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This would ensure his pill quality. This type of flame, combined with the spirit liquid that he released from the Alive Slain Method, would be able to produce a few more Medicine aura, allowing the pill quality to be even higher.

At this time, all the Alchemist were focused on concocting pills. The Holy Elixir of Divine Light would usually require five batches of medicinal herbs, and only one pellet would be produced. This would be a great test to Alchemist.

To Chen Xiang, refining one pellet of every five sets of ingredients, no matter how good the quality of the Lingguang Dan was, would be a waste. If he refining one pellet every time, then it would have a lot of value.

According to what those Alchemist s said just now, Lingguang Dan's quality was ten times the best quality, and their prices were also ten times more expensive.

"What are these Alchemist doing? Are they not going to care about the loss of so many Medicine aura?" Chen Xiang was shocked, because at this moment, the battle arena was shrouded in a strong medicinal fragrance, and all sorts of Medicine aura were gathered together.

These Medicine aura came out from many of the Alchemist's pill furnaces. He had to put five sets of ingredients in one pill furnace and refine them at the same time. If his control was insufficient, he could only release a few Medicine aura to ensure the internal stability of the furnace.

In comparison, the few famous Dan Saint Title s were different. Although they would lose quite a few Medicine aura s when concocting pills, they did not have that many.

Those Medicine aura floating high in the sky were all pellets in Chen Xiang's eyes. If it wasn't for the fact that he was currently competing with them, he would have collected all of them and refined them into pellets.

"I'm about to condense the pill, I'll give it a try." 's furnace had already produced three balls of energy that were shrinking. Just as the three balls of energy were about to condense into a pill, he immediately controlled the three balls of air to collide with each other, wanting to fuse them together.

However, this was not what he wanted. The violent collisions of the three cyclones created an extremely strong explosion.

With a loud bang, a dull sound came from the pill furnace. The lid of the pill furnace was blown off, flying high into the air by the violent force from the pill furnace.

The defeated Dragon Blood Pill turned into a very thick fog of blood. Like blood, it floated in the air, looking very beautiful and bewitching. It was like a stream floating in the sky.

"The furnace actually exploded."

Although Chen Xiang's furnace had exploded, there were only a few Alchemist who mocked him at the moment, because it had not been long since Chen Xiang had refined a Blood ginseng to such a degree, and it was already at the stage where he could condense pellets. If it was them, they would not be able to do it either.

Furthermore, according to the Blood ginseng that came out of the furnace, this level of Medicine aura could at least produce two.

For a pill saint who only had the strength of a True God, this was extremely rare.

Chen Xiang immediately released his divine power and wrapped the Medicine aura up, putting it into the pill furnace. Then, he covered it with the lid, placed it back inside the Blood ginseng and continued refining.

"What is this guy doing? Does he want to use the least amount of medicinal ingredients to refine a Lingguang Dan?"

"Before this, he did not seem to have refined any pellets, not even a hint of fire energy or Medicine aura leaked out. However, I never expected him to refine the Blood ginseng to this extent, and he even used a broken pellet furnace."

All of the Alchemist present had already seen that Chen Xiang had some skills, but they thought that without a long period of practice, it would be impossible for him to refine a Lingguang Dan in such a short period of time.

In the instant of the explosion, Chen Xiang sensed that the three masses of Qi had produced something, he thought that it was the so called "Spirit Light". It was just that he could not control it well, so he did not suppress the Spirit Light that was born, thus the explosion.

"In the moment of condensing a core, the clumps of Qi that are controlling the pill will collide with each other and produce that kind of Spiritual Light." Chen Xiang increased his speed and refined enough Medicine aura to prepare to condense the pellet.

This time, there were already five cyclones in the furnace. Although he had failed before, he was able to retrieve the Medicine aura that had been lost in time and did not cause much damage.

The five cyclones gradually contracted, and the moment they were about to turn into a pill, he controlled them to collide with each other.

The pill furnace shook again, and even louder sounds rang out. Once again, he blew up the furnace.

But this time he controlled it well. Even though the furnace had exploded, the lid did not fly up, nor did the Medicine aura leave the furnace.

Seeing that Chen Xiang had failed once again, many Alchemist s started to gloat. In their eyes, it was impossible to cultivate a Lingguang Dan in such a short period of time.

Chen Xiang looked at the interior of the pill furnace and was overjoyed.

"This is the Spirit Medicine Aura. No wonder we need to refine more of them together. This way, we can produce even more of the Spirit Medicine Aura."

Originally, after the Blood ginseng refined it, it was blood-red in color, but right now, the spiritual energy within the pill furnace carried a faint golden glow, which was the Spiritual Light.

