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Long Fei rushed out.

At this moment.

The system sounded out.


"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 'Fei'er's thanks', when the Thunder Dragon Rod has levelled up to a holy artifact."

"Congratulations to the player 'Long Fei' for obtaining the elven Alchemy Technique. Do you wish to cultivate it?"


The moment he was forced out, two system notifications rang out.

Fei'er's voice travelled into Long Fei's mind, and said: "This is to thank you for saving me. When you return me to the Fairy Clan, I will give you even more good things."

The playful voice disappeared.

Long Fei impatiently opened up the system to check.

Weapon: Thunder Dragon Rod

Rank: holy artifact

Description: Possessing the power of the Eight Long Lei Pavilion, increasing the killing range to fifty meters. Eight dragon's fury, sweeping across all four directions. Cooldown time: 24 hours.

Description 2: Randomly deals with the power of the group attack of 'Fury of the Elves'. It is ten times stronger than the group attack of the eight Thunder Dragons.


Long Fei was excited. After the Thunder Dragon Rod levelled up to a holy artifact, it was completely different. Its power had risen by one level and it had also carried the effect of 'Fury of the Elves'.

Then, he looked at the 'Fairy Alchemy Technique', Long Fei's idea move, "It's all Alchemy Techniques, what's the difference?"



"Congratulations to player 'Long Fei' for obtaining 100 experience points for cultivating 'Elf Alchemy Techniques'. true qi 100 points, 100 points reward."

Skill Path: Fairy Alchemy

Grade: Secret Skill

Consumption: >

proficiency: >

Description: This Alchemy technique is a secret technique of the elves, it can be used to refine pellets that are not available in the world. 'Double Attack Pellet, Double Experience Elixir, Invisibility Pellet, Higher Grade Pellet, blood vein Pellet'

After reading these descriptions, Long Fei was completely unable to calm himself down.

He had never heard of these pills before. Did he have to be so awesome?

"Double Attack Pill, double the Experience Elixir, this … This is too awesome. " Long Fei thought to himself: "With double the Experience Elixir, levelling up would be twice as fast. First level would change into two levels, and then three years … You don't even need three years to fight your way up to the Heaven Sect. "

"Hahaha …"


This time, he had earned a lot by entering the Thunder Dragon Temple Secret Realm. Not only had he obtained a few holy artifact s, he also obtained this Alchemy Technique.

It was also at this time.


Long Fei felt an ice-cold killing intent.

Not far away, there was a black cloaked man standing. Her Qi was very cold, her eyes stared straight at Long Fei, in that moment, a blood light flashed.

"Long Fei, give me your life!"

Nangong Yan.

She did not leave, because she did not want to see the scene of Luo Xiu violently attacking Yuan Ling. She did not expect to actually see Long Fei again.

The hatred in his heart surged as he stabbed his sword between Xiang Longfei's eyebrows.

This time.

Although they had been separated by more than a month, her cultivation had already reached the seventh level of the war chief. Furthermore, under the guidance of the Sect Master of the Blood Refinement Sect, her cultivation, sword techniques, and mentality had undergone a huge breakthrough.

This sword strike was extremely sharp, and directly locked onto Long Fei's forehead.

Long Fei's heart trembled, "My fiancee, Nangong Yan?"

Looking at Nangong Yan's sword, he let out a light breath and said: "Murdering my husband again."

And then …

Long Fei suddenly took out a huge coffin, "Boom!"

The coffin landed on the ground and shook violently, then a wave of energy exploded outwards. Long Fei's forehead turned sinister as he said, "Xuan Ming sword, let me see your power."


A sword flew out from the coffin and landed in Long Fei's hands. Facing Nangong Yan's sword, Long Fei took a step forward, "Broken Sword Style!"


One move!



Flames flew in all directions, and the sword in Nangong Yan's hand broke. It fell down, just how terrifying was the might of a holy artifact?

Even a Heaven Ranked Spirit Sword was useless.

It was cut off just like before.

Long Fei pointed his sword at Nangong Yan's throat, looked at the long scar on her face, and sighed.

He did not make a move.

He did not kill the women, and seeing the scar on Nangong Yan's face, his heart ached slightly.

For a woman to become like this, although it was Nangong Yan's fault, Long Fei still had a lot of responsibility.

Nangong Yan said coldly: "If you want to kill me, then kill me."

She thought she had become stronger.

However... In front of Long Fei, she was still too weak.

Long Fei said: "I won't kill you, you can go."

With a move of his right hand, the Xuan Ming sword in his hand flew straight into the Coffin Sword Sheath. It was extremely sharp, and Long Fei was completely unable to feel the aura of a sword from the coffin.

When the Xuan Ming sword fell into the Sword Sheath Coffin, the sword spirit refined by Long Fei flew out.


The sword spirit swallowed the sword.

But it was different here. When the sword spirit flew out, it was instantly devoured by the Xuan Ming sword.

It was as if a small stone had been thrown into the ocean. There was not the slightest bit of reaction. It was too terrifying!

The Yan Huang ancestor laughed: "The sword spirit condensed from the Spirit Gathering Pearl is too weak, it is not a match for the Xuan Ming sword. You need to use your own sword intent to refine the sword spirit, otherwise, you will still be devoured by the Xuan Ming sword.

Yan Huang ancestor kept him in suspense for a while.


It was a huge sarcophagus, nearly three meters long. Its entire body was carved with ancient runes.

To Long Fei, this sarcophagus felt extremely strange.

However …

Long Fei was unable to sense the properties of the sarcophagus' sword sheath.

Nangong Yan stared at the huge sarcophagus, then looked at the deep pit of the Thunder Dragon's Secret Realm, and laughed bitterly in her heart, "You have had a fortuitous encounter."

Long Fei said indifferently: "I guess so."


Nangong Yan suddenly interrupted Long Fei, and said coldly: "Long Fei, the next time we meet, I will definitely kill you. I swear it!"


Nangong Yan's feet moved, landing a hundred meters away, he said to Long Fei: "Your friend was captured by the Blood Refinement Sect."

"You are in a hurry to save him now."


Nangong Yan's feet moved, and she fell into the forest. This time, she did not return to the Blood Refinement Sect, so even if she was cultivating in the Blood Refinement Sect, she would not be a match for Long Fei.

She wanted to walk her own path!

"Just you wait, Long Fei. I will definitely prove myself, I will definitely get my revenge!"

… ….

Nangong Yan disappeared.

Long Fei didn't care about it anymore as his heart sank, "The Blood Refinement Sect!"

It was also at this time.

In the deep pit.

Yuan Ba raised his head and looked at Long Fei, grinning as if he was an idiot.

His hands were dripping with blood.

Fresh blood constantly dripped down, and it was as if he could not feel any pain.

Seeing that Long Fei was still alive, Yuan Ba laughed innocently like a child who had gotten his hands on candy.

Long Fei also saw Yuan Ba, saw the huge pit beside him, and saw his hands bleeding non-stop. He knew what Yuan Ba was doing just now. = Half ^ Float # # Life ^

His heart ached, "looby!"

"Yuan Ba!"

"Are you willing to follow me?" Long Fei asked.

Will the mission be completed?

Chapter II

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