to catch him." Gu Dongchen chuckled. Chen Xiang's strength was similar to his, but there was no guarantee that he would win in the future, not to mention that he was extremely respectful to his own master and Huang Jintian. For Chen Xiang to be able to cultivate the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu, it meant that he was a madman like his master and Huang Jintian.

Chen Xiang had only been in the Heaven Thunder Purgatory for a short while, but he had already caused so much trouble. First, he had killed the Son of Heaven, released a large group of people, then killed many elders of the Purple Moon Imperial Land, and annihilated the Heaven Devil King. Now, he had even killed the new Son of Heaven Peach Blossom, who possessed a special technique and was bestowed a celestial sword by a great figure of the Heaven Realm.

The Great Clan Elder would never admit that he had smashed his own head, if not, what would the big figures of the Heaven Realm think of him?

Although Gu Dongchen and the Demon Empress were present, their words would definitely be denied by the Peach Blossom Imperial Land, it was just that the Great Elder He Caiyong was still chasing after Chen Xiang and had not returned to the Peach Blossom Imperial Land for several days already.

"These guys have suffered a huge loss! Not only did they lose a good seedling, they even lost an Immortal sword in my hands! Haha!" Chen Xiang was secretly delighted, he sprinted forward and laughed non-stop, making the old fellow, who was chasing after him, stomp his feet in anger.

He Caiyong did not dare to attack Chen Xiang right now. He was worried that something like a Heaven Devil King would appear if too many things were to be destroyed.

Old guys, it's better for you to take a break. If we're competing in strength, you can defeat me with a single slap. But in terms of speed, you guys can't compare to Ten Heavens Supreme Lord's Shrinking step, haha … As Chen Xiang flew away, he encouraged the elders behind him, "If this goes on, all of your old bones will break apart!"

"By the way, Great Elder, how did you feel when you smashed your disciple's head? Isn't that great? " It was not the first time that Chen Xiang had poked his sore spot. Now, He Caiyong could no longer endure and roared.

However, it was just a mad shout and nothing more. His chest was blocked. If he did not shout, he would definitely explode in anger!

It was not difficult for Chen Xiang to get rid of the people chasing after him, it was just that he did not want them to return so easily. If possible, he wanted to kill all these fellows so that they would not grow stronger and threaten him in the future.

Ten days had passed and Chen Xiang had not stopped even once as he stepped on the Shrinking step. The people following behind were the same as well, they had chased for so many days and Chen Xiang was right in front of them, so how could they give up?

Of course, they had suspected that Chen Xiang was deliberately playing with them, but they felt that this was Chen Xiang's fastest speed, otherwise, they would have left them in the dust long ago. They had experienced the hardships that they had endured during these ten days, and they believed that for a young man like Chen Xiang, escaping from such a place would take a lot of energy, so they continued to chase him down.

If they knew that Chen Xiang had cultivated to the large success stage of Immortal Devil Body and had countless of medicinal pellets on him, they would have returned a long time ago without even looking back.

The other was to bring this group of old bones to tour around the beautiful scenery of the Heaven Thunder Purgatory. He wanted to see why the White Tiger told Duan Sanchang and the others not to come in, he wanted to know what secrets the Heaven Thunder Purgatory was hiding, and also wanted to find Duan Sanchang's grandfather!

Chen Xiang brought this group of people and ran for thirteen days. Just at the evening of that day, he suddenly felt that something was amiss. "One, two, three, four, five …"

"Eleven!" Chen Xiang was shocked, "So there weren't ten old fellows? Why is there one now? "

"I didn't notice it either. When did this guy come out?" He seems to be right behind those old fellows! " Long Xueyi also felt that this was unbelievable.

"Damn, why does this slovenly old fellow look so similar to Duan Sanchang? Don't tell me it's his grandfather! " Chen Xiang was stunned for a moment. The people of the Duan Clan were truly eccentric, Duan Sanchang's grandfather was actually laughing as he followed closely behind them, just like a naughty old man who wanted to join in on the fun.

"Pride Pill God 968- Pride Pill God …"

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