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He wore a snow-white robe, and upon hearing those words, his face suddenly changed. He looked terrifying, and an imposing manner surged out from his body, his robe fluttered wildly, causing the earth to tremble violently as cracks appeared on it. His eyes were bloodshot, and anger and killing intent immediately enveloped the area. /

"Capture him! We can't let him die too easily! I'll torture him for 10,000 years!" The angry roar of Primordius was like that of a beast that had lost its mind.

Bai Xing had no choice but to take action at this moment. She had previously summoned that little star and consumed a lot of her power, but both she and Chen Xiang did not expect that the mixed element would suddenly appear.

"Hurry up, leave this to me!"

Bai Xing sent a sound transmission to Chen Xiang, transforming into a white light that swooped down, he waved his hand at the two elders who were rushing towards Chen Xiang, the two energy stars filled with a dense killing intent struck the two elders' bodies, causing them to vomit blood.

"Aren't you from Zi Lan Mountain Valley? I never thought that your Zi Lan Mountain Valley would actually kill my grandson.

Both of Primordius's eyes were completely red. With a whoosh, he arrived beside Bai Xing and punched out like a violent thunderbolt towards Bai Xing.

Looking at the terrifying force coming at her, Bai Xing was unable to dodge at all. Her body was actually locked on by a kind of power, she lowered her head and saw that her body was surrounded by a bloody red light. When the punch was about to destroy her, in a flash, she actually escaped from the shackles of the red light!

He was also shocked, because what suddenly appeared in front of his fist was actually a large broken rock!

Chen Xiang felt a splitting headache, he had just used Form Displacement Shadow to exchange for a rock. This consumption was too huge, because Bai Xing was very strong, when Bai Xing was condensing his energy to resist the outside world, he used this technique with difficulty, but he was still able to do it.

"Catch that brat, don't kill him!" I said I would never let him die too easily. " He then rushed towards Bai Xing.

The two injured elders immediately threw themselves at Chen Xiang. They had suffered heavy injuries one after another, and it was extremely difficult for them to deal with Bai Xing, but to deal with Chen Xiang, they felt that it was still okay. At this time, they could see through Chen Xiang's strength, if Chen Xiang was strong, they wouldn't have been able to dodge them.

Bai Xing had not recovered yet, but facing Primordius, she basically did not have the strength to fight back.

Chen Xiang felt that he had brought Bai Xing into this mess and must not let her be injured. He said to Long Xueyi: "Lend me your God Power!"

Then, he stepped on the Shrinking step, dodging the attacks of the two Super Yuan Mountain Elders.

After obtaining Long Xueyi's divine power, Chen Xiang immediately used Form Displacement Shadow to help him once again avoid the overwhelming attack of the Primordius.

"Sister Bai Xing, I'm sorry for putting you in such danger!" Chen Xiang held Bai Xing's hand, and directly brought her through the dimension.

"It's alright!" Bai Xing did not blame Chen Xiang in the slightest. She had already treated Chen Xiang as a good friend.

When Primordius saw that Chen Xiang and Bai Xing wanted to escape, he roared and the sky darkened immediately, lightning flashed and thunder roared. However, Chen Xiang suddenly realised that he was unable to travel through space, and the space was actually sealed by Primordius with his powerful strength.

"Don't even think about escaping from my palm!" The voice of Primordius was deep and terrifying. His hair was in disarray as it fluttered about. Under the light of the lightning, his appearance was extremely terrifying.

guessed that Primordius was indeed very close to the strength that the Demon Master possessed.

Chen Xiang really wanted to use the Chaos Fire Token, but he found out from Lin Xiyi that the Super Yuan Mountain was able to restrain the Chaos Fire Token's attacks, so he did not dare to try it, in case he lost the opportunity.

With one step, Primordius walked in front of Chen Xiang and the others. Chen Xiang's and Bai Xing's body was enveloped by that red light and they were unable to move.

"Haha …" "I'll kill this woman first. I want to see your painful expression."

Bai Xing clenched her teeth, but she could not do anything about it. The power of Primordius was just too strong, and she had used up a lot of energy, so when Primordius appeared, it was already a miracle that they could or could not do anything about it.

Looking at Bai Xing's beautiful face, Primordius smiled sinisterly, "I'll smash your face to pieces first!"


However, in the next moment, a gold light flashed, and Chen Xiang also used Form Displacement Shadow, allowing Bai Xing to exchange positions with him. At the same time, he released the profoundwu diamond armour, and when the profoundwu diamond armour's fist landed on his head, it released a strong resistance force, blocking the punch!

Chen Xiang was sent flying. At that time, he held onto Bai Xing's wrist tightly, and Bai Xing who was locked in place also flew with him.

"It's actually a profoundwu diamond armour!" Primordius was pushed back by that force. His face was full of shock and his eyes glowed with even more fervor.

The two elders had not made a move yet. They did not dare to interfere, otherwise, this Primordius elder would not be so easily angered.

was a little surprised that this Yu Yuan actually recognized the profoundwu diamond armour. There were a lot of people who knew about the Four Symbols Divine Weapons, but not many who knew what kind of people the Four Symbols Divine Weapons was.

Chen Xiang was severely injured, he felt that his body was about to melt, and the strong Chaotic Force of Primordius was still rampaging in his body.

"How are you?" Bai Xing hurriedly helped Chen Xiang up. She was surprised to see him clad in terrifying armor.

"He won't die!" Chen Xiang spat out a mouthful of blood and then tightly held onto Bai Xing's hand. He planned to use his last bit of strength to send Bai Xing away first and then talk after that. He had already planned to use all of his techniques to fight to the death with this Primordius.

"You guys go kill that woman!" He suddenly felt that losing a grandson was nothing, because to let him meet this profoundwu diamond armour, this was one of the Four Symbols Divine Weapons, a very powerful Divine Armor.

The two clan elders rushed forward, holding sharp swords in their hands, and with immortal swords, they stabbed fiercely at Bai Xing.

He felt that if the three of them worked together, they would definitely be able to take down the other party.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to use a secret technique to send Bai Xing away, a familiar aura suddenly appeared. At this moment, he heaved a sigh of relief.

At the same time the three of them rushed over, the earth trembled. The power that confined the space suddenly broke, and a few beams of black light shot towards them.

"Who are you?" His sinister old face was filled with surprise, but after the two elders of the Super Yuan Mountain were penetrated by the black light, their bodies suddenly turned pitch black, and gradually dimmed down.

"Law of Darkness!" He took a few steps back and a black shadow appeared in front of Chen Xiang and Chen Xiang. Then, the black shadow slowly turned into an average looking middle-aged man.

Chen Xiang kept his profoundwu diamond armour and coughed out a few mouthfuls of blood, then said with a forced smile, "Old Ancestor, you're finally here.

"You little bastard, I will deal with you later. You actually brought this little girl here to mess around!" However, he was still very happy to see the clansmen of the Starry Sky White Tiger Race right now. Moreover, he could tell that Bai Xing was not an ordinary Starry Sky White Tiger Race.

The White Tiger wandered around the Sacred Dan Realm and knew that Chen Xiang had stirred up a lot of trouble before, but now it was in a good mood. It was fortunate that he managed to make it in time, otherwise this rarely seen Starry Sky White Tiger Race would have gone extinct.

"Who the hell are you? There's no benefit in opposing our Super Yuan Mountain. If you know what's good for you, then obediently leave! " Primordius said.

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