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After Chen Xiang's Imperial Crystal and this dragon vein fused, it was equivalent to him fusing with this dragon vein. The two dragon veins were separated by a great distance, it was understandable if there was a connection between them, but why did they call out to him?

"I have to go take a look." Chen Xiang immediately left the deep underground dragon fountain. The moment he went out, he saw Li Baojun entering the deep grounds.

"Leader, it's good that you came out. Something big happened in Chen Martial Continent." Li Baojun said anxiously.

"What big matter? Hurry up and say it." Chen Xiang was shocked, because it was also the Chen Martial Continent's Dragon Bloodline that was calling out to him.

"It is said that Devil Continent's Devil Continent was suddenly struck by an extremely large meteor, and the entire Devil Continent was covered by that meteor." Li Baojun said with a face full of shock.

"Really." Chen Xiang could not believe it, the Devil Continent was very big, and the entire Devil Continent was destroyed by the meteorite. That was not surprising, because when the meteorite landed, it did not need to be very big to destroy the entire Devil Continent, but Li Baojun said that it would cover the entire Devil Continent.

If it was really such a huge meteorite, then wouldn't it be able to destroy the entire Chen Martial Continent?

"But the Chen Martial Continent was not destroyed. Although the meteorite was smashed down, it did not have a huge impact. It was only suppressing the Devil Continent." Li Baojun said.

Chen Xiang thought about this along with the incident with the dragon vein. His eyes suddenly opened wide as he thought of something.

"I'm back." Chen Xiang rushed into the Transmission array: Elder Li, you don't need to come with me.

After Chen Xiang used the Transmission array to arrive at the Chen Martial Continent, he immediately rushed towards the place where the Devil Continent was. Very quickly, he saw the "meteorite" that Li Baojun had mentioned, from afar. From afar, it looked like an extremely huge mountain was standing there, and it was so tall that one couldn't see its peak, but one could be sure that this "meteorite" didn't come from the Heaven Realm.

Outside at this place, Chen Xiang saw Pan Yunlan and walked towards him.

"Elder Pan, this is the world I was born in, right?" Chen Xiang asked, he had disguised himself.

When Chen Xiang returned, Pan Yunlan was not surprised. She nodded her head: "Mn, I don't know why she would suddenly appear here. I originally planned to go up to take a look, but was stopped by a very strong formation."

Many Rankers looked up at the mountain that had suddenly appeared and let out exclamations because the spiritual energy that was gushing out from it was extremely dense. This made Chen Xiang feel that this was quasi-immortal energy, and it was even richer than what he felt when he stayed in the dragon vein.

"I didn't expect the dragon fountain to be in the mortal world where you were born." Long Xueyi said: "It's very obvious, there is a dragon vein inside, and it is much stronger than ours."

Chen Xiang's thoughts raced. If this was really the world he was born in, then it was very likely that his father was here.

When he got near, he could feel that Pan Yunlan was trying to break the big formation. He wanted to punch it down, but the big formation was so powerful that even though he couldn't attack, he couldn't move it.

Chen Xiang threw out a very strong punch, but before the slightest fluctuation of energy could be felt, all of his strength was absorbed.

Chen Xiang urgently wanted to know whether or not his father was still alive. He crazily punched a few times, but to no avail.

"Don't mess around, there's a very powerful guy in there. Even if it's me, I won't be able to protect this Chen Martial Continent if I alert that guy."

Chen Xiang suddenly heard the voice of the White Tiger in Chen Xiang's mind. The White Tiger was in Chen Martial Continent, and this matter suddenly happened.

"Senior White Tiger, can you enter? This place could very possibly be the place I was born in. My father is up there." Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"No, I can't do anything about this formation. This could possibly be the legendary tomb. The powerful person inside has already revived, but he is still sleeping." The White Tiger said solemnly.

An existence that even the White Tiger found difficult to deal with was definitely very strong. Chen Xiang had also calmed down at this moment.

"The dragon vein is below here, that's why it appeared here. There shouldn't be any problems in a short period of time, it's as strong as the fellow inside. It will take a very long time to completely revive him." The White Tiger said.

The dragon vein was originally hidden in the depths of the Devil Continent, but following the appearance of the mortal world, this dragon vein was activated, and released an extremely rich amount of spirit energy.

In a short period of time, the spiritual energy in the entire Chen Martial Continent increased by many times.

Many people did not know what was going on, but they felt that it was a good thing because the spiritual energy had increased by a lot.

"Just whose tomb is that?" Chen Xiang asked the White Tiger. This was the legend of the Chen Martial Continent, but not many people believed it.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou seemed to also know this legend.

"I don't know. When I was very young, I already knew of this legend, and we searched for it, but didn't find it. I only found it later on in this Chen Martial Continent, but I still couldn't find it.

Chen Xiang was startled, even the White Tiger did not know who the owner of the tomb was, and this tomb was even more ancient than the White Tiger's. What was even more shocking was that after experiencing so much, even now, there were still people who knew of the legends surrounding the tomb.

Chen Xiang remembered that at that time, someone had told him that the mortal world would disappear every so often and then reappear again.

"The revival of the person in this tomb should be when the new era truly opens. It might also be when Di Tian is once again destroyed." The White Tiger mumbled as it looked up at the mist-shrouded mountain.

Chen Xiang, on the other hand, was very worried. He originally thought that before he had flown up, he wouldn't be able to see the world that he had returned to. Now, even though he had seen it, he wouldn't be able to enter.

"You don't have to worry, the people up there are all tomb guards, the tomb lord will not treat them unfairly. If they can leave this tomb in the future, they must be very strong existences." The White Tiger said, "To tell you the truth, the strongest Beast God in the Sacred Beasts Ancient Realm that I was born in used to be a small eagle guarding the tomb."

Chen Xiang clenched his fists, looked at the ordinary world before him, and nodded. "I will definitely enter it in the future."

"Go to the Heaven Realm first, you might be able to find out some information about this tomb there. If you can find the person who is still guarding the tomb, then you should be able to find something more detailed." The White Tiger said.

After Chen Xiang bid farewell to Pan Yunlan and the White Tiger, he returned to his own dragon fountain.

"That's right, maybe I can use the method I used to enter this dragon fountain." Chen Xiang was overjoyed. Walking out of the dragon vein, he quietly headed towards the Chen Martial Continent.

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