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Chen Xiang also wanted to quickly ask Devil-killing Heavenly God about the changes in the first transition. Right now, he also didn't know how many changes he had mastered.

The Seven devil-slain kungfu that Chen Xiang had just used seemed to be extremely proficient, as if he had not comprehended it at all. It was very clear that he had been in a hurry to talk to Chen Xiang privately, and at the same time, to guide him.

Now that Chen Xiang had comprehended the fundamental changes of the Seven devil-slain kungfu, the Devil-killing Heavenly God was very sure that Chen Xiang would be able to learn the Seven devil-slain kungfu at a higher level just like him in the future.

"I'll go back with Chen Xiang first." Devil-killing Heavenly God gave way to Chen Xiang and disappeared in a flash. They quickly left the arena and returned to the Devil-killing Divine Palace s.

"When did you learn that move?" Devil-killing Heavenly God was very excited when he heard that Chen Xiang was in the same secret room as him. After all these years, Chen Xiang was the only one who could comprehend Seven devil-slain kungfu.

Chen Xiang felt that the Seven devil-slain kungfu wasn't too hard to master, because he didn't even need a lot of time to master it.

"It's been a while. The first form of the Seven devil-slain kungfu, what sort of changes are there? I can already use my flesh and mind to undergo several kinds of strange changes." As Chen Xiang said that, he rolled up his sleeves, and after a moment of slight control, one of his arms became extremely soft, even the bones inside had become soft, but they were extremely tough.

Seeing Chen Xiang's arm hanging down like mud, the Devil-killing Heavenly God couldn't help but to let out a strange cry. He didn't think that Chen Xiang's comprehension of the first style would actually reach such a stage, which was far beyond his expectations.

"This is Flexibility. Since you have already grasped Flexibility, then you should be able to grasp Righteousness, Rigidity, and Slow and Light are all based on Strength. After all, you have already grasped Five Transformations." The Devil-killing Heavenly God took a deep breath. Chen Xiang had only been learning the Seven devil-slain kungfu for a short while, and he had already comprehended the Five Transformations much faster than he had back then.

"Speed is one of the two changes in time." Devil-killing Heavenly God continued to speak, "As long as you can comprehend the remaining two transformations, even if you master the first form, you can begin the second."

Chen Xiang asked: "What are the remaining two changes, give me a hint."

"Cold and hot." The Devil-killing Heavenly God said, "As the power of the body changes, the body can also produce cold and heat changes. The power of cold and heat is also a pretty good power, so with the change in power as the foundation, the combination of speed and flexibility will have a unique effect."

Chen Xiang nodded, and remembered it in his heart. Now that he had a direction, the next step was simple, for him to comprehend the five transformations in such a short period of time, the remaining two wouldn't be too difficult.

"After I finish my war with the Hell Divine Palace, if I have the time, I will properly instruct you. You have the Supreme god bone and you also cultivate the Heavenly Alchemy, so you might be able to surpass me in the future on this Seven devil-slain kungfu." Devil-killing Heavenly God rubbed Chen Xiang's head: "We should head out to meet up with them now. In the upcoming competition, we might have to stay together with everyone."

Zu Chao and the Devil-killing Heavenly God came out into the hall. Zu Chao and the others were there, so for Chen Xiang to be able to comprehend the Seven devil-slain kungfu in such a short period of time, it was natural for the Devil-killing Heavenly God to pay attention to him.

"We are already in the lead, as long as we maintain this momentum, the final victory will be mine. Rest well for a few days, then we will definitely show them the true power of our Devil-killing Divine Palace." The Devil-killing Heavenly God left right after speaking. No one knew where he went.

Zu Chao and the others chatted with Ren Tianyong and the others for less than an hour before they returned to their rooms to rest.

"Chen Xiang, this is a small gift from me." Yuan Baibing suddenly took out a small pill furnace and threw it to Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang took a look and discovered that it was actually a pretty good middle graded pill furnace, it should be the kind that was worth several million God's Coins.

Yuan Baibing saw that Chen Xiang was about to speak, and immediately said: "Don't be so polite, you are so talented in pill cultivation, and furthermore, as a good Alchemist, this is something you should have."

"Yoh, a worthless number two. You're actually that generous? Am I dreaming?" Wang Jinshi chuckled. She naturally understood that Yuan Baibing did this solely because of his boundless future in the Pill Dao. Making friends with a Alchemist was also a type of investment.

"Thank you, Second Martial Uncle." Chen Xiang smiled as he thanked him. His previous furnace had already rotted, and since Yuan Baibing was sincere enough to give such a good pill furnace to him, he would not reject.

Everyone returned back to their rooms to rest while Chen Xiang played with the middle grade divine furnace that Yuan Baibing had gifted him. The divine furnace was a light gold color with a beautiful pattern on the outside.

The various auxiliary alchemy formations inside the furnace were all very good. They could allow the Alchemist's flame to be better controlled, at the same time, it could make the inside of the furnace more stable. It could also absorb the external energy to strengthen the flame.

"Youngest junior brother, are you resting?" Wang Jinshi transmitted in from outside.

Chen Xiang put down the pill furnace and opened the door.

After Wang Jinshi came in, he laughed: "Junior brother, you are much stronger than I thought, I never thought that you are so good at refining pills, even Second Brother gave you a pill furnace."