"This is enough to produce two Lingguang Dan. I wonder what would happen if we were to continue our charge." If not for this pill refining competition, Chen Xiang would not have known about the existence of the Lingguang Dan so quickly.

Following that, Chen Xiang did something that no one could understand. He threw the rest of the Blood ginseng into the pill furnace, which also meant that if he failed, there would be no chance for that.

With his current strength, refining eight sets of ingredients in one pill furnace was not a difficult thing, and in his opinion, it was a new challenge.

He sealed the spiritual energy that he had refined earlier to the side, preventing it from interweaving with the blood dragon spiritual energy that had just been refined.

After smelting eight medicinal herbs, he would need to fuse them into a ball. The difficulty was ten times higher than before, so he had no choice but to slow down.

After five days had passed, Alchemist in the arena had already opened the lid of the pill furnace, many of the Alchemist s shook their heads and sighed, because they had not been able to concoct the sacred pill that had the spiritual light, all of these failed midway. Alchemist who did not open the furnace, were progressing smoothly, and had high hopes of refining the Lingguang Dan.

Chen Xiang also did not open the lid of the pill furnace. In the past five days, his pill furnace had been very problematic, because he had controlled it very well and did not release any of his power, so no one knew what happened inside.

For those Gods in the audience stands, these five days weren't too long. They usually cultivated, at least for a few years or even up to ten thousand years. Thus, they were able to patiently wait for the results.

"It's about to begin."

Chen Xiang slowly took a deep breath and prepared to condense the pills. The Medicine aura in the furnace had already been evenly divided into eight big balls, and when they were about to condense into a pill, he had to control the air masses and fuse them together as fast as he could, so that light would be produced.

"Fortunately it's a divine furnace. If it was my old Yanlong furnace, they would definitely have been blown to smithereens." The explosive force of the multiple Medicine aura's collisions was not something he could suppress with his divine power, it was most likely due to the furnace bearing the majority of the impact.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang began to perform a spiritual attack. The eight cyclones inside the pill furnace shot towards a point like light, the distance and speed were the same, and the air cyclones themselves were in the same state, so as long as the instantaneous impact was fierce enough, it would fuse together and also produce a wave of air.


Chen Xiang's pill furnace released another loud noise, causing all the Alchemist to immediately look over. This time, it was a big commotion, although there was no Qi, the kind of vibration that came from the pill furnace made their hearts jump, as though the furnace would crack and explode at any moment.

Chen Xiang was also sweating cold sweat at this moment. Just now, he felt as if the pill furnace had exploded. He didn't know how the other Alchemist s did it, but they were actually so gentle, unlike him, who would cause such a commotion.

Even though he was rough and barbaric when nurturing the spiritual light, the results were very good. The dense spiritual energy in the pill furnace made him extremely happy.

"I really didn't expect this kind of refinement technique to actually be able to increase the spiritual energy in the air. Furthermore, the quality is very good. This amount should be enough to condense fifteen pills."

Chen Xiang checked the pill furnace and after he found that there were no major problems, he released a large amount of divine power to carry out the final steps.

"Number two, is there anything wrong with the pill furnace you gave him? It has already exploded three times." Wang Jinshi was curious as to what Chen Xiang was doing. Although it had exploded, Chen Xiang looked as if nothing had happened.

"Although this pill furnace is poor, it is still very strong. It won't easily break into pieces when refining a low grade saint pill. As for anything else, I don't know."

Xiao Chou laughed: "You guys don't have to worry, my master is a genius at refining pills, he will definitely refine that Lingguang Dan."

Devil-killing Heavenly God and the others did not believe Xiao Chou's words, because they had never seen Chen Xiang's godly skill in pill refining.

Chen Xiang had already divided the faint golden colored spiritual qi from the Blood Dragon into fifteen parts. Everything was going smoothly, all they needed to do was to condense the pill into a pill.

"Not good, this Lingguang Dan is not so peaceful when it condenses its core."

Chen Xiang tried to condense the cyclones into pills, but who knew that it would produce a strong repulsive force. If he wanted to press them together, it would definitely require a very strong force of God Power, and he had to proceed carefully.

"Tai Chi." Chen Xiang released a Taiji array from beneath each ball of air.

If he did not do this, it would be impossible for him to continue, because even though he used a very powerful divine force, he still could not continue to compress it.

Now that the Taiji array had been restricted, it was still very difficult to continue, but it would take a very long time to suppress them.

"I have to take my time." Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief, but the pill furnace started to shake.

"Oh no, is it about to crack?"

A crack suddenly appeared on the surface of the pill furnace, showing just how powerful the energy produced by the fifteen Lingguang Dan was.

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