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Chen Xiang was sealed in a villa in the profound Ice City and was currently focusing on refining pills. From the very beginning, he did not wish for anyone to save him, unless it was a white tiger or a strong one.

When five thousand sets of Qi Shen Dan's medicinal pellets were combined together, the quality could be imagined. If so many of them were condensed into a pellet, the quality would be extremely terrifying.

The Qi Shen Dan in Chen Xiang's hand was very heavy. Even though it was only as big as a thumb, holding it in his hand was as heavy as holding a Hammer of God.

This pill took him two months to concoct.

He looked at the pill in his hand that was emitting a strong green light, thinking to swallow such a pill into his own stomach, he felt a little afraid, afraid that he would not be able to control the violent and surging Medicine aura.

At this stage, just relying on pills was not enough to break through, he still needed to comprehend it, otherwise he would not be able to refine and absorb the energy inside. Only when he comprehended the true meaning of martial dao, would he be able to quickly absorb the energy and use it to expand his own Dantian, strengthening his own body, this was extremely important.

If Chen Xiang did not have a Philosophic stone, he would not have dared to eat this kind of Qi Shen Dan that contained a boundless energy. If he was unable to comprehend something, the inside of his body would be filled with a strong power that would not leak out, and that would only cause him to be injured and go berserk.

Comprehension referred to guiding one's strength to develop the hidden strength within one's body, while strengthening the body and the soul. As for how the process was, everyone was different, so at this point in time, one could only rely on themselves.

Some people could suddenly understand how to use their own strength to strengthen themselves, but at this time, they lacked the resources to cultivate. Some people had their own resources, but it was difficult for them to comprehend them, so they became stagnant and finally died of old age.

After eating that super Qi Shen Dan, Chen Xiang circulated his divine arts and quickly refined it, refining it into Innate Qi and God Power. Then, it condensed into a Heaven Pellet in his Dantian.

Not long after, Chen Xiang's forehead started to perspire, with a serious expression on his face. It was obvious that he had encountered difficulties in his cultivation.

Although the divine power could crazily rush into the Divine Sense Sea, it was unable to open up the Divine Sense Sea, nor could it strengthen the divine soul. The Innate Qi could also enter the dantian smoothly, but it could not enter the five Beast statue s and could not nurture the heavenly pellets.

Obviously, he had encountered bottlenecks that would often occur after he reached the Nirvana stage. He tried using the method he had previously used to cultivate, and poured all of the vigorous energy into his dantian and Divine Sense Sea. However, these energies were clearly outside his control, and after entering the dantian and Divine Sense Sea, he was not allowed to freely command them.

Chen Xiang anxiously took out the Philosophic stone and used his mind consciousness to enter the Philosophic stone. Suddenly, many mysterious Spirit grain s appeared in his mind, making him feel as if he had fallen into a sea made of Spirit grain. Unknowingly, he realized that the Spirit grain inside the Philosophic stone seemed to have intelligence, and had slowly turned into a person.

If one looked carefully, the human figures formed by the countless Spirit grain looked like the innumerable meridians in the human body.

"What's going on?" Chen Xiang only felt the Spirit grain s figure floating towards him, and in the blink of an eye, it pounced on him. The power in his Divine Sense Sea and Dantian that seemed to have been cut off, surged out like a flood that had broken through the dam.

Chen Xiang had entered into a very wonderful state, and he couldn't tell what it was like either. He only felt that the five Beast statue in his dantian were all filled with dense energy, and the Divine Sense Sea was also expanding bit by bit under the impact of the divine power.

He knew that the Philosophic stone could help him relax a little, but he never thought that it would actually help him get through this crisis so quickly. No wonder the Philosophic stone were so precious.

Previously, he had only been able to refine those profoundbing by using them.

"This Philosophic stone is really something." Chen Xiang sighed in admiration in his heart, then concentrated on cultivating. As long as one could condense a core embryo within each Beast statue, the Nirvana Doom would arrive.

However, Chen Xiang was not sure if his Nirvana Doom could penetrate such a powerful barrier. If not, then he would not be able to pass through Nirvana Doom.

After three months, he finally finished digesting the entire [Super Qi Shen Dan], but the seventh Heaven Pill's embryo was extremely dim.

"A single Qi Shen Dan like that can only have this kind of effect." Although Chen Xiang was already prepared in his heart, he didn't expect that the Qi Shen Dan that he had created in three months, would have so little effect.

"The next three tribulations of the Nirvana Doom are the hardest and the hardest to break through. You should be satisfied with how you were able to achieve such a result in a short half a year." Su Meiyao said.

"Ah, so you're saying that I haven't made much progress in ten years." Chen Xiang felt that he had to speed up his concocting process. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to leave even ten years later.

"That may not be so. If you are able to break through the seven Nirvana Tribulations, you might have a great chance." Bai Youyou said, "Those who pass through the seventh tribulation, after going through the baptism of the seven Nirvana Tribulations, will normally possess a body with strength called Devastating Golden Body, which is based on the strength of your original body.

"Even if my physical body is powerful, I might not be able to escape this place. Furthermore, I am sealed here. It is hard to say whether or not I will be able to escape the Nirvana Tribulation." Chen Xiang sighed.

Long Xueyi yawned and said: "Little Scoundrel, don't think that you're the only one who's trapped here. This Dragon Emperor isn't good, so if your physical body is strong enough, then my power can completely fuse with yours."

"I don't want to strike you down. Honestly speaking, even though you are a genius, you are still a human after all. No matter how fast your cultivation is, you can't be faster than me. "Tsk tsk, you can't even catch up to me when you flatter me."

Chen Xiang had not considered Long Xueyi's power before, and he had indeed admitted that Long Xueyi was much stronger than him. He had borrowed Long Xueyi's power many times in the past, so he had a deep understanding of this.

"Regardless of whether or not I can get out, the most important thing for me right now is to constantly strengthen myself." Chen Xiang clenched his fist and said.

"Of course, I feel that your Dawan refining method can be increased to thirty, forty, or even fifty batches per batch. This will save you a lot of time." Su Meiyao said.

Refining such a big pill required time, even though Chen Xiang's refining skills were superb, he would first need a large number of ingredients, and then a large number of creation divine liquid would be required to duplicate a large number of ingredients. During the process of refining, he would need to smelt them one by one, and then fuse them all together.

Otherwise, with his previous speed, he would need more than three months to successfully refine one pellet, and the effect would not be very good. Hence, he planned to refine ten thousand sets of super Qi Shen Dan s, and the effect would be much greater, as the energy contained in ten thousand sets of herbs would be condensed together, one could imagine how high the quality would be.

Chen Xiang could use it multiple times to multitask, and as he was condensing creation divine liquid s at the same time as comprehending the Heaven Earth Killing Method, he had only touched on a little of these Killing techniques, so he was not too familiar with them. However, they gave him a very strong power, so as long as he had time, he would definitely try to comprehend the three Heaven Earth Killing Method s that he had obtained.

Time flew by, in a blink of an eye, three years had already passed, and the room that Chen Xiang built here had grown a lot. In order to be able to contain more pill furnaces, he could now control eighty pill furnaces.

Chen Xiang had already eaten a few supreme Qi Shen Dan with the grade of ten thousand medicinal ingredients, but he was still a ways away from breaking through. However, what made him happy was that in the past three years, he had been using Philosophic stone nonstop, and this not only allowed him to cultivate, it also allowed him to comprehend some methods of using the spatial laws.

In terms of spatial laws, there were probably not many people that had this kind of power, thus no one could guide Chen Xiang. He could only rely on himself to comprehend, otherwise, he would only waste this kind of divine object.

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