"Senior Sister, I'm very disappointed that I didn't see you display your skills today." Chen Xiang smiled as he brought over a chair for Wang Jinshi to sit on.

"It would be better if I did not attack. Actually, I am very weak. Don't think that I am very powerful." Wang Jinshi curled his lips and said: "Otherwise, Master would also let me go up."

"Youngest junior brother, I didn't expect you to learn so quickly. If you learn that sword art, you must not use it in public." The reason why Wang Jinshi came to find Chen Xiang, was to once again remind him not to use the God Murdering Sword Techniques carelessly.

Seeing that Chen Xiang had comprehended the Seven devil-slain kungfu so quickly, Wang Jinshi thought that Chen Xiang might have learnt a bit of it, she was worried that Chen Xiang would reveal the sword technique in order to win.

"I still haven't learned anything yet. After this competition ends, I'll start learning again. When that time comes, I'll have to ask senior for some pointers." Chen Xiang laughed: "Relax, I will not use it as you wish, I have experienced this before."

Wang Jinshi left in a relaxed manner. Chen Xiang took out the fifteen Lingguang Dan s he refined, these were all Dragon Blood Saint Dan s. After he ate one, he immediately felt a very strong medicinal strength dissipate, giving him a very comfortable feeling.

"If I can produce one or two of these pills with spiritual light in the future, I'll try my best to refine this pill with a medicinal effect that is ten times stronger than normal, or even higher."

Chen Xiang found yet another type of extreme challenge.

… ….

At the entrance of the Divine City s, a white clothed female appeared. She had a sweet oval face and a pair of bright eyes that radiated with a weird light. This woman was none other than Long Xueyi.

She had arrived at the Gods Realm very early on, and because the Divine City was very lively, she came here late. She did not expect to find out that Chen Xiang had joined the Devil-killing Divine Palace, and had performed shockingly in the competition, so she rushed over.

Chen Xiang, who was resting, came to the reception hall when he found out that someone was looking for him. When he saw Long Xueyi, he was so happy that he almost shouted loudly.

"Little Scoundrel, do you miss me?" Seeing Chen Xiang's expression, Long Xueyi giggled. She was also very happy and had already threw herself into Chen Xiang's embrace and tightly hugged Chen Xiang.

"Gluttonous ghost, you should be thinking of me. Do you think that you can't eat your fill outside?" Chen Xiang gently stroked Long Xueyi's long hair, and with one arm wrapped around her jade waist, he tightly embraced her.

"Yes." Long Xueyi replied softly, "I don't want to leave you ever again."

"Who asked you not to wait for my return?" Chen Xiang laughed, and pinched her face with all his might: "Without you around, I would be bored too."

Long Xueyi looked around: "I have a secret to tell you … There's a reason why I suddenly came to Gods Realm myself, otherwise, I would not want to come alone, and be with you, instead of starving. "

Chen Xiang took out a few Dragon Blood Saint Dan s that had a spirit light as he laughed: "This is a Lingguang Dan, it's my current highest level of pill refinement. Taste it."

Long Xueyi immediately took it and placed it in his mouth, as if he was eating candy. He then nodded happily: It's delicious, it doesn't have the smell of blood.

Before she came, Long Xueyi had collected a lot of Saint Fruits, but she had already finished eating them all. It had been a long time since she had eaten anything good.

Chen Xiang held Long Xueyi's small hand, and led her to his room, but on the way there, they met Ren Tianyong and Yuan Baibing, who were talking and laughing.

"Brat, what are you doing?" Yuan Baibing saw Chen Xiang pulling along a very beautiful and cute girl, and hurriedly walked towards his room. He would more or less think in that direction.

"She... She's my wife. "

"Greetings, seniors." Long Xueyi immediately bowed, because both Yuan Baibing and Ren Tianyong were very strong, and could indeed be considered seniors.

"You've only been in the Gods Realm for a short while, and you already have a wife. My boss and I haven't had one for so many years." Yuan Baibing laughed, "I didn't expect a kid like you to be so kind."

Ren Tianyong laughed: Then go back to your work, we won't tell anyone else.

Chen Xiang curled his lips, and pulled Long Xueyi further into the room, but who knew that just as he was about to open the door and enter, Wang Jinshi had suddenly arrived.

"Youngest junior brother, I heard from Eldest Brother and Second Brother that your wife is here, so I came to take a look." Wang Jinshi giggled, carefully sizing up Long Xueyi, then praised: "Brat, your eyesight isn't bad."

"Greetings, senior apprentice-sister." Long Xueyi greeted Wang Jinshi very obediently.

"Hello, junior sister." Seeing that Long Xueyi was so cute and beautiful, Wang Jinshi couldn't help but stroke her pretty face.

"Youngest junior brother, I think you said that you have quite a few wives. How many is she? Did she just come from Gods Realm?" Wang Jinshi asked.

"I don't know how high he is either. He's not ranked either." Chen Xiang laughed dryly.

Seeing Chen Xiang being so anxious, Wang Jinshi immediately thought that Chen Xiang might be in a hurry to do that kind of shameful thing with Long Xueyi. Her face slightly blushed, then she smiled coquettishly: "Then I won't disturb you guys anymore."

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