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After Chen Xiang left the Zi Lan Mountain Valley, he rushed towards the Chaotic Mountain. Previously, the elder from the Super Yuan Mountain had said that a meeting would be held inside to discuss the matters of the ancient powers coming to find treasures. Those ancient powers that came from Di Tian had a map of the great treasure of the Chaotic Mountain in their hands.

The Chaotic Mountain was not just a mountain, but a remote place on the eighteenth floor of the Sacred Dan Realm. To enter, one would have to pass through a very dangerous forest, it was said that there was a dangerous place that separated the Chaotic Mountain from the outside world.

There was a very strange mountain inside. It was said that it was a huge boulder that the mysterious Primal Chaos Realm had dropped on the Sacred Dan Realm, so Chen Xiang didn't know much about the Chaotic Mountain, but he knew how to go there.

The Chaotic Mountain was equivalent to a small world, and inside there were a few families, cities and various forces. However, right now, the Super Yuan Mountain was the strongest, so the strength of the Super Yuan Mountain was definitely not weak.

"How are you going to find the treasure? You only have one map in your hand. " Su Meiyao asked, she needed to know Chen Xiang's current plan, she did not want him to take the risk.

"The rest of the map fragments are in the hands of those ancient powers' giants. It's not easy to get them." Bai Youyou was the same as Su Meiyao. Right now, heading to Chaotic Mountain was extremely dangerous. Forget about the ancient powers that had gathered there, just the entire Chaotic Mountain would want to beat him up, because he had seven Chaos Fire Token s with him.

"I'll go find those giants from the ancient factions. We've worked together before, and we've come to this place together. If the map fragment in my hand is very important to them, I think they'll definitely work together in a strange manner!"

Chen Xiang knew that although the Great Leaders were all very strong, they were not as terrifying as that Primordius. Therefore, he was confident enough to escape into the hands of the Great Leaders of the ancient powers.

To the Sacred Dan Realm, it was like a sacred mountain. Before, only a few people knew about it, but now, people in the Chaotic Mountain often wandered around, causing various legends about the Chaotic Mountain to spread, making many people yearn for it, but also fear it. For those who were weak, the Chaotic Mountain was a very mysterious and civilized place, they could only look up to it.

But in the eyes of the experts, the Chaotic Mountain was merely a powerful world created by an ancient clan. In order to remove the veil on the Chaotic Mountain, many of the experts took the risk of going through a dangerous place and entering the Chaotic Mountain.

On the way, he also met some people who were travelling together, and all of them were going to enter the Chaotic Mountain. It was said that there were people at the level of Pill Saints in the legends, and the alchemy dao inside was extremely flourishing, thinking that there should be a lot of precious Spirit Medicines inside.

Chen Xiang knew a little more than these people, and the legend was not wrong, because Dan Immortal Du Hai had stayed inside for a period of time.

"Is this the legendary forest?" Blood Devil Forest! " After Chen Xiang passed through a canyon, he saw a huge red tree in front of him.

The pitch-black tree trunk was thick and straight, and was about 200 feet tall. The leaves were blood-red in color. The strangest thing was that these leaves were shaped like human faces. There were a lot of these trees, extending on both sides like a wall, isolating the Chaotic Mountain from the outside world.

"What danger is there in this forest? It's not high, and there's no mountain, so wouldn't it be fine to just fly over? " A person in the distance disapproved and was about to jump up when he was pulled down by an old man.

"Brat, listen up. Legend has it that these leaves have absorbed too much blood and have turned blood-red. Blood Devil Forest being called a dangerous place is not just because he deserves his reputation! If you want to fly over, wait for something to swallow you up. "

The old man's words didn't scare the young man.

"I don't believe that if I fly higher, what can I do?" The young man glared at the old man. "You're afraid of death, I'm not afraid! Initially, I thought that joining your team would allow us to get to Chaotic Mountain as soon as possible. I never thought that you guys would actually plan to stay outside of the forest for a few days to observe. "

This young man was extremely stubborn. Even though some of the people beside him were trying to persuade him, they were all the same. Moreover, they were all scolding him.

Chen Xiang also wanted to fly over when he saw this bunch of Blood Devil Forest, but on the way here, he heard that the high altitude of the Blood Devil Forest was extremely strange. No matter how high they flew, they would be pushed down by a wave of energy.

"A bunch of cowards!" The young man was like an arrow that had left the bow as he flew high into the sky, flying at an extremely fast speed through the air above the Blood Devil Forest.

Soon, everyone could only see a dot. However, at this time, a red object suddenly shot out from the red forest and struck the young man's body. From afar, it looked like a beam of red light!

After the red light disappeared, the young man also disappeared. The crowd remained silent for a long time and felt a sense of regret because the young man's strength was not bad, but he was too arrogant.

"Can you see what that is?" Chen Xiang had just used Heaven tour method, and just as he entered the air above Blood Devil Forest, the young man disappeared.

"A long tongue!" Long Xueyi said: "This thing is very powerful, you can try it, but it's still very dangerous."

"Tongue? Is there such a long and huge stone? " Chen Xiang suspected that Long Xueyi was mistaken.

"The world is big and full of wonders. That tongue just now should have belonged to a vicious beast. There might be many of these vicious beasts within it, so flying over from the sky would be disastrous for them."

"Explore the road, prepare to set off." Chen Xiang couldn't wait too long.

"What are you afraid of? With such a powerful thing, a Shrinking step, and the fusion of spatial Rule spiritual bead, you are the best at escaping. " Long Xueyi yawned: "I want to sleep now."

No matter how Chen Xiang called her, she just did not respond.

Chen Xiang had no choice but to do it himself. Using the Heaven tour method, he went into the Blood Devil Forest to have a look.

The inside of the Blood Devil Forest was completely different from what he had imagined. He had heard that a lot of people had died inside, but there were no corpses inside, and it looked extremely beautiful, as if they were in a maple forest.

There were quite a lot of people outside Blood Devil Forest at the moment, and when they looked around, they could see many tents. Chen Xiang had mentioned to them before that if they waited patiently for the forest to turn green, it would be safer.

However, Chen Xiang did not know how long he would have to wait, he did not have that time right now, so he entered the Blood Devil Forest alone. This made another group of people incomparably shocked, because a youth who did not listen to the advice previously had already died inside.

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